Black Tea And Its Effect

Discover the many health benefits of black tea. Drinking tea is very healthy, and although most of the studies and research on the health aspects of tea, green tea, becomes gradually clear that also black tea is very healthy. Both green – both also black tea, come off like all tea varieties of the same plant (Camellia Sinensis) and differ mainly by the method of processing after harvest. Black tea goes through an oxidation process whereby the antioxidants contained in non-oxidized tea are implemented in different, but no less healthy connections. Green tea, however, is not or hardly oxidized.

In a research project carried out in the Netherlands, 552 persons over a period of fifteen years, the health benefits of certain flavonoids were examined and found that more than 70% of the effective flavonoids in black tea are included. The study results suggest that regular use of this Flavonoids production of “LDL cholesterol”, which it believes that it is the main cause of heart and stroke, can significantly reduce. Compared to men with a daily tea consumption of two cups of black tea, men with a consumption of four to five cups a day had a significantly lower risk of a heart attack. A study of Saudi Arabia concluded that daily consumption of black tea may reduce the risk up to 50% on coronary heart disease. Black tea and its health benefits: Black tea has a positive impact on heart and circulatory system.

Black tea may help in the treatment of certain types of mouth viruses such as herpes. Black tea helps in the prevention of diarrhoea, pneumonia and many kinds of skin diseases. The fluoride content in black tea strengthens tooth enamel and helps in the prevention of dental caries. Black tea increases metabolism, and helps with weight loss. Black tea lowers blood sugar levels and helps people with diabetes. Certain occurring antioxidants in black tea TF-2, assist in the prevention and in the treatment of cancer. TF-2 is a potent antioxidant that fights cancer cells without touching the healthy cells in. Most researchers have however indicated that more studies are needed to incontrovertibly prove these allegations. Black tea and its health benefits increasingly in the Center and there is little reason not to drink it. Black tea can be consumed without any additives. Milk in the tea seems to affect the action of the antioxidants.