Public Relations Agency

“Corporate communications for Econ award in the category Public Relations nominated decided the jury members of the ECON Publishing House and the Handelsblatt sustainability campaign and the shortlist of the ECON Awards corporate communications 2011 is clear: ad publica is the sustainability campaign developed for the clients of Knorr good taste is our nature” in one of over 270 entries. The ECON award corporate communications is an initiative of the Berlin Econ publishing house in co-operation with the trade journal. In public relations for Knorr, the Hamburger PR agency of the classical press work via social media and Word-of-mouth measures put to internal communication on a clear strategy and wide channels. With the answer to the question of whether ad publica also will be on the podium, the Agency for public relations and publicity must wait however until mid-November. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from David Fowler. Since then, the trophies are awarded. “But in any case is a report about the campaign’s good taste is our nature” in the Yearbook the corporate communication published.

The book is available in bookshops November, 2011. As an owner-managed Public Relations Agency in Hamburg and Cologne advises ad publica in the fields of strategy, positioning, as well as corporate and brand communications. We develop performance-oriented public-relations activities, consistently creative strategy, sophisticated public relations and social media relations and corporate communications for external and internal audiences and crisis PR to successful public relations network. The PR Agency’s strength lies in attention-grabbing brand PR and corporate communications. Ad publica is the PR report Award winner and offers performance-based remuneration.

Advertising Agency Berlin

The advertising agency of Berlin invests in latest 3D film technology the image film Department of the advertising agency Berlin expanded the equipment stock 3D camcorder including latest 3D editing software and offers corporate films, commercials and product videos now also in HD 3D. The Agency produces corporate videos, product videos and commercials since its founding in the year 1999. The film production was spun off in 2002 and now acts as an independent sister. Since 2003, the image film production of Berlin advertising agency on the current full HD standard aligns itself. Through the presentation of innovative 3D film technology at Photokina in Cologne, the advertising agency Berlin the extension of your 3D camera Park planned for 2011 was able to realize technology already this year.

“We are focus image film, at the start of over 10 years of experience with professional film productions, and focus has always been on the cutting edge of technology. We have introduced ready full HD and fully digital film production at a time when as many competitor still on S-VHS have shot and edited. The expansion of our offer on the area of 3D image film and 3D we plan commercial since 2009 and which now looking forward very by the innovation with the Panasonic and FujiFilm cameras on the market our film production come already fully in 3D to be able to offer.” Volker Berlin, founder of the advertising agency Berlin. The film and television market tends at the latest since the introduction of the first consumer 3D flat screen at the IFA 2008 strongly towards 3D. The image film Department of the advertising agency Berlin already picks up this trend and offers professional film production – image film, product video and film – now in professional HD 3D quality to.

More information: Imagefilm.html 3D-Imagefilm-Werbefilm-37.html description of the company that produces Department of advertising agency Berlin Imagefilm since 1999 professional image film and commercials and delivers professional product videos of whatsoever to reasonable prices. In addition to high creative conception, the film production of the advertising agency Berlin has latest technology and his own post production studio in Berlin. Just image films can be produced so quickly, professionally and at a competitive rate.

Environment Agency

Frank-Michael Preuss of the ‘Editorial Office for image & text’ in Hannover has certified as carbon neutral can be Frank-Michael Preuss of the Editorial Office for picture & text”in Hannover has certified as carbon neutral and shows that even small businesses can connect ecology and economy in early 2011 the Editorial Office for picture & text from Hanover implements its activities on an ecological basis. Owner Frank-Michael Preuss has been confirmed with the certification of DE-065-731121 natureOffice as a carbon-neutral company by the Environment Agency. The CO2 emissions of 1,688 tonnes, which were calculated in the certification process are compensated via a certified climate protection project. The project area lies in the Marmara Sea level in Turkey, here on a high ridge about 350 m above sea level, near the villages of Elbasan and catalca near budget, 20 wind turbines with a nominal output of 3 MW each built to feed renewable energy into the grid. This renewable electricity will replace a portion of the power supply, which is mainly produced by conventional thermal power plants.

