3 Cm Hair Make All The Difference In The MPU

Trimega laboratories: With the hair analysis the abstinence is verifiable in a three-month period / proof even with body hair possible Ulm, December 22, 2009. A section of hair about 3 cm length is enough: who has lost his driving licence because of drugs or alcohol and must now place a medical psychological assessment (MPU), for which the hair analysis is exactly right. \”The key to a successful MPU popularly still called idiot test\” referred to is lies in the fact that the drivers must refute doubts that have arisen on the ability to drive. Were drugs or alcohol in the game, so he must prove that his consumer behavior has changed fundamentally. Abstinence can be drugs and alcohol through a hair analysis. Head hair is almost always in sufficient quantities available\”, explains Philipp Braunger, project manager and spokesman of Trimega laboratories Germany.

The hair analysis of Trimega analyzed in each sample the concentration of Ethylglucuronide (EtG), a Degradation product of alcohol, which is deposited in the hair. Human hair grows an average of one centimeter per month. Based on a hair sample from three centimetres of length a possible alcohol abuse or even abstinence is detectable in a three-month period\”, Banerjee. When a hair drug analysis applies even 12 months retroactively, provided that a 12-centimeter long hair sample. Should be no hair available, alternatively on the basis of body hair hair analysis can be performed. The removal of samples from hair analysis takes place on certain dates, making it pleasant and uncomplicated. To examiner, is not bound by short term specific dates as as is the case with conventional blood or urine tests. MPU: Benefits who has the hair analysis method of cost effective hair-alcohol and drug analysis compared to blood or urine tests significant advantages, which lie mainly in its higher significance in court: held only occasionally a longer period can continuously be assessed with the hair test.