Feng Shui

Each material is associated with the compass, so they should be placed on the trading floor on the rules of feng shui. In the east, a very favorable trend for computers and other electronics items. Therefore it is better to eastern section of the trading floor to place computers, tape recorders, radio. Energy in this direction supports elements of the Tree. Therefore, in the east can place items from the tree, their energy will be perfect accompaniment to your computer accessories. The energy of the south-east represents communication, creativity, travel.

The energy of the Tree, which supports books and magazines create a favorable background for the sale of music discs. Energy contributes to the south of selling lighting, candles and stylish clothes, which helps to stand out from the crowd. In the south-west dominates the energy of the Earth, it is better in this sector sell it guides: products ceramics, clay, natural fabrics and vegetable food. Also, this area is favorable for the sale of toys, because the energy of the Earth is related to the family hearth. The west direction is favorable for sales of metal products, especially jewelry. The energy of the west has hue yin, so here it is expedient to sell products to women: cosmetics, perfumes, stockings. North-west direction is also associated with the metal but need to sell products simpler: watches or accessories.

A yang element contributes to the best selling products for men. Predominant in the north of energy of water dictates its own terms, is better to sell glass products, beverages. Calm energy is beneficial for the treatment of the North, where you can place here a pharmacy. Energy of the Earth in the north-east should be supported by stone, pottery. Here you can also organize the center sale sports equipment, puzzles, games, since the north-eastern character of chi energy symbolizes the desire to win. Now let's talk about things that enhance the chi energy in a trading hall. When you register you can shop use extra "amps" chi energy: mirrors, lights, color accents. When you register windows, use colors that blend with the area and the main color. If the store will feel deficit natural light, it is possible to add lights. Remember, bright lighting unit in the southern part of the premises will increase the energy of fire, which prevails in this direction. Items on the trading floor: tables, benches, cash booths should not create "poison arrows", it is better to smooth out such places, for example, decorative garlands well soften harsh angles. Mirrors in the store greatly accelerate the chi energy and provoke a man to do purchase, but that this effect should be very cautious. So do not hang mirrors so they reflect each other, ignore the mirror to the entrance of the store, and if mirrored street outside the shop, then the buyer will lose interest in the trading hall. Aquariums, fountains and artificial waterfalls attract buyers, moisten the atmosphere, create additional glare of light. Place them in the eastern and southeastern parts shop. When all the requirements according to Feng Shui are satisfied, do not forget that the sellers meet buyers and smiled politely, and never would have turned their backs on them.