New juicy fruit with pulp weighing about 400 grams may be collected during the whole of April, they are also very well kept. The first large shipment of 'Saga Ruby' grade and whose trademark has been officially registered, will go on sale in early May of this year. In Europe and Asia, there will be no glaciers, and in Africa – un wildlife experts are concerned about rapid melting glaciers – on their data, the rate of melting has doubled in 2005-2006 compared with 2004-2005. According to the un in the years 1980-1999 the average annual melting of the ice was 0.3 m, reaching 0.5 meters by 2000, and now speeded up to 1,5 meters. Most dramatic process of glacial melting observed in Europe.

For example, the Norwegian glacier Breydalblikkbrea in 2006, lost more than three meters, which is 10 times more than in 2005. Threatening glaciers observed in Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Italy and Spain. In the zone of the Himalayan Mountains, many glaciers may disappear altogether, while maintaining the current level of warming that critically affect the lives of millions and even billions of people scientists say. Do conservationists also have their anxious fears. In their opinion, after 20 years in West Africa, there will be no wild animal: all of them, or eat, or slaughtered. From 60 to 80 percent of all protein foods in region are precisely due to the inhabitants of forests and savannahs. Kill and eat everything that runs, flies or crawls – monkeys, snakes, porcupines and even lizards, Pangolin.