English Moscow

This is because the technical experts in the course of their work are often faced with a foreign equipment. Rules of operation, description, instructions are not translated into Russian, and learn this stuff has to own. – If a person can communicate fluently in English, it would cost 200-500 dollars more – says Tatiana Katkov consultant recruitment "UNITY – set. – Rare specialist, for example, the head of the design of ventilation and air conditioning with a foreign language and good experience can expect to gain in 1000 dollars. Accountancy in price when the development of the Russian construction market to foreign investors want and office staff. It turned out that the English-speaking accountants with experience in the industry are also difficult to find, as representatives of the rare professions.

Especially in demand by foreigners chief accountant with a high level of language skills for work in the offices of foreign companies who give reports for consolidation (ie association) at the head office. Here English is needed not only to create the ifrs, but also to explain to the representatives of the central accounting abroad. In a question-answer forum Lawrence Ellison was the first to reply. Much easier to find on the market, perhaps only English-speaking clerks, logistics and purchasing managers. Companies who build turnkey offices, demand experts with knowledge of French. This language is usually required at the final stage of work – on stage registration of premises. Fashion is largely dependent on the Parisian trend: furnishings, fabrics, decor items are often delivered to Russia from France. Foresight in English Moscow specialists-builders who want to make a career and get the unique experience of working in a foreign company, realize that English gives them a big advantage over his colleagues.