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They also need to establish the warranty period. Blows from the wings a common problem, which refer buyers to “hot line” manufacturers of windows – sash tightly adheres to the frame, due to which the formed crack penetrates the air. The cause of drafts may be fitting. If it is “chatter” that ceases to reliably push the sash to the frame. This happens more often, if after installing the buyer does not provide the necessary care for the furniture (once a year to handle the moving parts of mechanisms special lubricant). However, the adjustment may be needed, even if you regularly spend the necessary procedures. It should be noted that, according to gost 30777-2001 Devices swivel, tilt and swing-out for windows and balcony door units, the warranty period for hardware shall be not less than 36 months from the date of transfer of goods to the consumer.

If within this time a product fails, the company has an installer must repair it at their own expense. “Sealed porch wings may be broken if the installation of window designs were not fulfilled the requirements of gost 30674-99 “Windows of pvc profiles, – says Rafik Alekperov, head of Customer Service Group propleks (Russia’s largest manufacturer of pvc window-profile of Austrian technologies). – This standard specifies that, depending on the opening of shutters is recommended for extra distance in places blocking pads. They provide a snug fit sash. If you find that a problem has arisen because of this shortcoming, the producer will be obliged to remove him or replace the window.