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This selection new Functions in the new SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro allows for amateur and professional photographers the high end image development of RAW data, whether on Windows or Mac OS systems, at a comparatively low cost. With Windows 7, Vista, XP and Mac OS X version 10.4 (Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard) compatible, that is SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro end of April 2010 for euro 219.00 in the boxed version in stores and for download for euro 189,00 under available. Upgrade SILKYPIX Developer Studio 3.0/4.0 is provided as a download for euro 119,00. SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro in detail SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro is professional detailed editing of images with very fine interpretation opportunities, especially in the basic functions such as exposure compensation, white balance, contrast, hue and saturation, sharpening and noise reduction. By retaining the output data many development interpretations are any possible, without reduction of image data compression or editing. SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro allows his own personal style every ambitious photographers using RAW image data development, real or creative, to find. In addition the physical shortcomings of the lenses are the user Korrekturmoglichkeitenfur. Edge shadows and dark corners are eliminated by vignetting or enforced, correct distortions, chromatic aberration (bluish to reddish color fringes) are using eyedropper tool automatically detected and corrected.

Crooked horizons, weird buildings and converging lines are quickly again perspective corrected with customizable grids. SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro adjustments, which are only possible by the existence of uncompressed source material in RAW format offers perfectionists among photographers. In the fine tuning color space and lights can adjusted in the white balance, exactly. In the dynamic range come as details revealed, which were previously not visible with the naked eye. Highlights of SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro automatic Dodge -. Automatic analysis and adjustment of exposure in each area. Repair tool – remove stains caused by dust on the sensor.

The Code

In this context, the social service would have to be practised by who had dom and loaded obtains goodness and honesty, with a character conservative and assistencionalista, favoring the capitalism and the industrial development, that was in full expansion. It had a reformularization of the Code of 1947, in 1965, that even so with changes, continued for loading many religious influences. Of this form, a strong moment of ideological crisis was initiated, politics and of professional performance, in full ditatorial context. The military blow of 1964 made Brazil to enter in a shady phase of its history. The military had started to control the power. Its basic concern was the security and the development. To guarantee the security, they had forcene the rights politicians and civilians, had gagged the opposition and had installed the peace of the cemetaries. In the Code of 65, the premises had been defined of social service, as: to respect the dignity of the person human being, the philosophical positions, religious politics and of those to who if destines its activity.

The Code of Professional Ethics of the Social Assistant of 1975, also was formulated and debated in full period of military dictatorship, during the Geisel government. This period was characterized by raised inflationary indices, increasing external debt and extremely low wages. Of the point of view of the society it had many historical manifestations in the defense of the human rights and in the search of the liberty of speech. although the population to remain itself dominated for the regimen, the social movements had started to face the ditatorial regimen. Transcribing music below was known as a species of hymn of opposition and resistance to the military regimen, and was always sung in public manifestations. Pra not to say that I did not speak of the flowers Of Geraldo Vandr Walking and singing and following the song We are all equal, arms given or not In the schools, in the streets, fields, constructions Walking and singing and following the song Come, go even so, that to wait it is not to know Who knows makes the hour, do not wait to happen For the fields Still have hunger in great plantations For the streets, marching drifters laces make of the flower its stronger refro and believe the flowers being successful the cannon have welded armed, loved or not Almost all lost ones, of weapon in the hand In the quartis teach old lies to them to die for the Native land and life without reason In the schools, in the streets, fields, constructions Are all soldiers, armed or Not walking and singing and following the song We are all equal, given arms or not Them loves in the mind, the flowers in the soil the certainty in the front and history in the hand Walking and singing and following the song Learning and teaching a new lesson.

Keep Together For The

Pferdesporthaus Loesdau launches petition for the day of the horse. There is the day of beer, the day of the kiss and the day of the dog. But one lacking especially in the eyes of horse friends: the day of the horse. The Pferdesporthaus Loesdau and the official day of the horse – Ambassador Kenzie Dysli make together strong for a day, which should be dedicated to this noble animal. Now all horse fans need to keep together for the day of the horse”! Because only those who sign the large-scale petition (subscription period: four weeks from 4 November 2013), helps to enforce this day at the Bundestag. The Pferdesporthaus of Loesdau wrote a corresponding petition filed early next year along with as many signatures to the German Bundestag.

That there is still no day of the horse ‘ is very sad. This we owe so much this animal. Without the horse we wouldn’t be what we are today,”, is also the day of the horse”-Botschafterin Kenzie Dysli safe. Kenzie Dysli has more than just a great Dressage talent. Something special in the air is working with the horses: has a special, to communicate a gentle way with horses and train them. A property of can benefit every horse and every rider no matter what discipline, breed or origin and learn something.(*) Precisely it was determined also to the official Ambassador for that day.

She be stuck in a drawer, but respectful handling of the horse is only for them. And it has earned even the. For centuries, it serves the man. Earlier, it was immensely important for the agricultural economy and mobility. Today we need it as a friend who can help us in many ways and even cure. Many more arguments for a day of the horse were now grouped together in a petition. To read and sign it is under tdp from 4 November 2013. (*) Kenzie Dysli manages the parental Equestrian Center in Andalusia with their brother Raphael. Enter courses in Iberian dressage liberty dressage, Western riding and old classic riding style. The special passion of Kenzie Dysli lies but in the natural horsemanship and the DOMA Vaquera. You taught in their courses, how horses learn how to communicate with horses and how sensitive way the confidence of the horse can be obtained without to follow Halter and bridle. With gentle determination succeeds again and again to gain you the respect of the horses.


A man who interrupted the conversation of two police officers as they walked by Clapham High Street (London) may be deprived of liberty, as the warning the local judge responsible for the case. I just was planning with my partner a fishing trip, said officer Bill Smith police under oath before the Court, and Cornwall my zone companion spoke to me about a suite three-piece because I wasn’t sure of go matched, when suddenly I realized another voice. It is quite difficult to walk two by two on the street and have a good chat, unless you interrupt. The defendant mentioned something about a robbery of a Bank, what motivated us to address it immediately, but until I asked for his identity papers, my companion the Cornwall official already had completely gagged. A local spokesperson said that the officers acted with great courage at the provocation of the accused. We want to congratulate them, and soon we will know what to do with this particular case..