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HolzWerken lets fly the chips in the workshop courses! HolzWerken sees itself as a platform and information exchange for the private Holzwerker. The magazine offers everything on 68 pages, which helps in the workshop fundamentals up to advanced craft wood. The most comprehensive German-language book program with around 80 titles on the subject of work will appear accompanying to the magazine at HolzWerken with wood. These are aimed at DIY, hobby Carpenter, Turner and are looking for those, the information and inspiration in dealing with wood. The published book titles include subjects such as woodwork, furniture, woodturning, carving, knife making, forging, Willow fencing and much more. The program is unique in the German-speaking world in the combination of product range, depth and quality. In addition offers the Holzwerker of the year, downloads, Classifieds, and much more, online presence under product news, building instructions, interface tips, the tip of the week, the reader Gallery. The wood works Web TV shows also Craft techniques, event reports and interviews in the form of videos video/index.cfm and also on YouTube.

The latest offer in the HolzWerken the HolzWerken workshop courses are portfolio. Already from the start off participant from a price range of over 60 workshop courses in all Germany can choose, with themes of woodworking in varying depths. The program of HolzWerken workshop courses include tischlern, turning, planing and carving as also special courses such as team building. Qualified trainers provide the right mix of theory and practice in the workshops. The participants benefit directly from the years acquired experience of the teacher: the correct planning of the project, the individual work steps to success and the many tricks and gimmicks in between. In the community, the participants from the experts learn what really uses you at work with wood. Find the current program to the HolzWerken workshop courses at

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Arab Clothing – Arab Fashion

Arab fashion can be used besondersschon other cultures have often a completely different mode, you can see it very well in cultures of the Arab room. However Arab fashion must not disappear, even if it differs completely from the Western, so still long from own view, rather it’s that being so special features such as Arabic clothing able, to bring even more beautiful accents in the own look by combining parts of Arab clothing with the stuff, which otherwise is in everyday life. Some special blouse or even pants in the style of the Arabs can provide a particularly colourful and Oriental look, so certainly nobody else has and in which you can set new trends. Arab clothing for people from the Western world is interesting but even then, if they friends from that particular culture and of these, for example, to different celebrations and ceremonies are invited, where by all present Arab clothing is worn. Here you can Wearing such things his friends show wonderful that you partially acquainted with their way of life and above all also recognizes and is willing to join this, as long as it within the framework of what is possible and is necessary. For special days is certainly always good and such a friendly gesture, so it ensures that one up a notch can closer, because the Arab friends feel somewhat more so of course accepted, what is today by far not always the case, just for us in the Western world, where there is still very often hate to foreign cultures. Generally you should not from the outset reject the fashion from other cultures or be of the opinion that this is not sustainable anyway in our latitudes, not only with Arab fashion, it is so that you can integrate them very well in a modern and trendy look, also pieces from other parts of the world make beautiful accessories and a great eye-catcher, if you specifically looking for her and especially also cleverly combined with other things, so that a harmonious overall impression may cause. Meike Sauter


Nearly a century ago Henry Fayol established five administrative functions: planning, organization, direction, coordination and control. With the passage of time and the development of managerial thinking, cited functions have been reduced to four. Most of the authors point out the functions of planning (or planning), organization, address (or leadership, or motivation) and control: Robbins (op. cit., p.4); Gibson, Ivancevich and Donelly (2001, pp. 17-21) and Hersey et alt. (op.

cit., pp. 10-11). Less frequent is the disaggregation of managerial functions in one larger number, as it is the case with Kast and Rosenzweig. (op. cit., pp. 420-425), who presented six functions: setting targets, planning, integration of resources, organization, implementation (implementation) and control. Let’s review the four typical functions of managerial work. 4.1 Planning is the starting point of the administrative process, includes the establishment of goals and targets, and the design of strategies to achieve them.

The results of this operation marked the course of the Organization: the efforts of its members are headed in that direction. 4.2 Organization this function operacionaliza and gives practical meaning to established plans. It covers conversion of goals into concrete activities, allocation of activities and resources to individuals and groups, the establishment of mechanisms of coordination and authority (structural arrangements) and the establishment of procedures for decision-making. 4.3 Addresses activation, guidance and maintenance of human effort to comply with the plans. Includes the motivation of individuals to carry out their work, the establishment of a leadership as a guide, the coordination of individual efforts toward the achievement of common goals and treatment of conflicts. 4.4 Control control function seeks to ensure that the results obtained at a given time conform to the demands of curricula. Includes monitoring activities, comparison of results with goals, correction of deviations and feedback for redefinition of objectives or strategies, if necessary. 5. Managerial roles approach inspired by Fayol indicates little accurately what managers actually do.