This saves greenhouse gas emissions. Climate change, the reduction of CO2 emissions and the associated energy savings and energy efficiency are ecological point of view a need for it also from an economic perspective are increasingly gaining importance. Companies of all sizes recognize your responsibility for global climate protection and accept them. Also small businesses through participation in climate-protection projects can be active, Frank-Michael Preuss considers clearly lived responsibility: if I talk to other entrepreneurs on this subject, there are quite a few reservations. Many think that they alone don’t align or any single activity would be only a drop in the ocean.

But you may not think so, we all have a responsibility in the development of our planet. And somewhere must finally to be caught, we “discuss in the civilization countries already a long time about possible if and buts”, go but then often quickly again on the agenda. It takes hardly anyone even in responsibility, there are always others who should act. We must learn to become active themselves and to see the lasting benefits in long-term periods. Just so we have a chance.” Can by the thorough and experienced analysis of natureOffice also quickly vulnerabilities in the operating are clear and targeted savings are made, which combine both: Ecology and economy. Then pays the transition to climate neutrality even for business reasons. And every entrepreneur that likes listening to. More information about natureOffice can be found under: published by: Editorial Office for image + text Public Relations and public affairs Frank-Michael Preuss photographer & journalist Mendelssohn 7 30173 Hannover FON: 0511 4716-37 fax: 0511 4716-38 mobile: 0177 5040064 redaktionsbuerofuerbildundtex… XING group online-PR: group – 31935 6da190 Twitter: Twitter: Skype: thought-through strategies and practice scheduled press – and Public Relations campaigns are at the heart of the Hanoverian journalists Frank-Michael Preuss. With its Editorial Office for picture & text”he exceeds the threshold of traditional services such as photo and print at the modern marketing ALLROUNDER with a clear focus on online marketing, especially online PR and social media.

Wall Plane

Without transpirar against an error, nor being excited and to endiosar themselves against a success. It is difficult. But the unique thing that maintains to us and protects like traders. The rest is totally accessory, the market being 80% psychology (own) and 20% ability, technique and knowledge. Studies have become comparative of the masters that must have to trader and it reached the conclusion that he is comparable to the concentration and capacity to react in fractions of second that have professions of high risk like the aeronautics or military man. The excellent pilots still can be traders without almost knowing nothing markets. A pilot of a local airline commented to me once about which they call Situation Awareness (SA), that is to say brings back to consciousness of the situation that before any unforeseen circumstance in the ship, must react otherwise the outcome immediately can be fatal. This makes reference to the perception and understanding that the pilot must have of the external elements, where the information flow is high and the condition of continuation or interruption of those elements in the time and space can determine a safe flight or a plane crash.

A lack of SA can generate a bad decision and to be translated like human error when a misfortune or plane crash happens. The outcomes generated by the negligences and lack of immediate reaction, are different for each profession. In one the life can be lost, in the other something more than money. Until the next one, Paola Pecora Paola Pecora is international analyst of markets, and is the Publisher in Head of and Global Value, the report of monthly advising in investments, that aims at investments with strong bullish potential in Wall s$street..


In Cadiz, four libraries were analyzed (a college student, Public of the State and two policemen). The technicians of CONSUMER EROSKI visited their facilities in the middle of December to evaluate the general state of each of them in the information sections, services, accessibility, security and cleaning. In addition, they asked for the steps to transact the membership card with the purpose of to know the operation the loan system and consults. The final valuation of the service that offers the libraries visited in the city Andalusian does not surpass mediocre " aceptable" , and so it is placed in the global average of the report. Sheryl Sandberg has similar goals. Thus, Cadiz shares note with the centers studied in Valladolid, Malaga, Oviedo, Seville and Valencia.

The deficiencies were in the matter of security and in the supply of services (both sections deserved " aceptable") but, especially, in the serious failures observed in the information and the attention the users (they suspend with " regular"). However, these four libraries approve solely with comfort cleaning and maintenance of the facilities and bottoms of the centers, as well as to the measures of accessibility (obtain " bien" in both matters). In information, the technicians of CONSUMER EROSKI realised a troop trials search of a book in the computer-catalogue of the libraries (chose " The origin of especies" , of Charles Darwin, for the university libraries and " The Perfume" , of Patrick Sskind, for the rest). The simplicity of the handling of the system implanted in all the cases analyzed in Cadiz was verified, except in a library where only there was a computer-catalogue and was spoiled. At the time of consulting how to make the membership card of the library, the treatment given by the workers in the middle of the visited centers was " regular" or " very malo". In addition, more signals or posters needed written in another language that was not the Castilian.

