Dazzling World

New since 1 April in the country tea range: teapot of Oriental spice tea Dusseldorf, 18.05.2011 the scent of cinnamon, cardamom and vanilla is in the air and kidnapped in the dazzling world of the Orient. The new variety of Oriental spice tea Teapot invites you to a mysterious trip in the Middle East and brings the taste of the Orient to your home since April. With the thinking in the distance and SIP by SIP experience the Orient: The new spicy fruity spice blend from the House tea pot with traditional spices such as cinnamon, cardamom and pepper is a delightful journey of the senses and brings Tales from 1001 night life. The taste of Orange and mild vanilla harmoniously completes the special treat. Naturally without caffeine, the new composition of tea from Oriental spices at any time of day is a taste sensation.

The new country tea speciality of teapot revives the magic of the Orient “Where you drink tea, as you quietly let down”. The Oriental tea culture has its roots in distant nomadic times. Tea is here in connection with peace and hospitality. A piece of this way of life can get tea drinkers with teapot Oriental spice tea home get. The warm yellow color and a golden decorated teapot in the midst of spices on the packaging arouse the curiosity about Oriental tea treat. MasterClass Founder has much to offer in this field. Only selected ingredients in the tea bag come with teapot. The careful and gentle processing makes perfect tea composition.

Infused with bubbling boiling water, the Oriental spice tea unfolds its full flavor minutes after 5-8. The country tea Teapot: a success story with the Oriental spice tea writes a new chapter in the success story of the country tea teapot. Teapot Moroccan Mint, Indian Chai and Turkish Apple tea pot teapot are already among the most popular brands in the tea market. Teapot builds on this success now with the new spice tea. By the typical ingredients, kidnapped the new mixture in tea cultures and guaranteed enjoyable tea moments. Receiver. Price: Oriental Spice tea: 2.29 EUR EIA. Press contact: Jeschenko MedienAgentur Cologne GmbH Annette muff Eugen-long Strasse 25 50968 Cologne Tel: 0221-30 99 165 fax: 0221-30 99-200 e-mail: