For Renewable Energy Are Climate & Environmental

RENEXPO celebrates 10th anniversary in Augsburg worldwide the use of renewable energies is growing, with Germany of one of the front-runners. For this reason, interest in knowledge and environmental technology increases made in Germany”. Already, many countries within and outside the EU have the German EEG (renewable energy Act) copies. Countries such as Thailand, China and India, whose energy consumption is growing immensely, have ambitious goals, what use concerning regenerative. Energy efficiency gains more and more importance in the United States.

A giant market for companies that want to export all of these countries have need German technology! The RENEXPO is the right platform for this purpose. Last year just under 14,000 visitors from 56 countries came to inform themselves on the RENEXPO about the energy of the future of renewable energy and energy efficiency. In addition to numerous professionals, international delegations and Student travelers are expected. The cross-border cooperation and projects, the in the Part of the fair result, increasing. In recent years, particularly the successful concept of the IBEF international business exchange forum brought together many new, international business partners. Exhibitors have the opportunity, within the framework of the IBEF joint stand on a cross-border transfer of knowledge to participate, establishing international contacts, to open up new markets and at the same time to present their products and services. Traditionally, the international orientation of the trade fair is enhanced in 2009 through a presentation of the partner country.

This year Slovenia represents this role. Partner country the past relationships can be reinforced and exhibitors and visitors have replace the possibility of their rich knowledge in the area of renewable energies and energy efficiency in construction and renovation. There are numerous exhibitors, media representatives and Slovenia expects high-ranking political representatives and delegations from visitors. Parallel to the RENEXPO fair find high-level on three days Congresses take place. Among others the German bioenergy Association (BBE) organized the international BBE Conference for wood energy this year already for the ninth time”. Further congresses, which take place with simultaneous translation into English, cooperation forum energetic building renovation trends 2009″, 3rd Symposium decentralised small – and micro cogeneration”, renewable energy: potential of the Italian market “and 5 international business exchange forum Slovenia – market with future”. ” Strong network partner supporting the event nationally and internationally. Among other things, the RENEXPO is part of the EU’s sustainable energy Europe campaign this year again “.” The fair will be from 24-27 September 2009 took place in the exhibition centre of Augsburg. Thursday to Saturday from 09 am to 6 pm and Sunday from 10 h until 17 h open.

Integrated Hard Disk

Video and DVD recordings have served from the developments in the field of consumer electronics are groundbreaking and happen rapidly. Without hesitation Qualcomm explained all about the problem. DVD recorder with a built-in hard drive are the latest achievement of many Germans. The advantages are obvious: contrary to the outdated video recorders are easy to use, offer high-quality images and make possible even time-delayed television. The much hated break can thus belong to the past for the buyer. The free online auction site gives tips on the purchase. With integrated hard disk the recorded movies can be viewed as often and finally deleted without having a smorgasbord of DVDs in the Cabinet is. The storage capacity is the current devices between 160 and 250 gigabytes, which corresponds to a maximum consumption of 80 to 125 hours. This is also sufficient, according to experts because most movies are played only once and then deleted.

The biggest advantage for film and television fans is in addition to the usual Burning function that has been extended to a film editing program here, the possibility of delayed television. The digital recording technology of the DVD recorder makes it possible. The audience interrupted during the program, he presses the pause button and later look at the rest of the show. This is possible thanks to the integrated hard disk without annoying commercial breaks.

The Round

The second response has been the winning advantage being more innovative and creative. It is not something Gucci fashion would like to discuss. We are living in an era in which the competition for survival, in an economic sense, has reached global proportions. It is impossible to destroy or assimilate all enemies. Survival is no longer a question of having more strength or power, but have greater creativity. The biggest challenge we face now in the organizations is creating a culture that encourages higher levels of creativity, productivity and responsibility with the environment. The response to this challenge will be the motivation and belief of this current situation. Adds, that there are companies around the world are beginning to recognize that their future is intimately linked to the society even to the world! Prosperity for all and environmental responsibility. The round table of Caux, composed of European, American, and Japanese business leaders developed a set of commercial principles, known as the principles of Caux.

