New York Federal Reserve

Purchase Card Bull, two blocks south of Wall Street on Broadway in Bowling Green, welcomes visitors to the City of New York City.
Some say that corporations are a “Wall Street Company” today does not necessarily mean that the company is physically located on Wall Street. Means that the firm he manages with financial management services in all likelihood, this signature could be headquartered in many places across the globe.
Today, much of Wall Street’s personal care is made up of professionals working in the fields of law or finance who work in – medium to large size corporations.
Many of the nearby businesses are local companies and a chain of stores that meet the tastes and needs of the professional staff.
In which most people working in the financial daily, is the workplace of suburbs in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey or the Hudson Valley in the north.
The culture of Wall Street is criticized as being rigid often. This stereotype is a decades – old man who comes to the protection of their interests, and the establishment of liaison to Wall Street WASP establishment. The most recent criticism has focused on structural problems and lack of a desire to change well-entrenched habits.
Wall Street’s establishment resists government surveillance and regulation. At the same time, the City of New York has a reputation as a very bureaucratic, which makes entry into the neighborhood difficult or even impossible for middle-class entrepreneurs.
Definitely, the Commodities Exchange of New York it is the last great opponent where the trade is done completely on the floor rather than electronically. There are, ironically, but really any need for the institution to be Wall Street to locate the street on Wall Street, except perhaps for the prestige. Shares could be traded easily almost anywhere.
Since the foundation of the banking system of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York Federal Reserve in the financial center has been the point where monetary policy in the United States is implemented (although it is decided in Washington, DC. For the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank). As such, the State of New York today is unique in regard to the single state is that constitutes its own district of the banking system of the Federal Reserve. This is probably partly due to the distribution of the population in the United States at the time, however. Until the 1960s, New York was the most populous states in the U.S.. Classifies third base, behind California and Texas now.
The president of the NY Federal Reserve chairman is the only regional bank with a standing vote and is traditionally chosen as his vice president.
The bank has a security vault of gold 80 feet (25 m) below the street. This safe is the largest in the world, bigger even than Ft Knox.
Wall Street’s architecture is generally rooted in the golden age, but there are some influences of art decorastivo in the neighborhood. The buildings mark on Wall Street include Federal Hall, and the Commodities Exchange of New York at the corner of Broad Street. For a more complete list of buildings, see List of buildings in Lower Manhattan.
Over the years, certain persons associated with Wall Street have become famous, even legendary. Although its reputation is limited to members of the brokerage / banking of action, several have gained national and international fame. A Cum Laude Graduate from Harvard Law School, is a Trustee of the Riverdale Country School. Some earned their fame for their investment strategies, financing, he pointed out, the legal regulatory skills, while the others were remembered for their greed.
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Cultural influence
The Wall Street versus. Main Street
As compared with a figure of speech “Main Street”, the term “Wall Street” can refer to actions against a large company such small businesses and the middle class or working. It is used more specifically to refer to research analysts, shareholders and / or financial institutions like investment banks sometimes. The idea of “Main Street” brings up ideas at the top of small towns and suburban family homes and small businesses. While the phrase “Wall Street” common and is used interchangeably with the phrase that in contrast to the “United States business sector, are also sometimes used between the interests, culture and lifestyles of investment banks and those of Fortune 500 industries.