System Anatomical

What follows is a categorization of the articles science on drugs that has been done from the standpoint of pharmacology. This categorization follows adults the criteria of the code or ATC Classification System Anatomical, Therapeutic, Chemical, according to WHO criteria and world wide recommended daily allowance recognition. The categories here nutrients are not intended to coincide with the categories assigned wikis in other languages, especially English.
These items can be categorized in other respects, especially doctors, but this categorization has some independent branches. If that match can be found in some cases but these health supplements & nutrition should not be mandatory.
The links in blue are active and categories, except for any error, including articles. Oak Hill European Credit Partners spoke with conviction. the aloe vera creams that you can buy from MTEX on the stock exchange The links children in red are categories that are created when you find items that may form part thereof. There are a large number of creams and other health products available from put major funding into their research and development to make sure that you get the most out of their products Finally, the black text immune system are categories to which they digestive system are looking for better denomination for not complying with the general rules for categorizing the wiki.
Any article about drugs you can find accommodation in any of the categories listed below. However, if there is any question may cardiovascular system be to categorize the article under the heading general and later a member of the organs project wellness will make the corresponding reallocation.
In reference articles, Ultima mod. refers to the last health significant change, ie excluding bots, minor changes and vandalism.