In order to know the right enterprise the right is due to know codified because the constitution is due to know poltica, cdigo penal, cdigo procedural civilian, the penal procedural cdigos, cdigo of commerce, among others cdigos. 4. STRAIGHT NOT CODIFIED to know the right enterprise it must know the right noncodified because one is due to know the elements or sources or parts the right that are not reunited or grouped in cdigos, like for example the jurisprudence enterprise, executory enterprise, general principles of the right, especficos principles applicable to the enterprise right, enterprise social reality, manifestation of will of the enterprise right, it indoctrinates enterprise, and enterprise norms which they are not cdigos like for example the general law of societies, the law of the stock market, the law of ttulos values, the general law of the competing system, the regulation of the registry of societies, the law of the individual company of responsibility limited, the norms of indecopi, the general law of customs, among others norms noncodified, nevertheless, these are not all the parts of the right noncodified. 5. STRAIGHT I PUBLISH the right is divided in three great branches of private and social the right that are straight pblico, thus next we will study first, which servir to have knowledge of the well-known doctrine but in our means. In order to know the right enterprise the right is due to know pblico because it is due to know straight penal the company, enterprise tributary right, right customs officer of the company, constitutional right of the company, enterprise procedural right, right enterprise, right office staff enterprise, right registry notarial enterprise, among others branches that are own of this of the right as it is by the way the pblico right. 6. STRAIGHT PREVAILED to know the right enterprise the right is due to know private because mercantile straight enterprise and right civilian is due to know the company, like the branches or sub branches of these branches of enterprise, right the right, between which we can mention the club right, right exchange enterprise, right stock-exchange, right competing of telecommunications of the company, right of communications of the company, marcario, right of patents, industrial right, among others own branches of the private right.

Saint Maria

The chemical companies of the drink branches, insumos, nourishing products and the agroindstria also possess fort participation. The city is known together with its region for the production of grass-kills, product-base of the chimarro. Between the manufacturing industries and of transformation if detaches the Saint Maria, Iberkraft, Pinhopast, Prideli, Ripinho, Polijuta, Chocalates Pietrobon, Cooling Neon, Agrogen, Dalba, Grass Kills 81, Guara and many others. In 2009 the Saint Maria and the Agrarian one had been classified between the biggest companies of Brazil, according to Better Yearbook of the Magazine Examination, Greaters and. Company: Sales: Total of the Asset: Employees: Agrarian cooperative AgoindustrialUS$ 671.800.00 (270) UR$ 567.134.000 (250) 968 Employees (578) Saint Maria Papel and CeluloseUS$ 126.100.000 (1.044) US$ 197.193.000 (512) 805 Employees (522) With all this economic force, the potential of the region is strong and continues, in accordance with these data can itself be extracted a positive concept for the economic one, but in it practises is not this well that happens due the centralization of the incomes. On account of the hand of estagnada workmanship, the rich ones if become each time richer, and the workers remain in its places without great expectations. 3.4POLITICAS ECONOMIC the envolvement politician economic it supplies to resources the interested population, and people, where the access the qualification of the workmanship hand is gratuitous (in very small amount) and the health that is a right of the population. Before the economy, the guarapuavana politics leaves to intervene ace directly companies and interested parties, in the same time where not apia, leaving also scarce the chances of enterprise incubation before the state, which is of right declared in the Great Letter.

The good administration of the mount of money publishes induces great development in a so fertile region as of Guarapuava, unhappyly the general situation of this if estagnada due to the evil use of the money finds publishes, in parallel me the will to emerge. 4CONCLUSO With the study of the theory and consideraes on Economic Scenes, is possible to understand with clarity the environment where if it lives, with responsible factors for the situation of certain communities. Before the understanding of the economic functioning, studies generate information, and these lead to the serrlement of accounts that certain regions need, to follow the capitalist world. The individual in itself having notion of the mechanisms of the economy for the information, will have intellectual advantage that it will allow to its inclusion the qualification of workmanship hand, and even though the chance to develop its proper one I negotiate, thus generating evolutiva economic competition in a concept production, industry and advertising..


