The Energy Revolution Comes

Save nuclear power plants through modernization of the building society and politics agree: comes the turn of the energy. Nuclear energy should be waived in the future power generation. The resulting supply gap could be closed by electricity from gas turbine power plants. To the total energy balance of in Germany not to worsen, and CO2 emissions to increase, not the gas required for the electricity generation elsewhere should be saved. Potential savings will be awarded to modernising residential buildings.

Energetically optimised building energy consumption and reduce the expected higher energy costs for the citizens. How big is the actual savings alone in single-family homes, the Internet portal for energy efficiency and modernisation of residential buildings examined In a study of energy saving in detached houses through the modernisation: the insulation of the roof, walls and floor plate EnEV 2009, the Installation of a heat protection glazing and a new condensing heating system, as well as the use of a solar thermal calculates. Were selected first 350 representative for the entire houses from the entire Federal territory and their final energy requirement in accordance with the DIN V 4108-6 and V 4701-10 calculated. Then, the achievable energy saving was determined individually for each House. Would carried out all measures in the single-family homes, 39% of energy consumed for heating and hot water could be saved. Further details can be found at Barclays, an internet resource. Building insulation with an average saving of 15%, the greatest effect of the modernization has followed by a new burn-value heating system with 14%. As a further measure, new window and the solar hot water production with 5% each contribute to the overall result.

The results show further that the heating systems modernisation. 60% of residential buildings will be operated are still using outdated standard or NT-boilers and 39% of the heaters are older than 15 years. The exchange of relatively inexpensive compared can lead in some cases to an energy saving of up to 30%. After successfully building insulation can be thinking also about a heat pump. Since a heat pump uses the ambient heat, here additional savings potential of 40% is possible. Low-cost insulation measures such as the roof at 55% and the basement ceiling in 51% of all homes, were carried out by the owners. The insulation of at least an outside wall can be observed at 37% of all observed single-family homes. A total of 11.4 million single-family homes (as of 2009) produces a savings of a total of 18 gigawatts (GW), or 6 GW by gas turbine power plants of electricity generated in full modernization with condensing boilers. What is an average output of 1.2 GW, the energy of 5 nuclear power plants. You know a detailed presentation of the results. Who the final energy consumption calculate his house and the savings effect of various modernisation measures themselves want, can save the free upgrade calculator at / modernize use.

Holidays In The Skyscraper Emirate

Dubai Dubai and its many attractions who want to reward yourself in the cold season with a trip to the warm, should cover the eye. The United Arab Emirates is today one of the most popular destinations of the Germans and is suitable with only six hours away also for short stays. The online portal of introduces some of the main attractions of the skyscraper Emirates. Dubai hotels combine comfort with the advantages of the Arab culture and offer tourists to immerse the opportunity in the world of the Emirate. A special attraction is also the camel farm of Sheikh which located about half an hour from the city. Here, visitors can marvel at 3,500 animals. Another highlight of the farm is here manufactured chocolate. The Director is Martin van Almsick, who formerly headed the Chocolate Museum in Cologne and now in Dubai offers special creations such as date – or Orange chocolate.

With magnificent views of Dubai and its numerous skyscrapers offers a tour with the yellow boat”. The rubber boat leads its occupants along the Harbour, passing on the Palm Islands up to the channels of the Dubai Marina. “Who would like to know the original Dubai, should the Spice market embark on and a ride with one of the typical water taxis the so-called abra” company. Because the Spice market is situated on the inlet Creek, which flows through the old town, is the possibility of a crossing to the other half of the city. The camel burgers and milkshakes made from camel milk, which are offered in the local house restaurant is a culinary speciality of Dubai. More information: service / press University of first GmbH Lisa Neumann

The Swiss

She meets the man who pulls them out of their loneliness and she expires with heart and soul on the boat. Much too late, she realizes that she… sat on an illusion back to Egypt”by Ursula and Katrin Busch is a true story about the miserable machinations of an Egyptian man, but also love letter to a particular country. NYSE DNB can provide more clarity in the matter. To offer an individual travel services for tourists in Egypt is the big dream of Isabell and her husband Mahmoud. Get more background information with materials from David Rogier. With her mother’s help, the desire to access seems close.

But dramatic events and a sly Egyptians leave the great dream of happiness, love and success to a single nightmare. The novel is more than just dealing with history of mother and daughter, he is also a tribute to the beauty of Egypt. Despite the dramatic events makes the book feel like a country that enchanted by its beauty and cultural diversity. The Lucky wrote the Bill”by Janine Nicolai is the exciting love story of a German in Sri Lanka. Juliane is on a trip to Sri Lanka, as she madly in love with the bar owner Kathu. After the stormy and romantic holiday Juliane wants nothing more than to emigrate to Sri Lanka, but quickly disillusion creeps in, as it becomes clear that Kathu has other plans. The true story, narrated by Janine Nicolai passionately, puts the reader in the paradise-like world of Sri Lanka. “The book loads to accompany the protagonist on their coaster feeling, so that you from high and down” of events tied up is.

