Supreme English Cut

The ONU creates legal privileges to the classroom gayQuerendo to establish new concepts to the legal system for the optics gay, the ONU is creating legal privileges and disqualifying other social classrooms. Everything simply because they had decided to find that the effective laws, of protection to the person, they are not enougher and good the sufficient one for protection of the homosexuals. They want something more specific for them. Soon we will have other classrooms fighting for personalized rights. With this, they are elitizando the homossexualidade, granting they an extraordinary legal benefit, to the step where they remove the right of other classrooms, mainly in what she refers to the right of the liberty of speech. Curses caused for the new goals of the resulted ONUComo of these mental escarros, we will have: – the proliferation of alarming promiscuity and of the immorality and levels; – the increase of the pedofilia (since the country will have that to keep silent when its children will be boarded for homosexuals); – the degeneration of the character of the human being if it will aggravate still more; – the breaking and the loss of the rights of the normal citizen that, until here, were disciplined by impartial laws; – the desconstruo of the national judiciary system; The normal one now is to be abnormalDaqui pra front, according to new mentality predominant in some jurisprudenciais sectors (of the Supreme English Cut), the normal citizens more will not be considered apt to take care of, to create and to educate adoptive or adopted children. Moreover, the normal citizen is for losing the right to reveal opinion against everything this, simply because its rights of liberty of speech also are being annulled for the Courts of England, guided for the ONU.

Nuremberg Congress

“A service laboratory for the testing of the prototype was better: at the end is reproducible, so repeat safe quality of services out, if we construct as well, document and test”, Spaht says. As an example, he calls the morning queues at the reception when you pay the Bill: the error in the process is usually that is only asked: you had something from the minibar? And then you can invoice ‘. If you solve the problem differently – dragging through the credit card on the eve, night Office the invoice can be created by low-cost staff in the back and have morning very few, neatly dressed and multilingual staff at the counter, which passed the Bill, on the other – then the customer would be glad because he comes quickly away”, the Fraunhofer researcher says. After his experience, there are four factors for smart service processes. First, The function must be secure.

Second, It must be economically so affordable – at a reasonable cost. Third, It must be easy usable – the ergonomics of the service. Fourth, It must have a target group oriented aesthetics. This means that it must appeal to even those, at issue. Then I would hold a service for smart, then he is well done,”Spaht said. He expects more attention for the economic importance of the services provided by the policy. Although almost every politician knows that the tertiary sector accounts for 70 percent of German gross value added. The fact that a huge part of unidentified service behavior in the remaining 30 percent was not known. Namely all that what we call product-related service. You must therefore the politicians make it clear that we cannot say: we focus on services, because this can be provided so beautifully in our expensive country, but we must make it clear that these services are especially effective, if they are related with hardware products. I think examples like iPhone, iPod or iPad speak volumes for how important it is that both hardware as well as software and services to the business model so attuned are, that this is an innovative product, “sums up the patron service initiative, which awards and shows up in a strategic forum for Service Manager on the Nuremberg Congress of Voice days plus the best services in the customer service of smart, as one of the repair shop to the smart service arrives.

Paris Universal Exhibition

Bauhaus Building, Dessau, Germany 1926. Architect: Walter Gropius.
Reliance Building. Architect: Daniel Burnham. Chicago, United States of America.
Architecture of the Modern Movement itself is a concept of criticism and historiography of modern architecture, historical significance and has a broader conceptual periods or rationalist architecture organic architecture, which includes all streams, movements and trends since the mid-nineteenth century tend to renewal of the characteristics of the purposes and principles of architecture.
Modern architecture arises from the technical, social and cultural rights linked to the industrial revolution. Theorists of the Modern Movement seeking the historical roots of modern architecture in a broad prelude, riding a stage of the eighteenth and nineteenth art history artifacts centuries in which different cultural sectors or economic activities and political and social ancient Egyptian antiquity life begin to envision and define the construction and planning of the industrial revolution. During the nineteenth century, a number of innovations and proposals in various fields, including the construction, government and industry together in the demand for their mutual integration.
Modernarchitecture was born in the 60s of the nineteenth century in England when William Morris drives the movement known as’ Arts and Crafts’ reaction against the prevailing bad taste in the objects produced by industry body advocating a return the trades and in the medieval Gothic architecture. Morris wrote:
“We must know in depth the gothic architecture, and understand that he is exhibiting was involved: A wonderful spirit of organic. Following this tradition, a structural principle states that evolve their own forms adhering to the strictest truth, that is, depending on the conditions of use of materials and techniques construccion. ‘(for this article “The Revival of Handicraft (The revival of handicraft)) “, published civilizations by the magazine ” Fortnightly Review, London 1888.
In parallel, the theories of ‘higienistas ‘ together with movements to “socialism utopico ” lay the foundations of modern Urbanistica. By the turn of the century, a new style in architecture and design wins in Europe, is to “Art Nouveau”, also called “Liberty”, “Sezession ‘A’ Jugendstil ‘, ‘ Modernismo “, etc. . that was a style that contrapuso the prevailing Academicism but did not apply to him.
The “Art Nouveau” schemes academicos breaks and imposes exhibits the use of iron in architecture. The family who established Until then, the iron was archaeology. There is little or no overlap with antiques a material associated with the construction engineers who triumphed in the Paris Universal Exhibition of 1889 with the Eiffel Tower and the Gallery of Machines. The “Art Nouveau” curve and intersects the iron in thin strips, which are all sorts of shapes and patterns and place it in the halls of the houses and the facades of buildings such as the gallery “Maison du Peuple ” in Brussels by the architect Victor Horta.
The History of Modern Architecture records the transition of some architects representing the “Art Nouveau”, as Henry Van de Velde, as well as history some of the Seccession ” Viennese Josef Hoffmann to positions as close to the Austrian architect Adolf Loos in This is a new era, modern architecture, a style that breaks with the above.

Web Marketing 2.0

Web marketing 2.0 represents a shift in the way that we go to our niche market based on constant interaction. Moreover in each campaign or promotion of the service, it is important to have with interesting content that encourages users to talk about your brand and therefore extend their promotional message virally to other potential customers. For no one is a secret that only large companies manage a quality advertising and effective because of the high investment made in traditional marketing (tv, press, etc.) On the other hand the medium and small enterprises can begin to leverage these social platforms to present their services through online a more enjoyable and economical way of advertising to your customers to obtain almost the same results of traditional marketing of a large company. Among the aspects to achieving success in web marketing 2.0: the corporate Blog through this channel, each company can talk about a specific topic related industry to a public that is in the same page and speaking the same language. I.e. If there is a company that plays in food industry probably content that present in your blog to communicate trends and new services on restaurants and meals to a community of owners of restaurants.

Interaction and interest with the community keep in touch with the people who follow our brand on the internet requires a person to create, manage and energize the community regardless of the platform used, similar to the marketing direct our community deserves our attention to maintain relations. Here guerrilla marketing goes to act an expert in techniques and tactics that will have the task of converting and retain new customers and marketing, which indirectly achieve also engage new followers of our brand on the internet. This person will only have to invest time, effort and creativity in order to draw attention through an advertising message that manages to persuade the psychology of the user Finally purchasing our services. Marketing 2.0 is geared towards industry-wide, and any entrepreneur can start to take advantage of the benefits offered by the exposure of your brand on the internet. If you want to learn more about the benefits of social media marketing call us now!