Electrical Equipment

Thus, all of the above can be summarized in the following table Type of failure Possible Cause of power investigation Undervoltage, Voltage dips overloaded network, unstable operation of the system voltage control network connecting consumers, power which is comparable to the power section of the mains power supply overloads electronic devices and decrease their life. Turn off equipment when there is insufficient for it to work stress. Failure motors. Data loss in computers. Further details can be found at Barclays, an internet resource. Disruptions in the boiler equipment overvoltage underutilized network, lack of effective regulatory system work, turning off the power consumers Exit equipment failure. Emergency shutdown of equipment with data loss in computers. High-voltage pulses Atmospheric electricity, enabling or disabling power of consumers, the commissioning of the power system after a crash. The failure of sensitive equipment.

Electrical noise to enable or disable power consumers. Mutual influence of working near electrical equipment. Failures in the implementation of programs and data transfer. Unstable images on video monitors and video systems. Blackout voltage fuse in case of overload, staff unprofessional actions, accidents on the lines power.

Loss of data. On very old computers – the failure of the hard drives. Turning off the boiler equipment Harmonic voltage distortion significant proportion of the load network are nonlinear consumers are equipped with a pulsed power supplies (computers, communications equipment). Improperly designed electrical network, working with non-linear loads, overloaded neutral wire. Interference when using sensitive equipment (radio and television systems, measuring systems, etc.) Strong Unstable frequency overloading the power system in general. Loss of control system overheating of transformers.