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Please keep in mind that this is his right. Because no statutory right to Exchange applies to goods bought in the shops. Anders looks it out however, if the device is defective or is flawed. The warranty in your Smartphone the conversion right is something other than the warranty. If you make use of your right of revocation when buying online, you must specify any reason for the Exchange. The remedy, however, is a law that you have, if the purchased device shows defects. The warranty right is laid down in the civil code. Unfortunately it happens again and again, that electronic devices have flaws.

Buttons can express themselves properly, parts are not well processed or the software makes problems. When the Smartphone is in practice then however but common complications. Because it is not always easy to decide what is a defect and what not. A bug in the software can be fixed with the next update, for example, by the manufacturer. Such errors usually occur for all devices in a series. Exchange is possible in this case, evidence that it is actually a defect is, can but be legally difficult in practice. Also keep in mind that you must concede always a right of rectification of defects to the seller in the event of warranty claim.

This means that the seller has the opportunity to repair the phone or replace it with another device. You can claim so don’t get the money back. In addition, it arrives on the type of defect. The legislature here distinguish between significant and less significant defects. But a significant deficiency when a Smartphone is in doubt interpretation thing and not always clearly say. Read more about the online purchase of phones without a contract you here on the page handyohnevertrag.net. Eva Otter