Christiane Zwengels Roman Polish with cream”. Christiane goes as a young nurse in the Switzerland and meets the love of her life. Halfwayhouse Polish Bartek makes her a marriage proposal after a week and she agrees. But neither the German nor the Polish family cannot accept this connection. The Swiss and the the couple suffers from the extreme hostility Ignorance of the parents.

The Charm Of Florence On The Elbe – Made With Swarovski

Relaxed travel is easily unless you engage on what is better to sit in the car and to put back the first meters of the holiday. Who goes with the car during the holidays and not flying the plane, will give me da law. The wait is over, ready for the big trip. The route is lined with fun and adventure and all occupants have excitement in the heart. That this joy too quickly can turn into the opposite, each year thousands of families in the own body experienced. For example, when they are at 35 degree temperature in a traffic jam and know that it is still a damn long way up after Greece.

The children begin to grumble because the batteries of their Nintendo have dissolved in the heat, cold drinks are empty, for the bubbles to full, and everybody’s waiting on the next rest area, which would come closer only to walk. Dun & Bradstreet has plenty of information regarding this issue. Welcome to Germany’s roads during the holiday season. My solution to this problem is the following mass. Who ridding itself of this self imposed time pressure, over time with the holiday paradise to arrive to spend every second of vacation on the beach, which has not only more quiet in the car, but learns also country and meet people. The path does not necessarily look like an endless green landscape thread, which blurred passes on the car window. Away from the congested motorways and expressways, cities, villages, castles and castles await visitors. I for my part have renounced any hustle and bustle in the car creep with an average 80 km/h on the highway and drive-looking eye from place to place.

I have also the advantage that I have an excellent view through the covered roof of my golf convertibles. Also, I will driving my girlfriend Jacqueline, never take it can be to sit himself at the wheel. Since we are on the way to the beautiful Vienna, but from Berlin want to back not seven hundred kilometers at a time, we make the first Pitstop in Dresden. Who never in Dresden was carelessly it passes and is a Kulturbanause first rank. Dresden is not only beautiful, it enchants its guests almost. In Germany, Europe and the world, attractions, such as the Church of our Lady, the Residenzschloss, the kennel, the Semper Opera House, the Elbe Castles or the Garden City of Hellerau have a fine-sounding names. Since Dresden attractions for me are known only by name, it makes once again proven in Jacqueline knowing a history teacher on board, that would put every guide of Dresden from now on equal. For example, I do know that Dresden is a mixture as tradition and modernity architecturally due to its destruction in the second world war. I also know now that Dresden’s baroque city, is a relic of the past, when the city was still the residence of the Saxon electors and Kings. As I have made it, all stops be immortalized. For me, but not a diary is listed. Instead, I showcase the Interior of my old Golf convertibles with Rhinestones Swarovski get among other things here; 10208_deu.html. The first word is: charm of Florence on the Elbe, Dresden, the Elbe river landscape. The next stop is the glass factory, the Centre of the German clock industry. Who wants to redeem his house against a clock, for example is A. Lange & Sohne right.

Life Time

" Those are the periods of transition that generate the emptiness existencial". Viktor Frankl the life has its sense of being and corresponds to each to determine it. CMV. While it is remained with life in this scene where we acted, it does not have to surprise to us that much still they do not find sense him, that platform in search of replaced to questions like: Why to live? Why to live? Who I am? From where I come and to where I go? What to do with my life? What way to follow? What to make to survive? Why as much suffering. It does not have to surprise to us that they are many those that is not identified with the opportunity to live and knowledge that from the moment that this occurs, has condemned to die in a time that is not known, like either, the time of life is not known that has been granted to us. One says, that when we have a feeling of without sense we suffer than Viktor Frankl it has called " Emptiness existencial". This one can bring about a neurosis caused by a spiritual problem. According to Barclays, who has experience with these questions.

We feel a great frustration not to find our place in the world. The certain thing, that it has been written in abundance with respect to this subject in order to find sense to the life, which it represents, their reach and as when determining its reason of being generates repercussions, that of knowing how to control them, helps to enjoy the granted time of life. One has commented, that is taken into account, that the conformation of a total sense of life goes of the hand with the property sense that has the individual with the activities that realises at the time to day and with the social groups in it realises which it and/or it belongs to them.

