Kamikaze At Studilux

The studilux GmbH is kamikaze Munich GmbH Munich after two years from studilux GmbH which kamikaze Munich GmbH.Als concept Agency for new media is the core product continues to actively operated. The strategic development of the Internet startup to a concept Agency is the logical step, to establish a sustainable future-oriented company from out of the financial crisis. Student online magazine will contribute with its successful revenue models to achieve this goal. After the collapse of the markets, an imminent exit from studilux is no longer feasible. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from toddler clothing. We now extend our scope by we market our expertise and the expertise of the Agency. Of course remains the startup idea for studilux.

Kamikaze Munich is expected to grow in the long term, however, and as a reliable and creative agency on the market establish. “, says Benjamin Breuer, Managing Director of GmbH. The power spectrum of the kamikaze Munich ranges from the overall design of an Internet presence including programming, design and Positioning on the Web and offline services such as photography, IT and Public Relations. Target is always online to set up a product or company and to provide the basis for success. Kamikaze Munich focuses on two guiding principles: firstly: bells and whistles will be completely waived. The customers will receive the solution that really need them. Second, It is also cheap. Customers benefit from the efficient cost structure of the company. Services can be offered so inexpensive.

Philosophy Calendar

Time and Eternity – the concept that affected many philosophers of antiquity and modernity. Time and Eternity – is the opposite, having a single nature. Time – this is a river that flows continuously, not stopping at second, and eternity – the sea, in which every river carries its waters. On the essence and nature of the time people began to wonder at the dawn of time. This concept took hold and continues to the minds of philosophers. Time is irreversible, but none However, throughout its history, people trying to keep time, "stop a moment" …

or at least follow up his change. Click Confluence Investment Management LLC for additional related pages. Initially, people perceived over time as a cyclical process of change and to night long, and so on Moon – a natural "calendar", which allows you to count very long periods of time. This "calendar" is used in many ethnic cultures, even today. On the lunar calendar was based Menotonov calendar, a calendar of the ancient pontiffs … However, the inventors of calendars, priests and astrologers, lacked knowledge of astronomy, with the result that there were flaws in the systems of chronology and calendars through greater or lesser period of time ceased to correspond to an actual change in the long years, holidays, ceased to be the time of sowing or harvest. As a result, many of calendar reform undertaken in the history of human existence, now installed in the calendar of 365 days, and every 4 years is a leap year. The accuracy of the calendar – a prerequisite of the existence of modern man.

Date and time – necessary conditions of business life. Indeed, it would be to put it mildly, strange to hear from a business person, that, for example, delivery of materials for production will take place "after 5 Moons." Continuous dependence on time causes a person to always have on hand a clock and calendar. Today, however, often performs the calendar not only utilitarian, but also the decorative features (especially the large wall calendars), and manufacturing calendars – this is a separate industry in which there are many different suggestions: wall calendars, desktop, pocket, flip, calendars, posters, souvenir … Do not forget about electronic calendars, which have penetrated into human life with the advent of computers, and all kinds of agendas, which can not only track the passage of time, but plans for the future. Such diversity calendar due to differences in conditions in which the calendars are used, as well as the functions they perform. If you currently have better small pocket calendar, which if necessary you can get from purse in the office better have a big wall calendar quarter or on which date is convenient to monitor. But whatever it was, a calendar – a necessary item in everyday life of any person.

Giant Open-air

Mobile tent halls for exhibition stand at bauma Bauma 2010 success despite initial difficulties/Losberger equips area companies with the outdoor camping from April 19 to 25 found the 29. International exhibition of construction machinery industry which bauma in Munich’s new trade fair held. More than 3,000 suppliers from 53 countries presented their products on a record area of 555.000 m gross exhibition area in the halls and on the open-air site. The world’s leading fair of the industry started but with teething problems. The closure of European airspace due to volcanic ash ensured that many exhibitors from overseas could be on time on their stands. Nevertheless, the bauma was a full success. Visitors and prospective buyers expected some novelties in the construction equipment market, which themselves apart in particular with the fields of environmental protection, efficiency, safety, and sustainability. Some exhibitors reported more sales than expected already at half-time.