Word Child

In short, we must ‘earn it’ honestly. Thus, and despite everything, the hospitalization, will probably be a positive experience, as well as short and long term memory. -The / educator/a hospital/a must be a person open, close and with ability to listen, since this allows that the / the hospitalized child/a / to feel accepted / (rewarding feeling), at the same time that provides us information about him or her; also, more likely that listen to us since we’re showing a model of ability of interpersonal relationship which will be observed and possibly imitated. -The / educator/to hospital/to must also be flexible, respectful and cautious, in a Word, should be empathetic to. Empatizar, listen to the emotions and feelings of the child and the girl is trying to get into your skin and understand the reasons for his behavior / attitude, and to show that we take care of the impact that produce you your problems. It is necessary that we continued with the child hospitalized because thus we become someone significant and worthy of trust for him or her, in addition to be able to help you feel better.

– As educator/hospital/a must do laugh, skill that involves developing a not hurtful irony and sense the humor in general. -Be responsible, sincere / and critic will allow the child to hospital /, as well as their relatives and/or companions understand and accept the situation in which are found, feeling, therefore more objectively and clearly ready / ACE to cope, and develop a higher level of tolerance to frustration that this situation can generate. -Develop attention to activities which, at a general level, the boy and the girl hospitalized can and must perform in the hospital context, will allow us to observe, understand and therefore boost the stay of the child and the girl in that context. -Stimulate the child to hospital / to in terms of the feeling of dependence and independence as required by the situation also is a fundamental task, where the skill of observation, listening and understanding play a fundamental role. -Possess a wealth of knowledge that allows to develop a care and psychosocial care, in general, the child or the hospitalized girl. -The / educator/to hospital/to be displayed always attentive / before the different reactions that can have hospitalized children and girls and before these show a patient and understanding attitude.

-Before the process of teaching and learning that the hospitalized child is immersed by his evolutionary time, the / the educator to hospital/a should take into account the importance of the development of learning activities in general. -In the hospital context the / the educator to hospital/a can be found to the development by the child or the child’s negative behaviors, before that, in order to eliminate them, you can use the following alternatives: ‘do nothing’, the so-called ‘time out’ (separate to the child from the situation that has arisen in order to initiate a process of reflection), reprimands or warnings (always reflective), etc.; While taking into account the ‘transitional’ role as the / the educator to plays in the hospital context, sometimes, the best alternative is to delegate response to negative behavior in one or more other persons (parents, guardians,). To make a group to unfold properly, it is necessary to learn a set of skills that allow us to develop an optimal communication style, especially by those responsible for directing the group.

CEO Ralph Kissner

New development for publishers: SixOMC_WoodWing plug-in Stuttgart, Germany, April 18, 2012 – with the SixOMC_WoodWing plug ins can editors and designers through WoodWing’s content management application content station or the smart connection plug-in in InDesign directly to media assets in SixOMC access. Thus, users of WoodWing’s enterprise can place the data managed in SixOMC in their layouts, without having to leave their familiar environment. WoodWing’s multi channel publishing system enterprise with content station allows the steps of publishing workflows such as planning, easy to use search, collection and publication of content from a single surface out. This integration creates six out open systems from any publishing workflow based on WoodWing’s Enterprise direct access to its powerful media asset management system for centralized management of images and graphics. With the search function the user can quickly find the desired assets in the existing libraries and drag & drop in the current Position document. After processing, the media assets are automatically stored and archived at SixOMC.

An overview of the essential functions of the SixOMC_WoodWing plug-in the: integration of SixOMC media management in the WoodWing editorial processes intuitive in WoodWing content station, WoodWing’s smart connection saves time, because editing and layout uses only a single client with the new SixOMC integration can WoodWing users in the entire portfolio of media assets research, without knowing, where these files are actually stored. This ensures more transparency and speeds up the production process”, six CEO Ralph Kissner underlines the benefits. Jeroen Samuel herremans, Managing Director of WoodWing Europe, says: WoodWing maintains a comprehensive “ecosystem” innovative technology partners, who work in different areas. Our partners offer world-class solutions that can seamlessly be integrated into publishing workflows based on our multi channel publishing system enterprise. Our Customers can choose from these components, to make the best possible solutions for their specific requirements.” About six six open systems GmbH, headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, software and solutions developed for server-based print and online publishing.

