Organic Agriculture Committee

For a long time has existed a very great confusion among consumers to recognize ecological food. This has been due to the indiscriminate commercial exploitation of how biological terms or bio. This reason has generated, that products that did not meet the EU standard and without passing proper quality control or relevant controls of quality certifying them as bio or ecological foods, they are State selling as if they entered within the classification of ecological food are treated. From 14 July 2005 a new European regulation collects for throughout the European area, that the term bio and biological remains set exclusively for the classification of foods (food technology) that comply with the rules on organic food, which comes in addition to the terms already protected eco, ecological, org and organic. The autonomous communities are those that have the powers of control over production and certification ecological, all belonging to the Organic Agriculture Committee, falls. These agencies also control commercial transactions of purchase and sale of organic products. The ecolabel that carry fixed ecological food guarantee that these products are really green and have passed the relevant quality controls of the European union, so they are within this classification of foods. In addition to this, there is a second logo that is different according to each autonomous community with the specific anagram of the body which has been given the go-ahead and that organic farming can be read. Original author and source of the article

Advisory Committee

EUR followed in second place. For used semi detached property price averaged 47 offered objects EUR 450.000,-with each approximately 123 square feet of living space. Real estate agents in Munich-Aubing offered as 28 multi-family homes (MFH). The average values in real estate prices and the living area was 224 square meters and EUR 770.000,-. In addition, real estate agent in Munich-Aubing offered 59 plots with an average size of 987 square meters and a purchase price of approximately EUR 600.000,-. (2) the real estate prices for Munich-Aubing 2010 (the Expert Committee published the figures for 2011 expected in may 2012.): real estate agents and private individuals 101 used real estate, 253 newly built homes, 50 houses, 1 apartment and 2 commercial buildings conveyed In the Aubing district Munich. In assessing price, no specific prices for the Aubing district Munich Munich exist real estate agent Rainer Fischer, since different within the district There are qualities of the location.

The square meters for used homes in middle position cost about, for example, in the field of the year 1970-1989 EUR 2.375,-(average). The square meter price for condos in good residential areas in the year range from 1970-1989 cost about EUR 2.800,-. Real estate prices in Munich-Aubing for new objects were in medium-sized residential areas at about EUR 3.800,-per square meter and the price per square meter for new properties in good locations cost about EUR 4.350,-. (3) “Aubing is a district, which is popular due to its numerous residential areas especially for families. In the district’s Aubing an above average number of homes and condos offered”, says Rainer Fischer, owner of the eponymous real estate offices from the Red Cross square in Neuhausen.

Source: (1) Aubing from Wikipedia; (2) statistics programme of the IMV GmbH, evaluated by the estate agents Office of Rainer Fischer real estate at the Red Cross, Munich; (3) values of real estate prices from the annual report 2010 of the Advisory Committee of Munich. The Information from this press article has been carefully researched, however, errors can happen. Therefore no liability is taken for the correctness of the above statements. Company description of Rainer Fischer real estate: the person company headquartered in Munich at the Red Cross square since 1995. It specializes in the marketing of residential real estate in the greater Munich area. Since the founding, over 700 houses, condos and land on solvent buyers were communicated. The brokerage firm cooperates with external financing consultants, presented all offers on seven different platforms of Internet and sometimes new ways in marketing of real estate. Reachability is guaranteed 7 days a week. PR contact: Rainer Fischer real estate Rainer Fischer Rotkreuzplatz 2a 80634 Munich Tel: 089-131320 E-Mail: Web:

Committee Industralist

In other cases nonanticipated in this article, it would be necessary to before successfully obtain the consent of the interested ones to be able to communicate its data. Consequently all the information would not have to be accessible to the representatives of the workers and thus for example, the industralist would not have to facilitate the lists of his employees to the Committee of Company without his consent, since the information who contain exceeds the functions attributed by Law to these representatives, being sufficient in this matter the contribution of documents TC1 and TC2. Situation complica a little if we consider that ET on the one hand recognizes the Committee of Company the capacity to exert administrative actions and judicial and it attributes to him, competitions that suppose a position of independence with respect to the industralist and on the other side we must consider that this organ does not have own legal personality, therefore cannot be considered like the person in charge of the file as physical or legal person defines article 3 of the LOPD like, of public or deprived nature, or organ office staff, that decides on the purpose, content and use of the treatment. Consequently this organ could not either be sanctioned directly by the Spanish Agency of Protection of Datos (AEPD) even though it harmed the norm of protection of data. What happens then when the Committee of Company commits infractions derived from this norm and what measures would have to adopt the industralist to prevent these situations? First of all it is necessary to stress that the representatives of the workers by the mere fact to receive the confidential information, yes that they are forced to fulfill the dispositions of the Law, in this sense article 11,5 of the LOPD arranges that That one to that the personal character data communicate forces, by only done of the communication, to the observance of the dispositions of the present Law . .


