Creativity, Who Underestimated The Economy

We can meet new challenges better with old… Not met new problems better with old solutions. Creativity is in demand, we want to be successful in these new times. But how is it produced? The renowned scientist Professor Kruse has expressed itself in a video. According to his research, Kreatiivitat mainly due the targeted disruption of systems.

“Harmonic systems are dumb systems”, says he, and recommends instead that to connect colleagues in China, so that they constantly can interfere with each other due to the different cultural backgrounds – with the colleagues in Germany. Prof. Kruse is another important factor for creativity in networks. The creative, successful companies in the future should build so targeted networks. Go to the video Professor Kruse: and here inspiration to build up networks: photo credit: fotola the Dr. Ebert College specialises in Germany’s fast learning. With the help of the Spasslerndenk method is learning on pleasant, relaxing way with great be hold value traded. Offered: business studies CCI in 22 days, technical business studies CCI in 28 days, economic specialist in 22 days, HR specialist / man in 12 days. Contact: Dr.