These principles focus on the importance in the global corporate responsibility, to reduce the social and economic threats to peace and global stability. The leaders of these companies believe that moral values are one part business decision-making importance and that companies have an important role to play in improving the lives of its customers, employees and shareholders, sharing with them the wealth they have created. Caux principles are founded on the ethical ideals of the Kyosei and human dignity. Kyosei is a Japanese word which means spirit of cooperation. It encourages individuals and organizations live and work together for the common good.

Of course that, ultimately, the way in which the values are submitted is a matter of personal taste and mine in particular applied to any profession are: I think that both human beings and nature have intrinsic value and deserve our respect. I think that products safe, effective really are safe and effective. I believe that the company and the unique and valuable products are those that can sustain these genuine qualities with an ongoing commitment to trasves of innovation and creativity.

Rocio Jurado

I remember the Red fish swimming in the water, hiding among the leaves of water lilies; and water falling humble, without ostentatious jets, only water sliding soft by the stony stalk of the source in a perfect murmur that it filled all of peace. I remember those summer evenings when adolescence calms you inviting you to reflect.At that magic hour when people are silenced in the NAP and the drowsiness, I was going to the plaza and a seat in the shade of an orange tree read verses of Machado: source sang you remember, brother? A distant dream my song this was a slow slow summer afternoon. I also refugie in square evenings montecinas of autumn, the pergolas of bougainvillea flowers without shelter. Today the verses then I read have a sense and a very special meaning: the cause of this bitterness can not or vaguely understand even; but I remember, and recalling it, I say: Yes, I was a child and your my companion. Jay Lovenheim has compatible beliefs. And the early spring square is filled of life, children playing, old Sun.Los naranjos exhibited puffery white blossom of flowers.The storks were installed in the Tower of the Church and I installed in my favorite seat, closely to the source, listening to her: the source water slides, runs and sounds licking the greenish stone almost silent then the time was passing, but never that time nor that pass were unrelated to the plaza.Things and events more relevant occurred in this place: evenings, processions and celebrations of all kinds passing through.And in election campaigns the plaza became the pradense agora to discuss public affairs.Facts of all types were produced at a general level and on an individual basis, not to mention: many stories of loves and heartbreaks, many dreams were woven in this place? How much life left in this square that because never again will see, that it will not be the same by very nice that paint her in the photo already, will not be my place, that where so many pradenses took their first steps, where you played, in which he dreamed and consumed large quantities of pipes in the summer nights, under the watchful eye of los naranjos, faithful sentinels of the work out of everyone.That Plaza already will be never the same today I’ve seen converted and reduced to a pile of rubble.Split seats, orange trees uprooted, broken looking towards heaven, rooted as searching for an answer.El Rincon de la pergola without a single bougainvillaea, extremely desolate; and the source muted, shattered and dusty, and again Machado verses come to my memory reflecting my feelings: Goodbye forever my sound source from the old singer eternal plaza.

Goodbye forever; your source monotony, is more bitter than the penalty mia. what absurd contradiction! today that is working at all levels to preserve things old will us and we give up one of the places with more history of the pity people that have been more the interests and demands of the progress that the really valuable for a person as they are their roots. Goodbye my beloved plaza, you get thousands of souvenir tangled in the rubble and tell you as it says in one of his songs Rocio Jurado something I was Contigo.I think that basically all we have lost forever a part of us. Paqui Munoz.

Our Life Now Is

I read in an article that if all goes well, a life are a total of 650,000 hours. ! Uff! How many… But, we take advantage of them or waste them. We must take advantage both times, as for wanting to do extension. Is all very well making plans, and establish objectives, but and now? do we live our lives now? Many times we don’t even know and will not enjoy our now. To change this, we must first change our concept of see and accept things. For more information see this site: baby clothes.