A point of coincidence between both interviewed people is that they are identified as well like profesionistas that act like the bond between the organizations or clients and the legislators, building like political operators. In addition, both they assume that this type of consultancy could be transformed like " relations polticas" , that takes to give a certain positioning to the businesses, that can be seen reflected in one better political position on the part of its clients and of the proposals that they must do before the legislators. Particularly, ex- Almaraz senator considers that it is difficult, but nonimpossible, to enter into a dialogue with the legislative power, since the Congress does not have a perdurabilidad, because we cannot give thematic certain pursuit him to by means of a single deputy or senator; the important thing is to make work of entailment with each one of the legislatures. " The policy, like the politicians, has movements; some legislators are going away to their states to choose themselves by a position, the variation in the congress is much, the wearing down is mucho" , he comments. The proposals the carried out proposals as much by the enterprise and industrial sector, as well as by the legislators, must invariably favor the society. For that reason the consultants in policy must be to as much not only of to occur political, but, besides social and the economic one of our country and other nations. So it can be the impact that takes implicit a proposal conformed by a consultant, who the legislators identify, like the clients, the importance of the political consultancy. " What matters is what you bring, what you are going to me to propose and how him hacemos" , Almaraz comments as much, because for the clients as for the legislators they are very precise and opportune the studies that are realised to know the impact the reforms or the modifications of the impelled laws.

The Internet

You can choose to create his own program of affiliates or to register yourself in several settled down programs of affiliation. The difference between both is that you will commercialize his own products and services on the contrary to help somebody to sell his products and to obtain commissions. The time, money and, possibly, necessary manpower in the development of his own product it goes even though much in the beginning of his business from house. Also it considers the competition that exists anywhere in the world. The programs of affiliates are not the unique way to make money in a business from house. You can use his professional abilities and the work like independent contractor and the independent work. The Internet also offers a market of very active work, so if you are a specialist in some field, is probable that it is not too difficult to find a job to him.

The jobs full-time through Internet are little frequent. Many sites of Internet act like intermediaries to each other to obtain to the contractors and independent suppliers on watch to low but attractive prices. If it feels that it is difficult to begin its own business, to use its professional abilities can at first be one better option for you. The creation of a business from house will require of intelligence, I devise and hard work. If you are the type of person who occurs by won easily, she is not bothered in creating his own business, you you will be squandering his time. But you have enterprise instincts and is a person whom it likes to rise to the challenge, somebody sufficiently brave like becoming position of his own life, then intntelo at all costs which they are necessary, Never knows what can obtain it tries unless it. Good luck!

Dilma President

We are also waiting the new lines of direction of the Dilma President who will go to assume in January. The Mysterious Young Asked: Senator Sarney Mr. already this in the politics has many years also already was President of the Republic, he made what you for the people? It answered: well! Many things. It is not reply. After that the Sarney called the Marcelo Crivela and it presented. The Mysterious Young also knew Crivela. The Mysterious Young said: Crivela senator Mr.

I eat a religious man have the obligation to make some thing for the people. It said: already I made north-eastern, a social workmanship. The Young said: It stopped but you did not make more nothing. It made the same one asks to all the 81 Senadores.A reply was the same one ah! The Mysterious Young said: Also it is written: You will not try you your God (Dt6,16). The demon carried it a time more, to a very high mount, and he showed to all the kingdoms of the world and its glory to it and said to it: I will give to you to everything this if, prostrando you ahead of me to adore, me. Jesus answered to it: He stops backwards, the Satan, therefore he is written: You will adore you your God and alone it will serve (Dt 6,13). The Mysterious Young congregated all the other Senators and said: Gentlemen Senators the vocs responsibility is very great, remembers you that vocs they are here in this Legislative house, solely for the will of the people who voted in you. It is just not to make nothing for this people, who lives passing necessities, many liveing in barracos, palafitas? This, because never one habitacional politics was implanted in these parents, sees the case of Rio De Janeiro the majority of the population deferred payment in slum quarter, good people, honest right and has many religious ones.