Tarot Friend

The boundaries between tarot to dry and Gypsy tarot seem to be confused. Many people refers to the tarot, interchangeably, with one or another nickname. Up to the Roma people a few years ago seemed to be the unique diffuser of the tradition of the tarot, but today, in the era of communications, Internet puts at our disposal a huge wealth of information on all types of variants and modalities of this mancia. Today it is extremely simple to learn and practice the Celtic tarot, the hindu, the foundational Egyptian tarot. And, however, none has succeeded in Dethroning the Gypsy tarot, the favorite when it comes to all queries. Why? Perhaps because this town considers, like no other to the tarot, friend and fellow traveler.

The origins of its close relationship are lost in the darkness of the past; the tarot has helped Roma to come out strong and victorious in all sorts of tragedies and adversities. The link that unites them is narrow and deep. Perhaps for this reason, interpreted it as anyone. We know that Gypsies were enslaved in Egypt during the time of the Pharaohs. And there are strong indications that there made contact, for the first time, with 78 blades of the tarot.

Arcana gave them maybe, consolation and a promise of freedom that finally became reality. They were perhaps for this reason, to leave a land that was them odious, with them. Through them, it is assumed (everything in the origin of tarot seems wrapped in mystery) was that he landed the tarot in Europe. And the tarot was also there, support and guidance of the Roma people through a long history of persecution and abuse and humiliation. Eventually, it would become even for them a means of subsistence. Thus begin the tradition of the query to the tarot of Gypsies, whose wisdom is transmitted from generation to generation. The iconography of the fortune teller Gypsy reading the future in the cards would not take in settling in the popular imagination. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that Gypsies consider the tarot as a friend. Because rather than provide them with a means of earning a living, the has accompanied in moments of happiness and sustained at moments of misery, always faithful and loyal, over thousands of years. As only true friends do. Original author and source of the article

Leadership For Bad Companies

Optimally prepare for the master examination with the BSA Academy since 2009 the BSA-Akademie offers the optimal way on the examination to the marked Master of bad businesses”to prepare. “The certified and approved BSA qualified executives for bad firms” participants embrace not only fit in order to assume a senior activity in a bathroom and the master craftsman to complete successfully. They also have the advantage that they find an elaborately designed training concept for the BSA-Akademie, that differs significantly from other providers. The BSA participants benefit from relatively low travel and accommodation costs and low loss of earnings as a result of the combined course system of distance learning and compact presence phases. As a result the slightly higher course fee compared to other providers balance out usually.

Another advantage, the BSA participants have, is the flexibility of distance learning with individual time classification, including personal care by BSA remote instructors. So, the BSA qualification can be completed part-time and agreed best with professional and personal commitments. Your advantages at a glance:-Compact presence phases mean: less loss of earnings, less travel and accommodation costs, less absence from home – individual anytime: you decide yourself, when, where and how long you will learn – support through remote teacher by phone or email – didactic specially prepared remote teaching facilitates learning and exam preparation – – the course is approved and officially tested by the Centre of distance learning (ZFUS) – part-time possible start of the course can lessons in small groups vocational at any time be the first presence phase of the next course is by the 05. 08.11.2012 at the BSA training centre in Saarbrucken instead. His straight against the background prepares for changes in the market, that is the market for bad companies has changed considerably in recent years, competitive pressure for municipal and private bathrooms getting bigger is, as also in other areas such as hotels, physiotherapy practices and fitness studios, large bath landscapes or even stand-alone baths have entered, it is for municipal and private baths essential, from a pure provider of water”to develop customer-oriented service providers.


Despite all this, the degree of scope of all knowledge is vast and not at the same time, this sounds like a great contradiction, however is a cruel reality, all the inhabitants of the planet live daily with the effects of human knowledge, with the difference that a few possess them and beneficiaries are seen by the fruits thereof, and the billions remaining suffer every day the ravages caused by technological advances pollution, climate changes-, product of the accumulation of knowledge and information collected until today. Although it is worrying, unfair and nothing ethical wealth falling in few hands, while millions of souls survive in subhuman conditions daily, is even more worrying that despite the provisions of various letters Magnas, education does not reach the entire population, and is even more, which the fraction that has possibilities of reaching it or access does not assimilate it nor use to improve living conditions or that simply by its comfortable position relative to the mean of the population you don’t see a utility and sees nothing but how a simple series of data. It is quite clear that the information is very useful, but if the same not be assimilated what amounts to say that you don’t understand – it is as mere numbers, averages, trends, data is generally it is useless, useless in the sense that man does not develop it as you would be expected to have some degree of knowledge, but to acquire knowledgeman must pass through a systematic and progressive training which together is called education. Through education, man develops many skills that are useful throughout his life and in his interact with peers, i.e. with society in general. These powers include being able to communicate effectively both orally and written, knowing the way that governed his State through various regulations and laws compiled in its Constitution, which in turn is the basis of the same, and make judgments based on the information that is.