Kundalini Yoga

The professionals of the human conduct we know that when somebody has everything to advance and to progress and not it makes it most probable is than it is scared to be successful and this must to unconscious blockades. The Origin: In childhood or adolescence we are very sensible to which it happens to us and many events have repercussions deep in our life of adult, we do not know it generally, but of all ways it hits our way to think, to feel and to act. With respect to our professional and economic areas this will have repercussions in lack of advance and progress. The Determinations: They are decisions that we took with respect to some important event in our life, the determinations that extend until adult ages are the seizures in childhood and adolescence, example: the case of a patient, to whom we will call Alberto (nickname to respect its identity), being young lost its papa and he interpreted that he was less than his cousins not to have papa, he determines there that everything what it won was going to be to demonstrate to its family who was not less than they not to have then father and wasted all it in fine clothes in expensive restaurants, in bottles of imported liquors, to demonstrate that she was worth so much as his cousins; the result bankruptcy and even alcoholism. Click Henderson Law Group to learn more. Liberation brings back to consciousness and: The way in which Alberto left this was first reporting origin of the problem, and concientiz that in childhood it had determined that through its money was going to demonstrate that he was deserving of acceptance on the part of his family, when seeing it clearly and mainly when releasing the feelings associated to all this it gave account of his error. Redeterminaciones: After the process of it brings back to consciousness and emotional liberation we will be enabled to make a new decision and to make a redeterminacin that is antidote to eradicate the old determination and thus to release to us of the blockade.

Reprogramming: Once elaborated the new determination or decision it will be necessary to have a technique of mental reprogramming to implant the new determination in our thought. In case of Alberto took some months to carry out all the process, after this time (approximately six months) it was cured of its alcoholism and it could recover of the economic bankruptcy. He is recommendable to go to a professional of the conduct to approach a process of treatment and power to leave the failure and to focus in the success. By Dra. Elosa Chavarra the Dra. Elosa Chavarra is Gestalt psychotherapist and Maestra de Kundalini Yoga has helped to hundreds of industralists and professionals to improve her results economic. Visit: and receives the steps free to advance at your next level of Income. Original author and source of the article

Advice Damages

To choose a car insurance becomes in a heavy task due to the enormous amount of companies that offer these services and, still more, if it is the first time that is going to contract an automobile insurance. It is important to know the types insurances, as well as the special clauses of each one of the policies, since following these the difference of prices can oscillate in major or less measuring. Next we offer a series to him of recommendations to follow so that it can choose the car insurance that better adapts to its situation: Three models of insurances exist: to all risk, that as a rule covers all the possible damages with the vehicle; to all risk with tax exemption, that covers the damages from a price previously decided with the company, of such form that if they are small damages the expenses would correran from the insured. Finally the insurance to third parties exists; this modality does not cover the damages with its vehicle (except some elements) but the one of the implied third parties. Antiquity of the vehicle: it is important to know that this factor is determinant at the time of fixing a price for its insurance. If its car has more than 8 years he is recommendable to assure it to third parties. Age of the insured: almost all the insuring companies penalize in the price the policies for minors of 25 years, as well as the time of possession of the driving licence. Use of the vehicle: the insurers consider the type of use that occurs to the car (weekly, only for vacations) or if it has garage.

If it uses much his vehicle he is recommendable to contract an insurance all risk. Additional services: many insurance agencies offer other interesting additional services like legal consultant’s office, resource of fines, etc. Advantage: it is important to know if the insurer discounts to the insured with a reduction in the price of renovation of the insurance if it has not had to report any. Analyzing these factors in different companies it will be able to obtain a valuable data that will serve to him to choose between one or the other insurer


CONSUMER.ES the academic formation is most excellent in these cases, but also the university or training center. The experts recommend ' CB funcional': where they emphasize abilities, capacities and aptitudes. Also it is necessary to emphasize elements differentiators like deficiency of familiar fastenings or availability to work in little habitual schedules. The letters of presentation, keys when sending the CB. You may wish to learn more. If so, Sheryl Sandberg is the place to go. Ten keys for a good curriculum if it is had labor experience.