Presidential Palace

It would now want to tell to finish an anecdote them that although it is truth that is related more to the environs of the building that with the same Palace, directly talks about the space that today occupies the Mausoleum to the Granma yacht that it complements to the Museum of the Revolution. The anecdote speaks to the clear ones on the doubtful reputation that had between the population the immense majority of the periodic renters of the Palace, that is to say the presidents of Cuba. In that enormous land space that is located next to the South entrance of the building, it was inaugurated in 1925 a most beautiful park with pools and gardens that took the name of the president of the republic in that then, Alfredo Zayas. President Zayas in center revealed of the park his own statue the 20 of May of that year, day in which gave the Presidency to Gerald Machado. One says that it was not a statue of the agent chief executive. Zayas wanted to leave inaugurated it at all costs before its exit of the Presidency and ordered that statue that already was done previously with another aim and that it had certain similar with the agent chief executive. In her, the personage appeared standing up. He had a hand put in the pocket of the jacket and with the other, he indicated the Presidential Palace. People said that Zayas with that gesture said: – The one that I have here (in the pocket) me I robbed it of there. Original author and source of the article.

Editorial Contacts

in addition we expect a clarification about that not necessarily corresponding media, such as CD-ROM and DVD, are required, but also the software technology in combination with organizational measures can ensure the immutability and traceability. Here we rely on the AO, the GoBS, the commercial code and the FAIT 3, requiring no specific storage technologies.” At all modern archive stores, the immutability at the disk level, but in one of the other technology components (Controller software, firmware, interface software to external applications) will be available. Focusing only on the storage medium is insufficient therefore. Must ensure the immutability and traceability, one is guaranteed through a mix of technical components, permission settings and organizational scheme. Import or processing processes, such as for example print output, import directories and automated Bill reading or text recognition, can be done this for example by an authorization system of the server operating system, work instructions for the serving administration and logging. Current market situation: many companies handle GoBS compliant data storage for many years.

The creation of CD or DVD is a good and proper solution for small business owners. In data centers and enterprises come increasingly storage area network, network attached storage – and HSM (hierarchical storage management) concepts to use. Individual providers of electronic archive systems offer the new fixed content storage “storage technologies on the basis of magnetic disks or bands, which is another unique, immutable storage of data and documents safely.” The VOI competence center law and taxes”(CCSR) deals with all tax and legal issues in the environment electronic archiving, document management and enterprise content management and considered Association internal focal point for all DMS-related legal issues. The VOI – linked organisations – und Informationssysteme E.v.. The VOI Association organisational and information systems e. V.

with headquarters in Bonn represents the vast majority of providers for ECM Enterprise content – and DMS document management systems in Germany. With the positioning as independent organization of future – and fast-growing industry, the VOI illustrates the growing economic importance of its member companies and their technological competence. Editorial Contacts: VOI – linked organisations – und Informationssysteme e.V. Henner von the Banck healing b str. 25 D-53123 Bonn phone: + 49 228 90820-89 fax: + 49 228 90820-91 E-Mail: good news! GmbH Marketing & PR consulting Sven Korber of Koobrzeg str. 36 D-23617 Stockelsdorf phone: + 49 451 88199-11 fax: + 49 451 88199-29 E-Mail:

Managing Director Christoph

In the days of training”on Europe’s largest youth fair YOU Stephan Schwarz, President of the Berlin Chamber of skilled crafts, and Chamber of Commerce – education Managing Director Christoph von Knobelsdorff gave the hearing-acoustics company a certificate. Total honored 30 Berlin companies in industry, crafts and commerce. Companies that are involved in the in-company training, have the nose front with regard to the professional backup”as Christoph von Knobelsdorff at the award ceremony. Ideally, the company educate their own offspring. “” “The competition of Berlin’s best training company” acknowledges the commitment of excellent enterprises at the vocational training “For us this award is a nice recognition and at the same time confirmation of our continuous work of the young”, so once again, Percy Schoeneck. This work is an important Basis for lasting quality and competent service, they ensure long-term commercial success.

