Delegate Efficiently

Who better to make a decision about a task that the person who should carry it out? This is the premise that drove the empowerment, a change of mentality in labour relations more than one decade ago began to change the balance of responsibilities in enterprises. The goal: increase the effectiveness of the Organization through the transfer of power to make decisions at the first level where there is qualified to do so, that is, empower (empower, in English). Thus, workers have influence and power of decision on his work without requiring constant permission to act. That, however, does not imply a loss of superior authority. The traditional management model that controls every step of the workers is deprecated both from the point of view of productivity (generates slowness in the process of enabling powers) from the aspect of motivation of employees (who do not have the opportunity to feel competent, effective, or integrated).

For this reason, the concept of empowerment is based on two keys: delegate responsibility and authority. This new way of managing the company allows the employee to take the commitment to fulfil the task entrusted to him with the ability to make decisions affecting the development of that intention. This change of habits requires a change in work culture, turning the centralist structure and Nazism to the creation of work teams. To trust in that group, the company must have a clear vision of its objectives, to convey them to their employees and that they would contribute to that end, in addition to some values that require the behavior that must be taken to choose one way or another. In addition, objectives to be met by the worker, which must be measurable to be able to be evaluated should be set. Introducing the empowerment requires an effort of all parties: confidence and tolerance before the failure on the part of superiors, and of greater responsibility by the employees. But it is a new organizational life which not only involves an effort but gives better room, efficiency and quality. Perde authority fear is one of the main factors that affect the development of the empowermwnt, but it is necessary to overcome it by analyzing all the positive aspects that this causes, to the extent that people commit themselves to the objectives organizations then everything will start to change favorably, to the incio everything requires effort and possibly the results are not immediate, but certainly to be submitted.