Many just titled or students always are, in assault echelon of their professional life, with a common problem: how to make a curriculum if experience is not had some that demonstrates his it was worth in the labor market, already of in case complicated due to the present crisis. From Consumer they offer a series of advice to consider at the time of facing a first CB. Keys that reflect the suitability of the candidate for a position through their academic trajectory, its capacities and abilities and other particular characteristics that contribute suggestive information and attractive for the recruiters. Baby clothes shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The certain thing is that, at the moment, seven of each ten supplies of use ask for a year of experience at least, according to a report corresponding to the past month of April of 2011 of the vestibule of Infojobs use. Nevertheless, more than 4,000 supplies for petitioners without professional trajectory previous and in the primerempleo Web, specialized in this type of positions, more than 7,200 companies they offer work to these profiles. In these cases, the valued information more in the candidates was the academic formation.

The experts emphasize that the candidate must emphasize the obtained degree as much as the university or training center where he formed. Also they are interesting data like received academic prizes. The emphasized courses, seminaries, communications or exhibitions must be related to the company to which the curriculum goes so that they are of interest to the tenderer and they do not end up becoming irrelevant information.

James Cook

Noni was domesticated first by the Polynesians and now it grows in Tahit, India, to the west of India, the Caribbean and South America. The European discovered the fruit at the end of century 18. In fact, captain James Cook commented of the native use of noni in its newspapers. Traditional applications of the Noni Traditionally, noni was used extensively like a general tonic for the health. In the Marquesas islands, where commonly the ceremonies of the tattoo were celebrated, the people that were tattooed took noni to help themselves in their recovery. The scientific study of the Noni Those that use noni report an ample range of benefits for the health. The mature fruit of noni contains called substances antraquinonas.

A lead recent study with the collaboration of the Dr. Keller, NSP, was published in the Journal magazine of Natural Products. They discovered and isolated new and powerful antraquinona in noni, that apparently has quimo-preventive benefits due to its activity indirect antioxidant. Also for the first time they isolated 11 well-known compounds different in the fruit from noni. Noni also owns properties of support a the conjunctures, characteristic that can be attributed to its asperulsidos components called eugenol and escopoletina. The tranquilizing action of noni causes that it is I supplement popular of the athletes and the people whom they look for to promote the flexibility and health of the joints.

More and more, the investigators are realising studies about the effect of noni in the cancer. The Japanese investigators have isolated a polisacrida substance of the juice of noni, called noni-ppt. They think that the healthful characteristics and antioxidants of noni-ppt cause that noni is I supplement valuable. Other preliminary studies on noni aim towards the characteristics that have his antraquinonas, of metabolizar and excreting oxidating molecules before these interact with the DNA. Kava, the ceremonial treasure of the Pacific of the South When the European arrived at the Pacific of the South in the middle of century 18, discovered a magical drink that it fights the fatigue, induces the relaxation and produces a general sensation of well-being and euphoria.

Burnout Syndrome

This examination aimed you identify by literature review, the main sources of stress on nursing workers which results in the Burnout Syndrome development. It also describes the main symptoms of the syndrome and reports its consequences in the work environment. The study was conducted by analysis and comprehension of articles published between 1999 and 2010. The results were that Brazilian nurses to suffer from occupational stress and this is related you the onset of the burnout syndrome. Occupational It was observed that the main sources of stress ploughs emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and low personal accomplishment (high workload, low quality of life, low pay). Recently baby clothes sought to clarify these questions. . These factors can lead you injury you patient care and undermining the physical and psychological health these professionals. Key-words: Burnout. Nurses.

Occupational stress. The transformations caused the society in the last few decades, started to demand a bigger effort of the human being in such a way to adapt these changes in the physical capacity, as mental and social of the individual. This great requirement to adapt the modern life finishes displaying the person to a frequent situation of conflict, anxiety, anguish and emotional run down consequentemente it MUROFUSE estresse (; ABRANCHES, 2005). Estressor is any situation or experience that the individual lives deeply and that it generates tension feelings, anxiety, fear, threat (BARSTOW, 1980 apud STACCIARINI; TRCCOLI, 2001). They had been proven by means of research that the effect of these alterations can lead to some entailed illnesses estresse to it occupational, such as: hipertenso, ulcer and others (HOLT; COOPER; MORAES, 1993 apud STACCIARINI; TRCCOLI, 2001).