In addition, we feel as a medium-sized, regional provider of social responsibility. The vocational training of young Berlin and Brandenburg is necessarily with.” Editorial Note: the HorPartner GmbH with its headquarters in Berlin-Lichtenberg has a total of 30 branches in Berlin and Brandenburg. In the branches of the company, customers will find expert advice and modern service around good listening. The activities of HorPartner include hearing aid fittings with State of the art measurement technology, the supply of hearing and other audiological products of all leading manufacturers, supplying hearing instruments for children, as well as advice on tinnitus and noise sensitivity. Goal of the company and its qualified employees is crucial to improve the quality of life impaired persons.

Australians Refrigerators

In the age contemporary, it can be said that the primitive domestic refrigerators had appeared for the first time in the United States, in 1850. They nothing more were of what a lined wooden slate closet on the inside. In the winter, the ice blocks were cut of the rivers and frozen and stored lakes in these refrigerators. However, it was only in 1910 that refrigerators had started to take the form we know as them currently. At this time, the electricity started to play a basic role in the beginning of the conservation of the temperature in the interior of the refrigerator, as well as freon, a not toxic composition and fire resistant gift today in refrigerator and devices of conditional air.

Some, however, prefer the version of that the first refrigerator had its invention caused for the beer. Tired to take the hot product or in the maximum in ambient temperature, Australians, in 1856, had also contracted the Australian James Herrison to elaborate a system that cooled and kept the temperature of the product low, using the beginning of the vapor compression. But this version is not supported, when it takes yourself in account that the inventors would be Australian and not Brazilian, who are the consuming greaters of beer of the world, and with certainty they inventory any thing pra to keep the product in the ideal temperature, that is, pra to keep ' ' Blond Gelada' '! But this is not the case, Australians, Americans, English, Japanese, that is, who has invented the refrigerator, this there was of far the idea most shining of the millenium. The refrigerator fascinated the world and changed the routine in millions of modern homes. In 1927, ' ' General Eletric' ' , he launched a model that only vendeu of tacada, more than a million of refrigerators, becoming popular the product.

The Presentation

He must before have a good dialogue with the candidate and after act of contract, without forgetting that the team also has of being informed. It is important that it has a colloquy with the new employee, as much of the leader how much of the RH, to speak on the expectation of the institution, which activities it will go to develop and what he must learn and apply in the organization, remembering that they are these first moments that will provide to greater or minor motivation of the employee. After the chat, is hour to leave for another important phase of the integration: the presentation of the new collaborator for the team. In great institutions, this happens by means of official notices saw email, mural, institucional bulletin, etc. In the small averages and, normally this moment occurs through personal presentation, in which the new employee visits all the sectors and is presented to the group, mainly to that they have some relation with its work. Prepared professionals to recepcionar and to instruct new collaborators, supported for integration programs, are highly motivadores and demonstrate that the company has clear organization, structure and politics, that denote transparency and interest in the new collaborator as effective member of the team. The lack of an adequate integration can generate desmotivao, absence of support and, consequentemente, high rotation. To place the employee who finished to arrive to execute an activity that already he knows to make at least without knowing the environment is, at least, a lack of respect and consideration.

A great allied is the communication. It always must exist of clear and objective form. Moreover, the new necessary collaborator of one or more days of integration to the culture, values and mission of the organization stop later assuming its activities. Everybody likes well-to be received, a reminder of welcome always is good.