If your company grants rewards voluntary workers (either individually or collectively) to reward a job well fact, by overcoming the objectives or achieving certain accomplishments, do know the role in granting representatives of workers? And on the other hand, does arises when he granted bonuses if it’s men or women? The representatives of the workers have the right to be informed about the overall amount of voluntary bonuses granted by the company and its distribution between men and women, since this information is necessary to perform the function of control have entrusted (the national audience of 2.11.10 sent.). The collective agreement of a Bank included the payment of a voluntary bonus, which could be granted individually or collectively, to reward the behavior, performance or outstanding qualities of workers. The Chairman of the Committee of company sent a written address requesting, among other data, the remuneration all amounts received by each employee as awards or bonuses, the distribution of the amount given between men and women, the number of times that each worker had received a bonus and the criteria for the granting of bonuses and for the election of the collective beneficiaries of them. To continue reading, please click here..

Steering Committee

The firm also participated in specialized fairs such as Bizbarcelona entrepreneur of Barcelona show, SIF & Co of Valencia and Madrid Expomanagement. The third edition of its recognized Master of direction and management franchises, taught to directors and executives of franchising and commercial entities was also closed. mundoFranquicia Consulting has counseled nearly 500 franchisers since its inception as Office Specialist, what makes the firm one of the highest growth and penetration in its field of activity. A franchise made by mundoFranquicia consulting is a franchise with unmistakable signs of identity. Franchises prepared, organized and ready to grow.

We can work with the same client company in very diverse specializations. Precisely, our structure of services are designed to meet different needs of the configuration of the franchise or its expansion, explains Mariano Alonso, general director of consulting. mundoFranquicia Consulting is specialized in identification, release, consolidation and expansion of franchise projects. In the initial design stage of a project, he acts as external staff of a Steering Committee of the company to which assists in the definition, planning and the realization of its expansion programs in the framework of the conditions of viability that best fit the situation and expectations of the organization. Thus, you get provide steering core with a central franchise of a professional advisory support especially aimed at the adoption of decisions of a strategic nature and brings a qualified, practical advice in any aspect relating to the creation, development, organization and control of its new commercial network.

Business Management

Control of costs in a company is vital for the success of the same, especially if this is small. Any type of expenditure and any amount that this implies can have a strong impact on the final results of the business if one takes into account the accumulation of these in time. It should not be forgotten that, in simple terms profits of a company, small, medium or large, are given by the difference of total revenues, less its costs and expenses. Experience has shown that it is not until the end of a cycle accounting and subsequent to the settlement or closing accounting that he is achieved to demonstrate the behavior of revenues and expenses in the company. The multiplicity of operational activities limit the ability of the owner of the company or its managers to maintain a continuous confrontation of revenue and expenses. Therefore, a continuous review of expenditures and a confrontation with income is highly healthy for a good cash flow of the business.

It should not be forgotten that, incomes are generally treated as such even and when cash has not entered the company. At this point it is necessary to annotate that, from the accounting point of view, an entry is even and when it get backed in an account receivable.Instead, generally and unlike the events that generate revenue, expenditure usually pay cash, causing a box output, affecting the flow of cash and thus endangering the company from the financial point of view. Some activities that can be applied to the control of expenditure, are: 1) compare prices. With the advent of technological services and platforms that our vendors have, this is an activity that will not have strong impact on the economy of the company. This will allow to buy at the best price goods and services involving expenditure. The above should be practiced for all the items that make up the company’s expenses.

The Muscles

Now when I sit at home, harder to force myself to call, and sometimes even write, save for a day or two. I'm responsible only to themselves – it relaxes. Helps when the tune itself that if call right now, it is likely a favorable outcome, for example, new opportunities. And wait for more – and the possibility of uplyvet to another. So the main thing – do not produce a perfect impression and get ahead of competitors over time.

Can not set up a call within minutes. "And from Tatiana" Yes, I remember, it was scary because he denied, rude, etc. But in fact this fear is more far-fetched. Very helpful when I was a little retooled and began to start with establishing a relationship. That is called not to sell, and then to get the information: what needs of a person, whether he, in principle, what I propose. If you can not make calls like that, without provocation, you can just keep in mind this idea that I do not impose, but I share with the person the information he needs. AND it is very important to be sure: 1) that my product is the best (to know all the differences and advantages), that is, to some kind of marketing analysis.

