Developing Projects

First of all, they must promote the association of professionals in areas of knowledge with a view to their status as the voice or the people and which is benefiting from the projects to be developed. Once established these forms of association, local authorities should apply funding programs, grants or collaboration, designed in advance by the respective government agencies to ensure that professionals grouped in this way to develop specific activities within the scope of their knowledge and supported by the authorities concerned. What are these activities? For professionals in the area of health could help to assemble and acquire the necessary elements for the functioning of institutions providing health services, as we see now that this kind of institutions are not owned by these professionals, but of persons engaged in other activities.

Also the department and the municipalities could contract with them the services of health care for employees and officers of their units for children under one year mandated by the Act laws should receive free care in all institutions health receiving state contributions, or for members of the elderly to the state, the wording of art. 46 of the Constitution, should ensure that “the services of the comprehensive social security.” (This proposal has become obsolete with the adoption of Act 100 of 1993). For professionals in the legal areas could help to assemble and provide, properly, office firms that play roles people’s legal advice or courts of arbitration or conciliation centers, the department may also contract with municipalities and their advisory activities and representation out of court, ending or easing in this way the legal offices of those local authorities so far , for one reason or another have not been able to function as it should. . Continue to learn more with: Jonathan Blattmachr.

Currency Investments

It is now a global phenomenon. More or less a year, the price expressed in dollars was higher than the rest of the world. But over the last three, four and five months the increase has been so fast that has affected all currencies have to be careful with notes on the transport cost, post will have an impact on certain goods, including food. Also indirect costs. As you continue up the price of oil will spend more on alternative fuels and more resources be allocated to renewable fuels. Since then, he says, has implications for the increased cost of agricultural products. So there are both direct and indirect ways that we can foresee in the next 12-24 months.

Siegel adds that it has seen has increased dramatically in recent months the price of oil substitutes, including natural gas, after remaining stable for many years. No rose-oil, but over the last three or four months has increased from 40 to 50%. Hopefully, OPEC knows how to handle the situation properly, because prices continue to rise, the consequences are very serious for many countries dependent on oil, all generate a rise in the final products, and what worries over how the poverty, hunger will increase. In the Venezuelan case that concerns us, fortunately being a good producer and supplier of oil, the situation is favored in its economy, unfortunately, seems to be no economic programs to help develop the country and solve the serious problems facing health , housing, poverty, education, quality of life. Shall the government, administer, manage their income towards the country, thus avoiding wasting money on behalf of projections and political conquests, when there are many challenges to ensure the Venezuelan quality of life better than it currently faces, before a environment that has generated an atmosphere of uncertainty, insecurity, risk. It is an opportunity to restructure its major weaknesses in education, health, housing, businesses that support the development of products involving Venezuela to exploit their other wealth, agriculture, mining, metals, among others. How are you opportunities to be exploited to the fullest and learn to invest currencies according to the country.

Third World Medicine

AIDS is a frightening reality in the world: people acquire it ONCE per minute! Sixteen thousand per day! At the end of 1998 there were 33.4 million people affected by the syndrome, ie 6 million people compared with 1997. This represents an increase per year over 10%! According to an article in Le Monde, written by Jean-Yves Nau, AIDS has become no longer an epidemic but a "pandemic" of dire consequences for humanity, affecting especially today, much of underdeveloped countries in Africa and Asia, as well as in America and the Caribbean. "Thus says the columnist, who after twenty years of his appearance this new sexually transmitted disease and blood became, in fact, a contagious disease characteristic of third world carrier, therefore, the potential for serious germ discrimination. " You're right Mr. Nau, AIDS is a disease and so eminently Third ratified the last conference of the Organization of United Nations against the disease (UNAIDS), November 24, 1998: 95% of the carriers of the virus are native to countries in developing or living in them and 70% of infected are African. Because of this, AIDS has been described as the revenge of the Third World.

