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Write personal speeches by experienced copywriters make reciting a speech among the compulsory program one any festive event. If the bride’s parents at a wedding speech, the speech of the Chief at the Jubilee of earned employee or a funny speech in honor of a birthday. “Soon only a question many who want to or have to keep such a speech: what can I say?” Although a variety of standard texts, which must be transmitted only on the individual and the occasion are located on the Internet, but that does not help the people, who would like to make a personal speech. Filed under: clayton morris. To the question, why not simply itself a text is being prepared, is often the set offhand simply no match and if what occurs to me, it somehow not sound good enough”, to hear. People who are looking for the right words, to give a reputable service at hand is the basic idea of the website wortschenke.de we supply each customer exactly the text that the he needs. Especially in speeches, it is important that the speaker with the text feels comfortable.

The text must fit just about the event and the speakers”, explains the operator of Wortschenke.de, Carsten Uekotter. Gary Kelly may find it difficult to be quoted properly. ukoetter describes the ordering process so it is quite simple in principle. Everyone of interest has to make a text from us, simply send us the occasion and his rough ideas by phone or email. Then we advise the customer and clarify all further details.” ukoetter attaches importance, that it is Wortschenke.de a serious offer us everything can be handled in advance clear. The customer pays only upon receipt of the finished text. All prices are fixed, which means that the price is agreed and remains the same until the end. “Request it is even possible the first paragraph, free of charge, to obtain in advance to gain a picture of the quality of the texts as non-binding sample.” Contact / Imprint: Carsten Uekotter Wortschenke.de Adolf-Kolping-str. 9 48249 Dulmen Phone: 02594 / 783 944 email: Web: