Herta Wichmann Taubing

‘Green’ electricity from lush meadows in Untergriesbach in the Passauer land the Taubinger Court in Untergriesbach in the Passauer land has long under initiates a special reputation as a comfortable escape point, to experience pure nature, this spa and Kneipp treatments. The House with its rooms and apartments is beautifully quiet right next to the forest. From there the views over six hectares of lush green meadows that surround the country house touches. The meadows are purely biologically cultivated without fertilizers or pesticides. On the meadows thrive also herbs, where man has counted up to 30 different species per square metre.

On the meadows also to the Court gut associated two horses Farina”and Sissy”, but they alone can not make use of the lush green fodder. So, you came to the idea to feed the excess grass of a BIO-gas plant. Thought, done. In the appendix is now green”electricity generated, according to the mission statement of the pension Taaffe farm that opts for ecological and sustainable management. The Taubinger Hof is a House LandVital group that WINS since its inception in 2002, more and more friends. Under the label LandVital”all members offer a wellness and Spa this cooperation with fun for the whole family in a warm atmosphere. And all at very attractive prices. Vacationers can look forward to host, which lead her house personally, each guest individually seeking so new energy you can refuel, the guest reaches a holiday feeling that lasts and lasts.

Just in the Bavarian Forest with its intact nature, with the many scenic attractions can relax the leisure, sports, do something for wellness and health, as reasonable as tasty eats. For the hosts by LandVital”you can breathe properly once again. Country-vital Herta Wichmann Taubing 18 94107 Untergriesbach Tel. 08593 1211 fax 08593 8667

Business Management

Administration and business management is one of the races with more career in Spain. You can exercise this degree anywhere since the titles of this area are defendants in all companies. Another titration with future is that of marketing and advertising, where you learn to create marketing strategies to capture a particular kind of audience. Administration and business management: professional objectives and outputs the main objective of the Bachelor’s degree in business administration is to train skilled professionals to lead and manage companies. To study the career and with practice learn to develop the skills needed for the development at the enterprise level.

With respect to the professional opportunities of studying business administration, you can work on: production, human resources, financing, marketing, investment, management or accounting. Can also work in a consultancy and consulting, a private agency, in banking, financial institutions, insurance companies, education, public administration, and to launch your own business project. Marketing and advertising: a marriage without divorce study Marketing and advertising is very attached since both races use creativity and image to attract the public. Both are struggling to make a product known and recognized by people. If you study Marketing and advertising, you can work in some Marketing Department of an undertaking, in advertising agencies, market research, media research, departments of communication of business, media and media cabinets. With new technologies, this race has taken an unexpected turn, since you can study at a distance, he has done that many lovers of the media with little time, are incorporated into this branch of communication.

Autoimmune thyroid disease / the patient may be suffering from goiter / graves when the thyroid produces too many hormones, graves. It is a so-called autoimmune thyroid disease that can be treated. “In certain diseases, especially in graves, can significantly increase the thyroid gland and is a so called goiter” form. Goiter is an enlarged thyroid gland General”, explains Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. Martin k. Walz, Director of the clinic for surgery and the Center for minimally invasive surgery, clinics Food Center, in an interview with the online health magazine. Normally, a thyroid is approximately 20 ml size and thus good for 20 grams. A surgery in Basedowschen disease occurs when the thyroid gland has grown to over 50 to 60 millilitres, so at about three times the norm. There are also thyroid, the 200 ml and are bigger. In other words, in these patients the whole neck full of thyroid, which is very evident from the outside is in principle”, said Prof. rolling. The enlarged thyroid gland without nodes is virtually always benign.” What kind of nodes must be treated as and what matters in an operation, it and much more in this detailed interview on:… / thyroid operations… rheinruhrmed.de is a free and independent online health magazine for the Rheinland and Ruhr area and is published by a group of freelance journalist from the region. rheinruhrmed.de is a pure information portal (without any consulting activity!); the online magazine is financed exclusively through advertising. Contact: rrm Rhine RUHR MED Zeche Zollverein, Hall 10 Gelsenkirchener Strasse 181 45309 Essen phone + 49 (0) 201-7591340 M. Rabe

