Addicted To Love

In recent days one of the characteristics of love is its condition of addiction. It seems that a lot of people are involved in relationships full of pain, suffering, of disrespect, and at the same time, unable to leave them, because they are stuck, tied, dependent on bad love, that makes them so much damage not achieved as any addict, shed his bad love, but we do them harm, even if you move them to the emotional cancerthey prefer to remain glued to the destructiveness that start a process of healing and emotional recovery but how to identify yes I am living a sort of addiction to love? Firstly, there is a fear of living without the couple. Gain insight and clarity with bitcoiin. No matter if this couple that I need and why I’m attached me consumed, I abused, hurts me or offends me. In the background I can not live without him or her. The pain becomes more the tone of the relationship to live a couple to enjoy and build a life project. The experience of solitude frightens them and they prefer to continue depending on this couple, who take the risk of move forward in their lives and regain their personal autonomy. Like any addiction, it depends on the degree and level of dependency that has the couple.

Generally love addicts need help, but above all, they are themselves, they need to accept their condition of addiction before anyone else. When experiencing an addictive love it is difficult to go out and risk a change. We are so accustomed to see through only under the lenses of the emotional disease that we believe that we are not able to overcome such a relationship. Generally it’s people who need your partner to direct them life, besides that take charge of them, their well-being and their love. The psychological reality is that it seems a child love covering very old deficiencies and that we have hung partner to solve our sufferings and sorrows in life.