Washing Machine Repair Business

When buying a new washing machine, we tend to not think about servicing and repairs. So: what is the cause of failure of the washing machine? Is it important to carry out preventive maintenance work? How much is the repair of a washing machine? Unfortunately, these questions we are asking only after we need to repair the washing machine. The main criteria for correct operation of the washing machine are: 1. Qualified installation of washing machine. 2. Service washing machine.

The main enemy of the washing machine during its operation, are dirt and foreign objects falling into the washing machine units. Statistics show that the main failure of the washing machine is a residue of water and stop the machine during drain and spin. Washing machine repair in this case is either clogged drain system, or a malfunction of the drainage pump, which requires disassembly of the washing machine, which, respectively, affects the cost of repairing a washing machine. Modern washing machines are sophisticated technical devices, since most have electronic controls, a variety of wash program, various drum rotational speed and a lot more, which improves the quality of washing. In some cases, only the diagnosis of a washing machine takes up to 1 hour, complex repairs washing machine up to 3 hours. Repair of washing machines of various brands is often different technology for work that requires special skill masters, the presence of his original accessories and spare parts. When selecting a specialist to repair washing machines, the customer is often a problem of choice: go to a private master, or to a service center? Choose in this situation must, of course, the customer, but as practice shows, the main advantage of private masters, according to the customer, is the price of repairs. On average, the amount of savings repair washing machine will be about 50%, according to consumers.

The main cost of repairs is the cost of spare parts and work on its replacement. Because the service centers bought parts wholesale, the price of spare parts is lower than that of private masters, and the cost of work on its replacement, is calculated from the cost of spare parts. By calculating complex arithmetic is not, we can see that the prices of washing machines repair service centers, are much more attractive to customers. The service centers offer free counseling to repair washing machines, provide visit the wizard, in the shortest possible time, which, in turn, issue a warranty card repair. According to statistics, 84% of washing machines, first undergoing repair after the event, operate for a minimum of 3-5 years, from which we can conclude that a qualified repair the washing machine completely justified.

Industrial Revolution

It is often said that the Roma people was the great diffuser of the tarot in Europe, after its invention in Egypt, thirty centuries before the birth of Christ. However, it is likely even that tarot is, since its birth, Gypsy tarot. Indeed, believed that the primitive Gypsy tribes were kept captive as slaves in Egypt for about four centuries. And that many of its members are dedicated to esotericism, incorporating elements of Egyptian religion and deepening them. No wonder then that the Gypsy tarot arising out of a desire to see beyond the apparent in this world. A desire that was already present the Egyptians and their beliefs about the beyond this life. But that basis, Gypsies have joined him his profound knowledge of the cycles of nature, fruit of the observation of a village in permanent movement.

And their particular way of living and experience the magic as something everyday. The life wisdom and experience have done the rest. As for the letters, the Gypsy tarot has not created own mallet. Its deck is today based on 78 sheets of the Tarot of Marseilles, enormous popularity and dissemination from the 18th century to be the first to print serially. But the Gypsy tarot harness is alive, and his figures have been adapting and changing with the passage of the centuries. During the Industrial Revolution, many gypsies without adequate preparation tried survive taking advantage of his village clairvoyant fame.

But today, the Gypsy tarot has returned to its time of splendor, and is only practiced by those who demonstrate having the necessary skills. And they are willing to soak up the wisdom of this tradition so noble and ancient treasure. Much older even than you think. Gypsy Tarot cards possess a great versatility, which makes them ideal not only for traditional readings, as the typical run of twenty-two major arcana, but also to join other traditions of equal wealth, as the Celtic tarot. It is so today Chuck flower Celtic using letters of the Gypsy tarot, due to details provided about the past, it is extremely popular the present, future and the positive and negative influences today’s consultant. It is, therefore, of strict justice, which today tarot is known around the world as a Gypsy tarot.