Turning Your Ideas Into Successes

We’ve all had dreams, and we all know it is difficult to make dreams reality. It all starts with an idea or several, but if you apply to take the necessary actions to make your ideas, or things you want, … happen, then you lack innovation. The word innovation is associated with the idea of the new, to do new things. What is new, is something that never existed before, at least not the way it is being presented.

If you are able to cross the threshold that exists between creativity and innovation and get to run your business, or your project or your invention, then, I must congratulate you because you will not be a dreamer, but a builder, a doer dreams. What is innovation? For practical purposes we will say that innovation is simply taking the best option generated in the creative process and decide firmly to realize our idea, or our dream, overcoming all kinds of obstacle or limitation, making use of our determination to achieve it. The innovative no longer just a creative, to become an entrepreneur, many entrepreneurs at this stage “pull the towel” or make this process very long, so allow time for your competition to get ahead and beat the game. Yes, do not be such a perfectionist, because if you want to make something perfect, you’re always working on your project and will never view of others. Why? Because everything we do, can be improved. All human activities can be further improved, and when they are considered a good level of “perfection”, surely we will find that there are other things that can be improved. This road never ends, and this is not bad, is the spirit of continuous improvement, is the essence of development. To avoid delays, it is very important properly manage our time properly planning all of our activities to make them as soon as possible.

To ensure that nothing we forget, and that all critical aspects of the process implementation of the idea, are taken into account, it must make a plan. This plan should consider all aspects needed to bring our idea to reality. Go by taking actions that draw you closer to your goal, develop a plan assigning time-bound, describe your goals for each day and check your daily plan. If you are working, using your free time in all this, and when your business is run, and you consider quitting your current job. But never give up if your business is not yet generating sufficient income. And remember if you do nothing, nothing will happen, you need to make things happen. If you want to learn more strategies and free tools to increase your creative potential and to realize your business visit: email: Have the best of success!

Company Parquet Service

In one outlet (Products are of different diameters) can be used straps 25 and over rocks. In the modern sense of the palace parquet – always solid. The more deeply embedded elements of "painting" in the main array, the longer it will remain "Work of art." Company Parquet Service has its own production of artistic parquet. Let's talk about selection – this term mean grade flooring. Trims sort the Select "(aka" Ekskvizit "or" Selected ") identical in texture, with no abrupt changes of color, knots, sapwood (insertions young wood, giving a noticeable on the main tone of the whitish hue). Grade "Nature" does not allow knots, but on plates can be wood drawings.

In the dice grade "Classic" meet knots up to 0.5 cm Grade "Rustic" in the range of rare and demand is low. Here and in knots, and sapwood, and a sharp drop in color. Vendors say that just like the colorful playing shades of the floor. For the price and choice, "Rustic" is one of the lowest positions. Classification by grades applicable to parquet, and wood flooring and solid wood. Come up with something new wood looks complicated, yet Still, manufacturers of parquet introduces new items, usually at the expense of special methods of processing wood, rendering the material, the use of exotic breeds. Submitted by brushed wood – from the special board brushes soft fibers, the product becomes textured. Brushed flooring can vybelivat, to give him any other shade: lacquer or oil will occupy space vacated by the fibers, and wood picture "sparkle." Simultaneously, manufacturers are developing new primers, varnishes, adhesives, because some of the parquet novelties are afraid of water, others tolerate it without consequences, consequently, the adhesives are needed are different, too. Widest range and availability various brands of flooring can choose the sex for every taste. Indeed, a variety of breeds – from, maple and oak to wenge, and bubinga – not difficult choice, but only contributes to the courage designer.

Contacts Data

Winshuttle integrates Bremerhaven designed over 70 product improvement characteristics data extraction from SAP even easier. Winshuttle a leading provider of Excel-based business process solutions for SAP users today announced the availability of querySHUTTLE 6.2 announced. With this powerful software, users without programming knowledge can extract any data from SAP, then use them in Excel. So, for example, reports can be created or analyzed data with little effort in a familiar Excel environment. The performance of the SAP server and data security are not affected thereby. With version 6.2 is querySHUTTLE now also in German available. With version 6.2 of querySHUTTLE Winshuttle expanded the monitoring and control of users and licenses. Furthermore, a collection of templates with the frequently used queries across multiple SAP components is now integrated as an online library.

