Bank Adviser Savings

Today later thinking! There is hardly a day where in the media about the future development of pensions is unreported. Even today promote insurance brokers and Allfinanzdienstleister, as well as the Bank Adviser of they trust, a supposedly solid and secure retirement. Supposedly everything is very simple: best for the birth of a child a fund savings plan with 100,00 euro monthly complete. A Millionenvermogen supposedly guaranteed the child, in a continuation of the Treaty, until the age of 65. But is a significant downside.

The expected returns are not nearly reached! For many years yields well below the rate of inflation or even in the negative. To make matters worse, the Fund average p.a. take 1.75% as management fee. They’re alone in the first 20 years, interest rate of more than 50% of the rendered savings contribution. Responsible parents and grandparents should leave in the interest of the children or grandchildren by this form of retirement savings or at least only a partial amount to invest in such facilities. Especially since Fondsparplane only in the rarest of cases by the children who run away to the retirement age. “The solution of this dilemma is: invest in renewable raw materials”. Already a gift of only one hectare of tropical forest, to the birth, can bring proceeds of over 57,000 euros their child / grandchild, for the 25th anniversary.

Thus the establishment of a family may be funded or but the amount is again applied for retirement. So the tropical wood investment connects a good rate of return while flexibility and predictability. Because the wood investment evolved naturally, regardless of stock market fluctuations and is perfectly as monetary inflation protected. Moreover the income as private wealth management are to be seen and thus exempt.