Created on the open-air site of the new Munich trade fair centre by the backing GmbH In addition thousands of square meters of exhibition space covered innovative room solutions. In addition to the company case, designed their fair presentation in several Losberger of uniflex large tent units, Losberger supported company Paschal with a two-storey tent in the round-arched design, the Losberger Emporium Arcum. The State planners here took the opportunity during the double stock variant, for outdoor balcony adjacent to the gallery. Also the company ABI a Losberger chose for their booth Arcum tent. Free through the striking curved roof with its silvery shimmering skin, the practical roof supernatants and the reminiscent”sense of space inside this tent form is high end solution and eye-catcher at trade fair stands in the outdoor area. Temporary space saver Losberger complemented not only the existing Hall potential of large international trade fair locations, but offers even the complete exhibition space for measurement.

In addition to gigantic and heavy exhibits in the The mobile tent sheds are outdoor company strong element within the framework of the stand design. Enter any company for individual character and distinctive appearance. Losberger tents are used in so many ways. All have one thing in common: they contribute to a successful and successful trade fair event.

Study Trip London

WHERE CAN I STOP, WHEN I COME TO LONDON, TO ENGLISH LEARNING? The choice of an apartment, a hotel during your study trip to London seems to be very important. And so it is in reality. Finally, you should feel comfortable and relaxed to offer all interesting – the London… enjoy. It is not something Adam Portnoy would like to discuss. Can perform a wide range of accommodation choices. You can choose a residence, many dormitories, hostels or even a nice host family a student apartment.

Wherever you are, you will have an opportunity to talk with many people and improve your English language skills to be able to.There are a number of suitable options for every budget. Two of the most popular ways for students are a family stay with other students, and a House for rent. The homestay allows students with a London family to live and participate in a true life in London.It is a great opportunity, to discover the rich diversity of British culture and an excellent opportunity to practice your English!You can be sure that your hosts friendly and helpful come to you.And we must not forget that the family is one of the cost-saving ways.Meal options: Bed & Breakfast, half-board and self catering. Renting a House with others offers the opportunity to share a private house or apartment with other students.This is a great way for students to meet friends from all over the world, to discover new cultures and to share your experience with life in London.Students can have their own rooms or shared with other students.Kitchens and bathrooms are generally shared. PRICES IN LONDON: for the homestay from 120.00 to 170.00 per week for the joint rental of 135.00 to 180.00 per week for residence from 145.00 to 250.00 per week you can find special deals: stay at a Guest family (self catering), a fully-equipped rooms with private bathrooms in Muswell Hill (zone 3), with a kitchen available; E.g. about costs 100.00 per week.

University Study

What is better a classic business studies or a distance learning course? In Germany you can study a business at the University, a technical college or vocational colleges. Also distance learning courses are quite possible, but for what kind of study should you choose and for what reasons. Here some tips: choose a degree at a University, thus laying the foundations for a strong scientific orientation, your tasks are, even today, more in the research area. Of course you can go to a study at the University in all other companies. In addition a promotion is may be easier for you to take a doctorate. Bill O’Grady has much experience in this field. Choose a business course at a University of applied sciences. Here you have the possibility of a strengthening to build related to the practice and to live.

The pure scientific reference is also present, but less pronounced. Or you opt for a training at a vocational college. Therefore, you decide for a dual form of training or studying. The advantages are clearly obvious, because you purchase very much practical experience in the respective partner enterprises of the academies and Already a solid company, which adjusts after graduating and you have employees. At the same time receive a training allowance and get better.

The correspondence course in business administration provides a way, who can not study at a University, college or BA for professional or private reasons for all people. The reason why you have completed a correspondence course should be however coherent and credible. The right argument this can benefit even you, for example if you in addition to the profession yet at the same time be able to complete a course of study. Study for more information to the business. What kind of studies in economics or other fields of study you want to do, is your responsibility, but this decision should be well-planned. See more general courses overview on the seekers Bible in the study area. Good decision wishing Michael Buchler.