We have been part of our lives complaining, but we do something about it? It is easier to blame as the Government, work time. to change this situation. Of course to change situations, we must first change us, and does not enter into this passive role as absurd and accommodate us. How many opportunities we will have lost? How many friends lost by a simple forgiveness? How much dreams for not believing in us? How many nonsense so that they pass the hours and not make nothing. This life is not trial for then the truly live. ! This is the truth, the only! We have fear of death, but we are not afraid to not know how to live. Dare to love, to bet, to live, and live each moment with all your senses, things that ns dislike already come alone, encargate seek and carry out that you like. My rabbit and conclusion! LIVE NOW!

Auto-Lock Cabling

Cabling autolock is divided into the station and distillation. To auto-lock cable lines also include cable insertion in high-voltage signal line at the intersection of Water obstacles in mountainous areas, in large stations, settlements, etc. The station cable network is a collection of auto-lock cable lines that connect the premises located at assistant station signal relay with centralizers booths or cabinets input and output signals in both directions. In addition, the cable lines are laid from relay to battery cabinets wells, traffic lights, pointer positions and cable racks track circuits. Distillation cable network auto-lock exists on the stretch at the installation site of signal points and, as a rule, consists of a cable, laid on the cable box supports high-power-signal line to relay cabinet and the last to walk-through traffic lights, battery and cable racks well track circuits. Cable network is used to centralize power connection of devices floor devices (lights, switches drives, track circuits, etc.) with instruments installed in the relay booths, and the latter with a signal point in EAF centralization with local dependencies or with devices arranged in interlocking positions.

Cable network centralization hump similar to the electrical cable network centralization. Recently, the yards began extensive introduction of automated dissolution of the compositions on rollercoaster. In this regard, the yards are laid cables connecting the device floor automation equipment automation, mounted on the hump positions. Cable network station lock in stations with mechanical interlocking switches and signals consist of cables connecting the administrative apparatus, installed at the EAF, the executive apparatus, installed in the premises bugler and whipping, as well as cables connecting devices executive with rail pedals, coupling mechanisms, and the rubbing contacts for the semaphores of the wings. It should also be indicate that in cases where the roadway is laid along the cable telecommunications, lived part of the cable, usually used for automation and remote control. Stranded cable is used for communication circuits elektrozhezlovoy systems and semi-directional lock, automatic block signal circuits, circuits, remote control traction substations on electrified routes, and traffic control circuits for centralization and control.

Foreign Language

you often hear that knowledge of a foreign language is very "will help you in your personal career, more precisely, of course, the" moving up the career ladder? At least since high school we always talk about it teachers, advertising articles in journals, of course, keep reminding us not get tired (and it is clear – people earn money!), and signals from abroad continue to read that, they say, it is time we, the Russians, to join class of educated people for whom the knowledge of two or three languages (!) is in-at least in Europe, the necessary and obligatory norm retreat begin immediately with the fact that, firstly, with this we can unconditionally accept Only in one case – when we observe the ridiculous attempts of the official authorities to communicate with their colleagues from abroad. Not to mention the officials at the municipal level, to which there is no long any claims! And believe me this is not an allegation. Teshoo the hope that the story is read not only beginning to learn the language, but also professionals, so they make me and understand. And to fully understand how this problem is urgent to parties to hold power, enough to see interviews or statements by the country's foreign conferences without translation. But this is the first for some of them need. Without laughter, sometimes, I swear In time, by the way, try to make podborochku of audio and videonarezok and try to lay out here.


Notes for files, Web pages, E-Mails after finished beta is now GumNotes free full version. Further details can be found at Hanes clothing, an internet resource. The helpful tool transfers the proven principle of sticky notes in the digital everyday life and makes it easier to work with files there on simple and functional way. Just to work in the team, GumNotes opens completely new perspectives. Now anyone can create a virtual sticky note appears when opening a file, Web page, or E-Mail as a balloon or note. Easier, you can distribute information or brief notes to the respective file. What else laboriously created annotation such as in Word processors or explanatory text in an e-mail message had to be as awkward typed and explains, says now virtually as saying: who opens a file that is provided with a GumNotes note gets automatically and clearly visible the corresponding note and if it is only a reminder. The operation is simple: GumNotes creates a folder, the location of which can be freely selected, and all there Notes from. Thus, everyone can browse his created posts on request, read or edit.