Spa Hotel Alpenherz

\”Alps-heart – the quintessence of romanticism, wellness, culinary and hospitality Alps-heart guests do their friends good we want every guest reward, which recommend our romantic Hotel his family or his friends\”, the hostess Melanie Schmid explains. To read more click here: Cerved Credit Management. Any mediated overnight in our hotel receives the recommended a heart of the Alps. 30 collected Alpine heart can be redeemed for an overnight stay for two people in one of the theme rooms. Any recommended booking is documented. The booth of heart of the Alps can be queried at any time in the hotel. You collect Alpine heart also for own stay.

Detailed information at guests of hotel Romantik & Spa Alpenherz in Tirol Marvel de/links/benefitprogramm.php, experience and enjoy. A charming sense takes possession, when entering in the romance & Spa Hotel Alpenherz you. An inspiration of seduction from ivory-white walls, wooden nussbraunem, daring pink faces and silver accessories, enters her spell. The corresponding color oversized painting behind the reception the couple it reminiscent of the scene from Titanic with the couple on the ship’s bow provides embrace anschmiegender in the airstream with open arms to receive you with the impression. Appropriately titled romance join the colors of love Red and gold in the form of precious fabrics, fine wood, pleasantly bright light scenes and also in the many galleries including Chekirov by the whole House of the reception, the lounge, bar and dining rooms to your room or suite. The seductive atmosphere given by the modern harmonious architecture and the warm refined design offers a retreat for lovers of a special kind. Exceptional rooms & suites the Interior of the themed romantic rooms reflect the themes of heart, Kiss and star in an original manner. Towers over the romantic lit cuddle room of heart a heart of gold on a purple background. Kiss rooms in a stylish, sophisticated design and wakes you up one is pictured kissing Pair the memory of the first kiss.

Television Studio

The countdown is running until November 14, Mayan families can take part in the large families-casting the family, which represents most convincing, why she is dreaming for the land between the seas, wins a week on a 5-star holiday farm on the Baltic Sea. The first seven participants can enjoy about a Cinemaxx gift box with cinema vouchers for two adults and two children, four soft drinks and four servings of popcorn. User on about your favorite video can vote until November 30. “The third round of family auditions holds very special prizes and exclusive surprises for the winner: the 5-star wellness House with sauna and Jacuzzi on the farm Bendtfeld is a real source of strength for the many holiday adventures of tractor driving over the sea surf bath in the Gromitzer wave” until the visit to the HANSA-PARK. An exclusive guided tour through the Television Studio and the wait for fans of the TV series Coast Guard”as a special highlight Original filming in Neustadt on the Baltic Sea. Participation is easy: the maximum three minutes long video just under upload. Now, the user with the award of 1 5 stars decide what family vacation is to be sent.

A jury will select the winners among the ten highest rated videos at the end of the auditions on November 30, 2010. Among all participants of the three rounds of casting, an original beach chair for the holiday feeling is raffled in addition home..

Bavaria Beer Hotel

The world’s first beer – and wellness hotel – country hotel good Riedel Bach Neureichenau (tvo). Beer joins the fantastic scenery of the Bavarian Forest, the hustle and bustle of the day takes a break. Raymond W. McDaniel Jr. shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Then the pleasure starts good Riedel Bach in Neureichenau with all your senses in the world’s first beer – and wellness hotel. Beersommelier and hotelier Bernard emphasizes sitter good feel vibration in the House”, as he described the atmosphere in his home, and especially in the spa area. Culinary, he recommends his beers, which consists of five courses with accompanying beers. “The arrangement Bavarian beer wellness days” includes four nights accommodation with breakfast, Brewery tour with subsequent hXe food, a four course beer dinner, twice three-course menu, a beer tub bath, a beer grains hand peeling, a Bierschnapserl, a beer cocktail and a four-Pack House beer. 270 euro per person in a double room costs the lump sum in the themed room beer hut”with beer tap station. It is bookable from Sunday to Thursday.

