Construction Budget

The expenses are sufficiently vultosos in some phases of the process of construction, needing significant values very for the implementation of any type of workmanship. The proper companies of construction need to carry through investment in fixed assets whose sum in 2009 was of R$ 5,79 billion. They are expenses with constructions, vehicles, machines and equipment, among others. In 2009, the companies of construction with 30 or more employed people had carried through workmanships whose total value was of R$ 167,4 billion. Of this value, 1.8% the incorporation of real estate enterprises is mentioned to it, 17.1% the residential workmanships, 18.4% the residential, industrial constructions and to other types of not residential constructions, 49.7% the infrastructure workmanships (highway, railroad, gas-line, energy transmission, between many others), 13.2% the specialized jobs (administration of workmanships, terraplenagem, among others). This most excellent group of companies in the universe of the construction companies, has seen that totality of the companies who carry through workmanships of more significant countenance almost possesss at least 30 employed ones.

Evidently that the IBGE did not include in its research the hundreds of thousand of Brazilians who carry through one puxadinho of its residences, when does not construct to all the house is with the physical aid of relatives and friends or the verbal act of contract of a professional who works informally. If this was taken in account, certainly we would have a very bigger value in the invoicing and the importance of the civil construction for the Brazilian economy. In fact, the informality and the fact of much people to use to advantage the ends of weeks or other periods, as the proper they, vacation time to carry through the construction and reforms of its residences very hide a high value that could be incorporated the branch. Also the industries had been not taken in account that produce the construction materials and nor the thousands of deposits of substances of construction spread by all Brazil. But, of any form, the presented numbers above, they show the relevance of this market for the Brazilian economy.