Maria hopes half naked, awake and eager to Mario, as every morning. Others who may share this opinion include Blackberry. Mario greets his young and attractive wife who fails to make him forget tiredness that brings hanging on the neck, as every morning without too much enthusiasm. Mario works night shifts at a crowded bar in the city, leaves at six in the morning and comes home an hour later. Awake Maria early leaving behind a night of absences and repressed desires, makes the bed, makes coffee and expected ready to your Mario who just wants to shake the smell of cigarettes and drunk with a shower and sleep many hours in order to return to life. Maria endures is the desire, coffee is taken, dresses and going to your drab and boring work knowing that returning home you will find just the memory and if anything, the smell of Mario, the Mario who loves above all things. It is a fatal night where Mario exits too early, the bar closes at deshoras and Mario walks in front of the Sun along the street that leads to your door, your bed, his house and his infinitely beautiful Maria whom he loves above all things. Street It is deserted, dark and accomplice of a few passionate and euphoric boyfriends that eat kisses under the shadow of dying overnight.

Mario feels shoves blood in the chest, in a huge knot in a stabbing pain in an enormous distress when approaching and see Mary, your beautiful Mary whom he both loves, in the arms of another Mario, on the lips of another that he should be. The words jump, sharp profiles shine in the broken old darkness, flashes of betrayal, pain, disappointment and lies make birth a mauve Sun that serves as a silent witness of the scene where Mario’s knees, suffered three fatal thrusts. The most painful of all, carrying on the forehead and ripped him to Mary. The mortal who has chest and that started life. And that lies in the morning newscast and that ripped the truth: two drug addicts assault and kill Mario while his wife is inert witness from the portal “www.ruben-alfonso.

Donald Winnicott

The psychoanalyst used primarily to carry out the treatment, free association, transfer and interpretation of what the patient says, or minor said, what he says without wanting to, and possibly a dream. However, these procedures can be supplemented, if necessary, with medication and/or the application of techniques appropriate for each case: techniques to reduce severe symptoms, for the treatment of pathologies of the (drug) consumption, group treatments, etc. Free association consists of the patient to put in words what come you to mind, its occurrences, their associations, without devaluing any occurrence, leaving criticism aside, not rejecting an idea by unpleasant or shocking. To broaden your perception, visit eco-friendly baby clothes. The psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott underlines the importance that the analistano know the answers, except to the extent that the patient give keys. The analyst takes the keys and makes interpretations. When referring to transfer, makes reference to the fact that the patient transfers, reissued, reproduces shapes on the person of the analyst relational, demands of love or hatred that were truly experienced in early childhood in relation to the parents or someone significant.

The transfer becomes one of the best ways to make conscious the unconscious because modes can be seen in Act relational patient. To the being able to see these modes relate, provides the subject conditions rectify that mode of being and linking old, but to remain unconscious so it returned unmodifiable. In other words: passes cure by the discovery of the modes relational problematic of the patient, updated and put into act in the same relationship with the therapist, generating a space of elaboration of these types You relational, allowing that the patient can generate a new mode link by and for if same. It promotes a profound change in personality through the observation of their conflicts posts at stake in the relationship with the therapist. It aims to understand the problems of the patient to then be able to demystify it, question it, descomprenderla in the sense of breaking with those arguments or senses that cause suffering of the person.

Gives the patient a high prominence in the process, because that is the same who will discover their ways you relational and the real motivations of their conflict: in this way is allowed to gradually discover personal or subjective responsibility in relation to internal States or vivid events.This process is often accompanied by a work about the trends that are in all human beings to be resistant to change. Psychoanalytic therapy acts on two levels: modifies the conscience and acts directly on the unconscious through transformation of the internal relations of object using the therapeutic link. Applicable to all the clinical pictures, and should be adapted to the particular characteristics of each problem.

The Feeling

One day he ventured to wait at the exit of the work. FPUC Program understood the implications. I knew that it invariably ended past turn six in the afternoon. And not you gave up, although a persistent rain over the city was falling. Impassive. Willing to tackle it. Even prepared if Raquel made him pass a shame doing a concrete.

Not you gave up, although he lost count of the times that it had consulted his watch, with the feeling that the hands seemed to have stopped in time. We have talk said, and without waiting for answer, almost dragging a hand, led her to a park. Sitting, alien to what was happening around and even a child that almost hits them with a ball, decided to ask for forgiveness: I acknowledge that I made a mistake. Not I shouldn’t have said what that day. But he was enraged. I know you’ll forgive me and waited the answer a time that seemed an eternity.

