Harmony Of Muscles

It is acrylic and placed as shown in the drawing. Laterally it looks like in the picture on the right "B". Position and function may play a Relaxants plate that covers the entire dental arch. Anterior and posterior teeth. 1. PLATE NEURO-MIO-RELAXING: This is a device made out of rigid acrylic, is placed mainly in the upper dental arch, with proper adjustment of the anterior teeth and oral cavity of each patient to avoid occlusal interference and allow the jaw to reset correctly with the settlement in centric relation of the joint. Thereby achieving muscle relaxation and balance of the Stomatognathic System.

Its basic function is to act in balance to an unbalanced bite, so that the muscles work in harmony and get them to relax. Its use for a few weeks, allows joint desinflamacion and regeneration. Can also be used as night guard to prevent teeth wear forces or structures break set by the dentist. This board breaks the vicious cycle of tightening-interference-lever-muscle spasm-pain. The patient will continue to tighten, but there is no interference, no levers, no contracture, pain goes.

Having achieved that goal, which can take anywhere from days, weeks and even months, the dentist may propose to the patient, do an occlusal adjustment. 2. Occlusal Adjustment: Consists of the muscles once relaxed, eliminate interferences that prevent the jaws bite into balance with the joint. For this size, selectively wears the enamel of molars and premolars which are in interference. This is irreversible. So he should do an expert.