"Revenge for what? No doubt those who think this way, blame the world's first and second of all existing evils in the third. A similar example occurred when the motorcycle was baptized as "the Japanese revenge" in a clear allusion to the disproportionate damage to the country Nippon, due to the explosion of bombs and Hiroshima Nagassaky. Of course, in the case of the third world, there have been bombs of that nature. However, there is poverty ruthless. There is hunger. There are uncontrollable unemployment. There are dangerous ignorance. There is pain.

There is frustration. And this kills more people per day that many Hiroshima bombs. Apparently this has no relation with the developed world, with the rich world, with rich world. But, arguably, the first world has helped somewhat, since we live in a universe governed by market rules and those rules create inequality, injustice, imbalance. Marx said: "behind every great fortune there is always a great crime." The fact is that Marxist or anti-Marxist, left or right, we all know the undisputed rule of capitalism: the wealth of some and impoverishes others. And guilty or not, the developed world has not made the necessary efforts to, at least, alleviate the misery of his fellows, but, by contrast, has taken advantage of all its comparative advantages in economic, financial, agricultural, industrial and policy to expand their wealth mainly but not exclusively at the expense of the southern hemisphere. So if we consider that the breeding ground for AIDS is poverty and ignorance, we can not disapprove of all those who point to the disease as the revenge of the Third World. Catastrophic what almost comatose state who supposedly is revenge.


History The Faculty of Medicine of Montevideo was founded by decree of 15 December 1875 with two chairs, the Anatomy and Physiology. The appointed first dean was Dr. Suner and Capdevila, in old University building, on the street corner Sarandi Maciel. With the growth of students and new institutes is necessary a new physical plant, by the Law No. 2711 of July 12, 1901 authorizing the construction of a new building for the Faculty of Medicine. Its implementation was undertaken by the architect James Vasquez Varela works culminating in late 1910, the building is inspired by the Faculty of Medicine of Paris.


Creative Economy Seminar

Debate Round Creative Economy Seminar (Photo courtesy Sao Paulo Fashion Week) More details Debate Round led by Gra a Cabral in the second stage of the Creative Economy Seminar: Visions of the Future, organized by the In-MOD Sao Paulo Fashion Week Magazine Valor Economico. The round was launched by Fernando Reinach, founder of the Brazilian Genome Project and director of Votorantim Ventures, venture capital fund of the largest Brazilian industrial conglomerate (involved in the areas of telecommunications, electronic commerce and biotechnology), who raised two issues that it considers its own Creative Economy: venture capital and ownership of ideas. “The notion of risk capital is not big news,” said Reinach. Does this example The Spanish crown who risked capital to fund “pay dirt”, the route to India … of 10 ships that sailed from Spain, 7 were lost and 3 achieved things such as discovering a new continent, said to illustrate that if Reinarch While 70 of initiatives fail, the few well have occurred represent a movement for humanity. So what is the ROI : HUGE. Ownership of ideas. For Reinach, the real novelty is the idea. And with this premise put IP as the first focus of the debate. His presentation pointed out that until the Industrial Revolution had not raised the division between idea and realization, a notion that up thanks to technological advances. Since then, it is possible to separate the idea of the physical object that materializes, the creator of the idea can only sell once, the rest are copies. The great challenge for Reinach is in the ownership of ideas, if the record industry and the film are suffering the blow of piracy … that the fashion industry has the suggestive name of copycat … So how to protect intellectual property … There is patent law … but the dilemma arises when it comes to low prices, while not contemplate the payment of patents.Raises two key issues, a quantitative type (on the duration of patents) and a qualitative type (should we reward creative work or not ) Fernando Reinach (Photo courtesy Sao Paulo Fashion Week) Why think in terms of intellectual property Question Deheinzelin Lala.Consultant for UNDP Creative Economy and a member of IN-MOD has no point in discussing intellectual property but to analyze the opportunities arising from the mixed economy model … and it downloads a series of examples Barsil, Africa and India in crisis that put the idea to do propiedad.Para Lala focus on dialogue between the world of the tangible product sits in the atoms, the finite …and the intangible world of processes, the bits, the infinite … urge to redefine the notion of wealth Wealth of what if it means to wealth as “wealth does not generate Escac” collective processes arise naturally as a center of gravity of all proyecto.Ventas street without copyrigthDeheinzelin, used data emerged from a study of Technology and Society at Get lio Vargas Foundation Rio on the phenomenon of tecnobrega in the city of Bethlehem, as an illustration of the emergence of models of creative endeavors that are not based on profit but on patterns of copyrigth tecnobrega alternativos.La succeeds in launching an average of 400 CDs per year compared with the 14 CD’s of Brazilian music label that releases most of the country.