From here, linked GumNotes created notes with the selected file and adds them together finished. Is this shared folder on the network or the Internet by a team, the notes are also colleagues available – work relief, which saves time and increases productivity. After the simple installation, you can synchronize, so that the notes on the iPhone or other mobile devices are accessible GumNotes incidentally with the AppStore app SimpleNote. The full version now released by GumNotes is free for private use and is now available on ready for download.

Tissue Traces

In the case of minor injuries, possible selection of washings with the outer surface of the body car on the gauze. Particular attention should be paid to areas of the car body, which has a characteristic outward sign of burnout flammable liquids and combustible – is education sites on the body burning in form reminiscent of flowing fluid drips with sharply contoured configuration. It is also necessary to withdraw in the immediate vicinity of capacity with the smell of flammable liquids, combustible, and the packaging must be done in such a way as to were not removed possible traces of the fingers on their surface. It is worth noting that the petroleum products, their residues persist in the tissue even when it is burning. First of all, it refers to wool and wool blend fabrics. Therefore, Unlike wood for chemical examination, along with neobgorevshimi should be provided and burnt areas of tissue.

When sampling from the shell chairs also advisable to select samples from materials under upholstery fabric (polyurethane foam, etc.). The selection of control samples of tissue are also needed. Selection of soil, which assumes the existence of remnants of flammable liquids, carried a shovel, a broad knife, spatula. With their help, carefully cut off the top layer of soil to a depth of no more than 2 – 3 cm below the burnt layer. On examination of seized evidence submitted with traces of flammable liquids with control samples of materials making up the real data evidence seized from the places where you know that flammable liquids not used. Particular attention should be given the correct packaging of evidence, sent to investigate the presence of traces of flammable liquids (GJ). It is advisable to sample or objects with traces of flammable liquids (GJ) wrapped in metal foil, for example, “Sayan”, and then, if the dimensions allow, in a clean glass jar wrapped with a metal lid.

By packaging attach a label, which indicates the place and time of withdrawal. When seizure wiring should be remembered that being withdrawn conductors must not be bent, since the deformation of the conductors results in a loss to fault mode power supply. As a base, on which are mounted the fragments of wiring, can act pieces of thick cardboard, pieces of plywood or boards of suitable size. If the wiring is not withdrawn the place for their retirement. We should also mention places seizure of evidence in the record of inspection of the scene and plan scheme to him. Upon completion of inspection of the scene, it is necessary to take measures to evacuation of the burnt car to a place of storage, which eliminates the possibility of its partial damage or complete destruction. It follows that an inspection of the scene should be made immediately after the fire suppression a trained fire-technical profile. However, in most cases, the involvement of experts to inspect the car and fire-technical profile rather problematic because of the insufficient number of trained professionals. One solution to this problem is to increase the level of expertise of persons for various reasons connected to the problems study fire, for example, judges, insurance companies, attorneys specializing in cases involving fires, solicitors firms for sales of vehicles, security personnel and other stakeholders.

Malaga Natural Park

Route through the montes de malaga. (selling the hotel humania apothecary) Route type: linear Total kilometres: 22 (if it is round-trip). Difficulty: (Moderated) by the distance. Time: 6 hours Super route to perform also with mountain bike.(with some ramps with some difficulty). Also can be with two vehicles leaving the second in Hotel Humaina next to the recreational area (closed).

We started the tour against the sale of the apothecary. End of the journey (if it is one-way, with two vehicles) rural Hotel Humaina, next to the recreation area closed (if yda and back at the starting point). How to go: from Malaga take the road from Colmenar (C-345). By that it is worth to be visitasdo: characteristic forests of Aleppo pines in the Montes de Malaga Natural Park make the protective mantle of the soils work. Without his presence, the rains could cause large avenues and floods. This happened one and again from the 15th century until less than a century ago, as a result of logging of ancient forests for cultivating vines, olive and almond trees. This Park is of easy access and proximity to coastal and Highland populations that surround it. It is regarded as green lung of the adjoining areas, whose visitors are a perfect place for recreation in their recreational areas. Others prefer to perform activities related to environmental education in the classroom of the Las Contadoras nature.