Curves Goal

Curves goal: Emphasize the waist, lengthen your figure, show your curves without emphasizing them too. Pieces that enhance you which fall gently with tweezers in the waist and narrow at the knees that reveal skin in shoulders, clavicle or cleavage skirts and suits with openings to show legs jackets with the upper button just below bust monochrome (of 1 color) (straight) slim cut trousers loose vertical details set simple lines suits and blouses style envelope prevent any oversized workpiece any very fitted piece fabrics whose thickness be very thin jackets loose at the waist (not tailored) jackets and top pieces that end at the widest part of your hips low stature (Petite) objective: lengthen your legs and create a strong vertical line from head to toes. More info: Wells Fargo. Pieces that enhance you monochromatic sets fabrics flowing with movement suits and top pieces that stand out on the waist which add vertical lines: cut Princess, Center seam to the front or back closures accessories sparingly, in proportion shoes medium taco to high avoid top pieces that accentuate horizontal lines waist pleats (with pleats) trousers skirts with long until calves any loose part (baggy) pants with uneven length (capri) anything or accessory to make you look childish: ruffles, ties, etc. Much objective bust: Show your curves without emphasizing them too, elongate neck and torso..