Harmony Of Muscles

It is acrylic and placed as shown in the drawing. Laterally it looks like in the picture on the right "B". Position and function may play a Relaxants plate that covers the entire dental arch. Anterior and posterior teeth. 1. PLATE NEURO-MIO-RELAXING: This is a device made out of rigid acrylic, is placed mainly in the upper dental arch, with proper adjustment of the anterior teeth and oral cavity of each patient to avoid occlusal interference and allow the jaw to reset correctly with the settlement in centric relation of the joint. Thereby achieving muscle relaxation and balance of the Stomatognathic System.

Its basic function is to act in balance to an unbalanced bite, so that the muscles work in harmony and get them to relax. Its use for a few weeks, allows joint desinflamacion and regeneration. Can also be used as night guard to prevent teeth wear forces or structures break set by the dentist. This board breaks the vicious cycle of tightening-interference-lever-muscle spasm-pain. The patient will continue to tighten, but there is no interference, no levers, no contracture, pain goes.

Having achieved that goal, which can take anywhere from days, weeks and even months, the dentist may propose to the patient, do an occlusal adjustment. 2. Occlusal Adjustment: Consists of the muscles once relaxed, eliminate interferences that prevent the jaws bite into balance with the joint. For this size, selectively wears the enamel of molars and premolars which are in interference. This is irreversible. So he should do an expert.


Because it covers a wide spectrum of aspects of running a business, an ERP software system is based on some of the software products greater size and complexity in the industry. By deploying such systems in a company’s traditional methodology used to involve a group of analysts, programmers and users. This was the scheme that was used, at least until the development of the Internet. This allows our consultants have access to company computers in order to install the updated data and standardized implementation of ERP, without professional help. Such projects can become very expensive for large companies, especially multinationals. Companies specializing in ERP implementation, however, may accelerate these processes and complete the task in less than six months with a solid pilot review.At the time of making the implementation of ERP systems, companies often seek help from a supplier or vendor or ERP consulting companies. The ERP consultancy is of two types, business consulting and technical consulting. The business consulting studying current business processes of the company and evaluates its correspondence with the ERP system processes, which generally includes the customization of certain aspects of ERP systems for the needs of organizations. The technical consulting often involves programming. Most ERP vendors allow changing their software to the needs of business customers. Many of the companies seeking the implementation of an ERP make the mistake of looking for solutions at low cost, or not to hire an integrative enterprise.This type of company, not only helps in the implementation but supports them to see his client in all aspects of its business both in hardware and software change management. Some major integrated companies are EDS, Price Waterhouse Coopers, IBM, GETI or Avanade. Customizing an ERP package can be very costly and complicated, because many packages are not designed for customization, so most businesses implement their ERP systems following the best industry practices. Some ERP packages are very generic in their reports and reports, customizing those elements to do in each implementation. It is important to note that at times makes more sense to purchase report generation packages manufactured by third parties that are meant to interact directly with the ERP. Today, a good number of ERP systems have a Web interface. The advantage of this type of interface is that it requires installing a client application.While having a connection to the Internet (or local network of the company, as applicable), you can access the Web-based ERP through the typical web browser.


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