Museo-Hospital De Santa Cruz

The new exhibit by can tell you much more about these topics Hospital Puerto Plasterer. El Museo-Hospital de Santa Cruz is an important building s. XVI of the city of Toledo (Spain). It was originally a hospital. print art Its transformation into a museum was carried modern art out in the s. XIX.
The hospital was founded by Cardinal Mendoza to centralize assistance to children orphaned and abandoned the city. It has a remarkable home Plasterer, by Alonso de Covariance. The building has a Greek cross floor and four courtyards, two of which were full. The first is of Covariance and provides access to upper floor via a staircase of three installments.
The museum consists of two hospital calligraphy floors. The cruise covers two floors museum art and covered with ribbed vaults. In the north arm was the chapel. The museum has sections of Archeology, Fine Arts and Decorative Arts. Art funds are distributed contemporary art in the first and second floor of the building, and those wall art of archeology at roman ancient the Faculty and Noble in a subterranean floor. Decorative Arts shows are a popular craft Geneva Toledo, who is also in the art prints basement floor. The arched wall New York of the basement is the Nanci.