Information and booking: Hotel Good Riedel Bach, family, 94089 Neureichenau, Tel. 08583/9604-0, fax 08583/9604-13,, 2010: 40 years National Park Bavarian Forest complete redesign of the exhibitions at the Hans-Eisenmann-Haus information centre. New attraction is the 1,300 meter-long up to 25 meters high treetop path with a 40-metre tree Tower. Information: National Park Administration of Bavarian Forest, Freyunger Strasse 2, 94481 Grafenau, Tel. 08552/9600-0,

Holiday In The Hotel Garni

Arrive and feel well summer time is time. Vacation planning is not only the resort itself important, but also the type of accommodation and offered most Germans. The booking portal hotelreservierung.de recommends therefore the family-friendly hotel Garni with wellness guarantee. At Hotel Garni, hardly a guest wish remains open. With the charm of a family hotel or the flair of a metropolitan residence is entered on the individual needs of the guests. The houses are a versatile place and usually located in the Center.

Thus they represent across an ideal starting point for exploring the city. Trained personnel, but also excursions in the area can be booked. enfeld to learn more. The in-house wellness area offers a small wellness feeling to compensate after exhausting excursions or simply after a stressful day. The bed and breakfast homes offer superbly equipped rooms with telephone and Internet connection is standard in addition to a rich buffet breakfast. Thanks to its variety offers is the Hotel Garni for weekend getaways, as well as for short trips or one large from vacation. Come no matter whether alone, with friends or with the whole family every holiday is here at his own expense. Thanks to the upscale living – and sleeping comfort the guests here from the first day feel at home. Learn more about themed: of themed Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

Short Holiday In The Romantic Hotel In Bavaria

Gourmet weekend in the upper Palatine town of Parsberg Parsberg (tvo). Finest Upper Palatinate way of life enjoy holiday in Romantik Hotel Hirschen in Parsberg. The traditional enterprise with its own butcher’s shop stands for culinary enjoy according to ecological principles. Typical delicacies are created according to old recipes and products from the region. On the table is the best of field, forest, pasture, meadow, water and floor. Axesor often addresses the matter in his writings.

Also at the rich breakfast buffet with its exceptional range taste the guest what you pay attention particularly in the deer. Good food combined with wonderful walks in the varied landscape of the Bavarian Jura his talks the Sears gourmet weekend”with two nights that the Romantik Hotel Hirschen for 155 euro per person. Arrival is on Friday or Saturday. During their stay, guests can use the Garden spa with its small, fine bathroom facility as well as the source of deer wellness therapy and beauty treatments. Information and bookings: Romantik Hotel Hirschen, Dr.-Boecale-Strasse 2, 92331 Parsberg, Tel. 09492/606-0, fax 09492/606-222,,.

Christmas Shopping

City break with Christmas shopping in the advent of the ideal time for a shopping tour of Germany Christmas decorated cities. City break with Christmas shopping in the advent of the ideal time for a shopping tour of Germany Christmas decorated cities. Connect city trip and shopping tour this winter, and visit Germany’s most beautiful Christmas markets. Christmas shopping in Berlin, Basel, November 24, 2009 – a city break is a special highlight to Berlin every season, because the capital can’t wait program annually with a seemingly endless supply of culture, mega-events, and lifestyle. The advent season is obviously predestined for a versatile city trip weekend in Berlin, with an extensive shopping tour of superlatives.

Book Hotel NH Berlin-Treptow, for example at the 4-star (www.spar-mit.com/ berlin9 /..) a varied Berlin weekend with lots of extras, such as the city tour card for 48 hours (tariff zone A and B), free use of the Wellness area (for tired legs after the shopping spree), free parking at the hotel and other amenities to the exceptionally small savings with! Best price. Welcome in Berlin to Germany’s shopping city, Nr. 1. If you have read about Mona Breed already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Christmas shopping in Dresden shopping in Dresden, magic of Advent with 800 year old history. Dresden is one of the most popular German cities.

