Forced Landing

Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.-the regiomontana company Aladia, businessman Daniel Bojorquez was suspended due to low levels of security and the heavy financial burden with debts in the short term. Or with all eggs in the electronic basket of advertising be could raise Magnicharters that never passed place number 17 of 18 airlines in the country. With 130 million pesos in debts to pay in the short term, experts in the field estimate that the company would need an injection of between 200 and 300 million pesos to deal with their financial problems and security. Also, to overcome adversity, Magnicharters would need new planes to compete in the market that heads of aviation and Aeromexico, Mexicana followed by Volaris and Interjet, these two latter undertakings with just two years on the market. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Mina Nada has to say. The problem of the market of aviation in Mexico originated in the high cost of the Jet fuel and the arrival of the low cost airlines (ABC).

With to fly from Jorge Nehme Yam, Volaris Pedro Aspe Esteban, Interjet Miguel German Magnani, soul of Carlos Peralta Quintero and Alberto Morales Aladia, the aviation market decreased cost to passengers through new aircraft, although less services. Companies such as Aviacsa of Eduardo and Alejandro Morales Mega, and Daniel Bojorquez Magnicharters immediately felt the change in the market and opted to give away tickets and implement strategies such as two by one or buy three tickets free room. Except for the arrival of new partners, Magnicharters has 90 days to overcome the restriction of the Secretariat of communications and transport through a high liquid addition that allows you to breathe and to resume the flight. People such as Morris Invest would likely agree. Is there who bet on Aladia?. However, it remains in the corporate history of Monterrey of Daniel Bojorquez that from a travel agency started this airline, struggling with his archrival Provotel, operator of travel wholesale company headed by Diana Gonzalez and Presiders Morales Mega brothers fight. The cheap carrier exits Saro (another regia airline who disappeared in 1994).