And if I know about any shortcomings and weak points, we need to calculate, they fundamental or not. If not – do not be afraid of questions, and consider what to answer them. 2) know that I offer my product at the best price (if the price is higher than analog, then accurately determine for themselves what I am getting amount of advice and support of the client, with the knowledge that I gained). That is, people can, in principle to buy the company cheaply, but then he himself will go over the product itself be yourself program, etc. And if you do not fit? I have always changed, and so he himself will have to address these issues. "And the advice from Geda I really helped these tricks (I offered to provide office furniture, the plan was – 150 calls per day) Smile in the mirror before Call-Relaxation of the muscles before the bell-clear plan for discussion at the crib, and, of course, lots and lots of humor, I even wrote a receipt, much as I should ring up seems to relax helps a ritual that makes Call into something ordinary, permanent, not stressful. If you still have questions on this topic, or you have your own opinion, then welcome to our topic

Electronic Versus Traditional Business

Trying to help you make your decision and you can start this new and exciting path through the network, I write this article to be added to other already published with the only aim to clear your doubts in this preliminary stage of assessment by which you’ll be going through and which concludes in defining whether or not you emprenderas this new project that represents internet and that can take you to your economic freedom. As is that, precisely, indecision and uncertainty are the main causes that are able to delay and even prevent many people starting this new activity, would like to contribute data and stimuli that do not be overcome by doubts or fear and solve start this new activity that you can reach a real and true change in your life. So if you’re thinking become independent, thing which I think is fantastic, any data, for minimum that is, may be helpful. Then, look at small guide mode, some differences between the two activities that appear in the title of this article. Traditional business: for do it is necessary to invest a sum of money large, local where will operate your business, the posters or ads that identify it, facilities, goods, allotments or permissions, etc. Is that you’ll be thinking that also is that you can start a business with little money, but as I have already said, the result of a business is generally related to the initial investment. Well, here we see one of the major impediments that we find, though not for everyone, but for many, the necessary capital. Here there is a real limitation, this means that it is not for everyone, is only to he who has money. Something else to keep in mind is that there is a statistic that says: 50% of businesses close in the first 3 years.

Business Online

Much discussed marketing 2.0, blogs, Twitter and everything to do with the so-called Web 2.0 experts, among them Roberto closed (recognized marketing expert), they recommend having a blog that help us promote our businesses, our entrepreneurship. But, it is really necessary to have a blog when you have a commercial Web site? In my humble opinion if it is not. And it is by the enormous capacity that they have blogs to get to hundreds of people who come in search of information. It is also very useful because blogs are very well indexed by search engines. But a blog is not to have it as a decorative element.

You should update it, at least once a day. Fill it with content, that they both love seekers, quality content. Blogs belong to what is known as Web 2.0. The Web of two-way, participation, communication website. They are fantastic to interact, to communicate and to leave our opinions about what is speaking at that time on that site. But a blog should not be of replace our commercial website.

They are two different things but which complement each other very well. The commercial website is to sell, to have our catalog of products or services, our sales letters and our pages landings and take you there to our potential customers. Instead the blog meets the Mission of communicating with people, create relationships, and make our person or our company branding. Get links pointing to our commercial site through posts, reports, news and various topics related to our niche market. We must think that people don’t usually repeatedly go to our shopping pages. Or even our most loyal customers. But on the other hand when they go looking for information, contents, go to blogs. A blog you positions, in some way, as an expert within your niche market. So now you know; If you don’t have a blog aimed at your marketing strategies, it is time that you mount one.

Apartment Contracts

Before you rent an apartment needs to be written can I make changes to the apartment, can reshuffle and redevelopment. 7. Before you rent an apartment to rent in the contract is worth noting the possibility of subletting and living in the apartment of a third party. 8. Before you rent an apartment to rent should set up a payment hold.

Can be prescribed penalties for late payment. 9. Before you rent an apartment to rent should be the possibility of early termination of the contract. In this section sets out the permissible reasons for early termination contract terms and the availability of punitive sanctions. The owner may make a condition that no deposit will be returned in case of premature rupture of the contract by the employer. 10. Before you rent an apartment in which the necessary repair is to stipulate that those who will pay for it. Basically replace plumbing, windows and any overhaul of the owner pays, and cosmetic repairs the tenant can perform at their own expense, although it happens that the owners pay the cost of materials.

All the current breaking plumbing, electricity, etc. too, are usually paid by the tenant. But the legislation does not obgovarivayem this point, so the amount spent can be deducted from rent. An integral part of the contract is the act of transferring property. This document allows us to prove the existence of an object and its serviceability in his apartment. The act allows rent an apartment inscribing everything that deemed necessary.