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The Wiesndascherl pinkbavarian regensburg unique and more… Obertraublinger designer created bags for BBs Oktoberfest. The Wiesndascherl pinkbavarian regensburg unique and more… Beate Bayer on the culinaria at Pusch kitchens active compiled with the Gabriel WeightWatchers models your pinkbavarian-regensburg-uniqueWiesndascherl n and more for the first time. Super bag fashion.

“Unique made in Regensburg.” So you can get the latest creations by designer Beate Rosa Bayer on the point. Our bags are big, but not too big, they are casual, but elegant. Adjust to the Dirndl as well as jeans. To underline the uniqueness of your carrier. The Wiesndascherl was developed especially for the Oktoberfest.

It should make women unique and provide space for the basic necessities at the Oktoberfest. The weeks of development of have been really stressful. Develop forms, cuts capture and digitize, design build, choose fabrics and combine. Make prototypes. But that’s nothing new for Beate Rosa Bayer. She is from the compartment. As studied Pockets were always your passion clothing technician of the TA Hohenstein. And what woman loves no pockets. I develop and design your own. So Beate Rosa Bayer. Pink flags of each of the Paspoltasche as well as the high quality, made in Bavaria Loden and fulling material, from which the bags are. Each must be a catcher, conspicuous and pick your winner make your carrier into the spotlight. Underline the uniqueness. “It is the task of pink BBs. Beate Rosa Bayer: everything must be at the end.” The pure passion and desire of a perfect creation. The bag label pinkbavarian unique regensburg was founded in 2010. In this extraordinary place in Bavaria in Regensburg. A world heritage site. In this historic as creative place, with Italian flair, which served as source of inspiration already numerous artists.You will find this flair in each of pink. The creations in the Gabriel Gewandhaus in Regensburg in Mrs Bundschu are bestauenen and to have. For the designer the hot phase is now”. Working towards at the Oktoberfest. Where many of the Wiesndascherln your owner, unique to make unique.