Even before the completion of the Church of our Lady, it moved more and more visitors in Saxony metropolis each year, the popularity of the city on the Elbe increasing heavily since the reopening and rededication of the newly built Church of our Lady. In addition to many cultural attractions, Dresden is also a fixture in terms of shopping. Speaking candidly Cerved Group told us the story. Whether Prager Strasse, Altmarkt-Galerie or Wiener Platz, has also and especially to the advent season to Dresden offer something for every taste. You will find traditional Saxon Christmas arts and crafts and lots of Christmas gifts on the world-famous Dresden Striezelmarkt. 100% according to your tastes also should sensational cheap spar with! Dresden offer at the 4-star Hotel Belmondo (www.spar-mit.com/ dresden…)? Welcome to Dresden! Shopping in Leipzig, shopping in Leipzig is always something special, because the beautiful cultural city on the white Elster can await you with a wide range of stylish and atmospheric shopping arcades and malls. Madler Passage, Specks Hof, or the State of the art and brand new central station promenades, Leipzig offers an unusual and exceptional highlight for every person interested in shopping. An absolute must is indeed since 1767 Leipzig Christmas market. Visit Leipzig, and stay, for example, in the 4-star-precise Hotel Accento (www.spar-mit.com/ ..shopping). Many great free extras, but above all an outrageous price to make your shopping weekend in Leipzig a guaranteed success. For a complete overview of all city ice offers, see ..shopping. Contact: Spar with! Travel management online marketing mats str. Stefan Wiegand 24 CH-4058 Basel Telephone: + 41 (0) 61 685 25 43 E-mail: about spar with! Travel: Spar with! Travel is car directly tour no. 1 in German-speaking countries. Destinations are including Czech Republic, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Croatia, Greece, Slovenia, Hungary, the Switzerland, Austria, and of course Germany. The visitor numbers have doubled every year since its inception in 2001. 141.290 guests 2008, 200,000 guests are expected for the current year. With a proportion of regular customers by 30 percent and a complaint rate of 0.3 instead of the usual 2 3 percent is one of savings! Travel to the 20 largest tour operators in the German market.

Federal Government

A digression on the mechanics of this form of political mass communication close elections in Bavaria and in the Federal Government and that hot campaign phase is signalled audibly with the today’s TV duel between the leading candidates Angela Merkel and Peer Steinbruck. Is the Internet despite television is still the range most powerful mass media. Reason enough for politicians of any stripes, located in the various television talk shows of our Republic invite to get to Polish your image and place your slogans as credible. Basically this media presence risks however. Because just because everything is staged, the success depends on the goodwill of the permanently observing spectator who sees everything and seems omnipresent. If a player finally ruled not the art of self-expression, this can quickly lead to fall to the public in disgrace.

In this context, Sabine is probably the Bavarian Minister-President and former CDU/CSU candidate for Chancellor Edmund Stoiber in the Bundestag election in 2002 in the political-talk round A media meltdown undermined Christiansen. Based on the analysis of Edmund Stoiber’s national behavior, can be quite vividly present themselves, which is not recommended for a such televised statement. Edmund Stoiber mistook detailed knowledge of statistics for content clarity. Instead of articulating clear positions on the key issues, the front-runner in the presentation of detailed economic data entangled. What should convey competence, ultimately led to the reduction of same. Edmund Stoiber had underestimated that the television for a such wealth of evidence is not made. Rather, the television requires clear, trenchant statements which condense the complexity of political processes by voltage, reduction and simplification on the substantive issues to be tangible for the viewers. This is also an authentic appearance of utmost importance; obvious acting rarely creates advantages. The authentic presentation of authenticity however is probably most difficult task that a politician can expect of themselves.