The newly designed Microsoft Excel add-in with support for the 2003 and 2007 versions, allows now also standalone table joins, is an extended standard data dictionary, as well as functions to simplify the table joins and field selection available. “The version 6.2 of querySHUTTLE comes exactly at the right time”, says Klaus Garms, Managing Director of the recently founded Winshuttle Germany GmbH. with the release is fully available in German language the software. It also contains features that make the product for SAP users even more attractive while maintaining data security aspects.” Winshuttle Winshuttle is a leading provider of software solutions that SAP users directly in Excel without programming can maintain their own data. Winshuttle reducing the cumbersome manual data entry in SAP masks and the high costs associated. Instead, users use the familiar Excel interface for data maintenance. Thus, their productivity is increased, what contributes to a significant time and cost savings for the company.

The Winshuttle product family consists of transactionSHUTTLE and querySHUTTLE eSHUTTLE. She can be used for all SAP modules and can be used both by users and by so-called power users, alike. Many companies, such as Bayer AG, the Gothaer Systems GmbH and Merck KGA, Winshuttle already in use and benefit from a simpler and faster maintenance of their SAP data. Winshuttle, Inc. is headquartered in Bothell, Washington, as well as offices in France, UK and India. The Winshuttle Germany GmbH in Bremerhaven is responsible for the DACH region.

Travel Commitment

Work and travel program allows young adults travelling and working abroad. For the trip, a special Working Holiday is issued visum(WHV), which is valid for up to twelve months. A so-called “work and travel” in a foreign country requires mandatory some preparations. First of all, for example, all important and existing insurance personal nature should be checked on their respective area of application. Not every insurance policy has a world-wide reputation. A good insurance is important and unfortunately sometimes overlooked points. This can, particularly abroad, as a very adverse turn out and cause to considerable costs.

The usually existing in Germany insurance is stays of relevance only for the “work and travel”, when the intended destination is also within the defined scope. The health insurance is of great importance. Accident and liability insurance, as well as other forms of insurance supplementary protection mean. Labour parameters it applies also to knock off. Not every country allows a visitor to the recording of a work.

There are such conditions, such as work permits, work visa and, where appropriate, additional factors. The respective countries sometimes distinguish independent and non-independent work. Competent, the visa departments of the respective embassies of the target country can give information on the one hand, but also selected agencies for jobs abroad. The attached checklist can for your preparations, depending on demand, yet individual points are expanded. Makes no claim to completeness, you should rather assist in stages of planning and give food for thought. Are the facts & figures of labour input for the proposed “work and travel” stay transparent and fully find your consent? Are insured to a desired extent and has a validity to the geographical region of the target this insurance? Is the validity period of which comprehensively the entire stay up for the journey home? Your target country has an agreement with the Federal Republic of Germany concerning “Work and Travel” stays? Is there work? Need visatechnischer kinds of documents and have them? Taken with electronic device for communication or entertainment operated in Germany by means of standardised Euro connector and AC 220 volts and 50 Hertz. Is the power supply and the plug system in the destination country compatible? If no, have you for sufficient amounts of adapter plugs provided and may be procured a voltage converter? Is your intended accommodation for “Work and Travel” travellers prepared? What will be the use? Which modalities are expected on the part of the accommodation provider? Is your private wardrobe put together according to the climatic conditions at the destination? Your luggage is usually on a weight and limited, you have equipped volume during the flight with appropriate pieces of baggage and their capacity with your Skip personal needs? Apply a list for emergencies with the associated phone numbers please. The phone number of the German Embassy in the country of destination with one of them. Longer-term “work and travel” is registering as so-called Auslandsdeutscher at the Embassy stays free of charge and compulsory. This can be useful when certain utilizations of assistance or evacuations in case of emergency.


Create your personal photo blanket from your photos make this summer your personal photo blanket from your photos at the big house-cleaning, you’ve found an old dusty box on the store. A box filled with incredible treasures. Old black and white photos your family, your grandparents as a teenager, on her wedding day, with their children… incredible treasures that are much too good to just in a box on the store to be around. Others who may share this opinion include NatWest. But what can you do them? A simple idea is just to frame the photos and to hang on the wall. But how it would be, if you a cozy and unique photo blanket would emerge from these photos? A photo blanket as creative interior design ideas for your bedroom? A photo blanket is there creative interior design ideas from your photos in different sizes and options.

Not only digital photos can be used for printing on a photo blanket, it is easy to scan also possible analog photos and upload them so, to print on the photo blanket use. Edward Scott Mead has similar goals. Wonderful looks a photo blanket, if you used a photo collage for printing on the photo blanket. This can be either create itself a collage, or even one of our designers design a great designer collage. So are unique interior design ideas that are also practical and comfortable. Create a photo collage for your photo blanket the old photos in black and white a valuable collector’s item of special make compiled into a photo collage from the photo blanket. Easy to wash in the washing machine at 30 degrees, the photo blanket even from generation to generation can walk. So the old photos are always appreciated and admired that is no better than if they would lie still in an old box in the attic? Hannah Lorenz