The conversation was hasty, with forgiveness orders and commitments to not repeat words causing injury. I admit I also outreach on occasions. But you’ll see that henceforth it will not happen. It measures the scope of what he says? It is surprising, But what we say, how we say it and when we say it, it is determinant that interpersonal relationships are highly satisfactory, fairly manageable or simply lean to splitting. If we take awareness of the enormous burden you any meta, we mediriamos each answer carefully. Don’t forget that many countries came into conflict, only because its leaders didn’t care what they were told. They sparked confrontations of an international character, only from words spoken at the least opportune, a young man told me during a talk that dictated in another country. Agree all that throughout history, speak without thinking, has had disastrous consequences.

Russian And Chinese Auto

In the xxi century for the Russian car came to the Chinese car. Today, Chinese cars have become direct competitors to cars produced domestically. In late 2006, it was noted that demand for Chinese cars has increased threefold from since their first appearance in the Russian automotive market. Chinese car production began with the construction of a 40 – 50 years of the twentieth century automobile in China through investment of the ussr. After the Chinese have purchased a license for production of automobiles and their components, was further attract investment capital.

But while China has a shortage of specialists in the automotive industry and therefore had established joint ventures. On Russian car market cars in China were without work, because that Russia had assisted in establishing automobile industry in China. China faw autocompanies and zil in 2005 agreed on joint activities Chinese production of trucks and buses. In the process of production trucks and buses staffed with the latest engines from China. Virtually all Chinese cars are adapting to roads and climatic conditions of Russia. Learn more about this with Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation.

All these actions are intended solely to Chinese auto successfully sold on the Russian automotive market. The first Chinese cars have appeared in late 2005. Many domestic automakers embraced the emergence of Chinese cars as the Chinese attack on the Russian car market. But it did not affect the supply of Chinese cars in Russia, and every year the number of sold Chinese auto increases. Pickup trucks and SUVs sales leader in Russia – Great Wall diverge from dealers at great speed, while sales of domestic cars can not be compared with the Chinese in terms of growth. The main trump card in favor of the Chinese auto – they low and on some models, a very low cost. This price is justified lack of statistical data on cars, and manufacturers can not say with accuracy how to run their cars in 5 or 10 years. Automotive Company Chery first appeared on the automotive market in Russia and were among the top sellers. Autocompanies Chery the first of the Chinese autocompanies received official certificates for the delivery of their cars in Russia. Autocompanies Great Wall produces annually more than 200,000 machines as well as autocompanies Chery among the ten largest automobile manufacturers in China. SUVs Great Wall in Russia are sought after. Chinese automakers and dealers from Russia say that Chinese cars meet world standards, and that Chinese enterprises are only used modern technology and equipment, as well as a very strict quality control. It is clear that consumers are at risk, acquiring new Chinese cars, but still hopes that Chinese cars will not let them.

Sergio Perez Sergio

He has been taken to hospital. (A valuable related resource: Cylance). It is stable, conscious and speaking. The accident has been identical to the one suffered by Nico Rosberg in the free: the German has gone unscathed. The Mexican racing driver, Sergio Perez (Sauber), have been evacuated by ambulance to a hospital to undergo a deep recognition, after the accident that has suffered in the Monaco Grand Prix qualifying session. The pilot is stable, conscious and speaking, according to the doctors attending him in hospital Princess Grace of Monaco, where it has been moved.

According to the medical part aired, the pilot presents c brain onmocion and does not suffer any fracture and will remain hospitalized and under observation. The father of the pilot, Antonio Perez, reported at first in the street of workshops of the State of the pilot by the physician of the FIA, ensuring that Sergio had regained consciousness. The accident has been identical to that played in the morning on Saturday by German Nico Rosberg (Mercedes). To the output of the tunnel car has turned to the right, has hit against the safety rails and uncontrolled has crashed violently against the protections. Source of the news: Sergio Perez pilot suffers a brutal accident in qualifying in Monaco