Inversion and invention of values That the bible is our ethical manual, all Christian we know, but we also know that this is not accepted for the after-modernized society. The pretensions are not few human beings to try to supplant the truth and to lower it a category of inferiority. To each day we surprise in them at the inventions that they look to invert the irreversible one; laws that collate the proper law. They battle to forbid the truth affirming is that: the truth is that the truth does not exist; in the truth assertive one is a true incongruncia such. Pra this society, what valley is what not valley. Truth is what each one says, and, to say the truth in the current days constitutes the biggest challenge. Who thinks that to say the truth it is to say what it thinks, is maken a mistake.

The truth is absolute, it is universal and it is above of the values and mere human standards. Independent the necessary to be said and proclaimed truth of who it pronounces, as Scrates said: ' ' It does not import who says the truth, only the truth dita' '. While the Christianity in its two a thousand years of history, looks for to place in the mouth of the people truth, being thus produced one ' ' Christ mania' ' , the society in opposing has generated one ' ' Christ fobia' '. The Messenger evanglico periodical of the Peace, agency of the Assemblies of God in Brazil, published a substance saying that the hindered religion and liberty of speech is being each time more in the Ocidente. In the Europe, it is not only forbidden to nail on subjects ' ' politically incorretos' ' as well as the reading of Biblical texts is forbidden even though that make mention to the homossexualismo as sin. Christians are being fined and imprisoned in England for distribution of brochures I contend Biblical texts considered ' ' politically incorretos' '. In sight to Brazil, the Swedish shepherd Lars Ivar Roland Vingren, only affirms that to read in meetings texts with Rm. 1.26-27 the arrest is enough to take somebody. Let us pray for the o world let us ask for the God who illuminates the men with the Truth of the Salvation.

Senior Vice President

The Quick shift to online banking in the UK gave the big banks another reason for closing down its branches in many parts of the country. One believes the official figures, at least a branch was closed in the past 20 years every single working day. Since 1990, 7,000 branches of closures were affected. Recently, Barclays closed 22 stores in the six weeks before the end of the first quarter. This is money and financial mail have campaigned ceaselessly for this, to hold the banks to close even the last Bank in town, because so that one could deny access to important local services who do not vary and are dependent on them, and also the elderly. Today there are 1,000 cities and towns in which there is no single bank branch. Another 1,100 have only a branch and 500 have just all two bank branches. Already 24 small towns and villages of the big banks were abandoned this year.

The customers are not satisfied. In a survey declared 89 percent of the readers of this is money, that they also continue to use the branch. 37 per cent, i.e. the largest share of 800 respondents even indicated that they often go in the store. Banks can again become an integral part of the local communities.

For this they must be but a more relaxing, entertaining and inviting place”, explains Vanessa Walmsley, Senior Vice President of mood media. “Our services already found world’s great appeal in the retail and tourism industries. There is nothing that will prevent us from repeating a similar success in the financial sector. We are already in negotiations with famous brands.” This is money readers are probably already fascinated by the idea of scents that blow through the air. This tactic was perfected by the supermarkets, which thereby attract hungry customers in the bakery shop. Walmsley wants to exclude none of the options and assumes first that music will be the starting point. She says: Silence can provide discomfort among customers. Music in the store customers can grasp with more confidence, when they talk about personal financial matters, because they know that she can hear no one else except the Bank Adviser.”of course then it depends of the demographic profile of the customers of the Bank. We can offer lively redesigned to attract especially families with young children, or also raised the banks with high net worth individuals, or for a relaxing atmosphere in banks with higher customer age provide. The possibilities are endless.” If the initial rollout of the success is crowned, he already promises so Walmsley, could follow soon holograms and top modern terminals with touch screens that detect when a customer is outside the Terminal via a sensor inside the glass cover, and then automatically enable for the interaction with the customer.

Balanced Scorecard Design

The development of the balanced scorecard is a process which is directed to the construction of the unit system of the society. The development of the balanced scorecard is a process which is directed to the construction of the unit system of the society. This process consists in the transformation of the strategy of a company in the strategic objectives and events. Where, the closer the opinions of the management in the question of how society will preclude the competitors, are, the easier the process of development of the BSC. Because the concept of the balanced scorecard offers the form of presentation of the strategy which is expressed in its components in the form of objectives, key figures and events, which significantly increases the probability of realization of strategic objectives of a company. You must clearly and deeply understand what are the objectives of the activity should be reached so that the BSC successfully worked.

Meanwhile, the presence of the fully refurbished by strategy like a dream, and not the realities is the Activity. Therefore, you must understand and take into account that not all strategic questions about the construction of the balanced scorecard are worked through in detail. The detailing of the strategy and the refinement of the strategic objectives is done usually in the course of the construction of the BSC. But, even in case of full compliance with the basic strategic orientation of society, the management of the company in the course of the formulation of the strategic objectives can adhere to different points of view with regard to a question, which should be strategic objectives. The heads of companies have many ideas, analytical information and ideas about the future development. One must understand that in the development of the balanced scorecard strategic objectives of the company have the most important meaning. In the formulation of objectives should be seen, how short statements describing concrete actions for the implementation of the strategy.

Economic Affairs

1st Bavarian geothermal energy Forum on the Augsburg fair RENEXPO two-thirds of the geothermal power (40 MW) in the Federal Republic are provided in Bavaria. Here, the most geothermal energy currently go projects realization in Germany. In the Munich region alone, 100 mining licences for the exploration of geothermal energy were granted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. However, geothermal projects are always risky. To improve the chances of the geothermal energy is to increase awareness and to unify the consumer structures. Still need to improved the technology transfer and new technologies are developed. The 1st Bavarian geothermal energy Forum in Augsburg on the 10.10.2008. renowned experts from the science provides solutions for this, practice and policy here refer to content, potential, conditions and strategies of geothermal energy; Experience reports on existing and ongoing projects and innovative and future-oriented concepts of deep geothermal energy in Bavaria.

The program is complemented by a Fair where 30 companies and institutions present their competence in the field of geothermal energy. A work community of initiative innovative Bavaria, which designed the knowledge transfer in Bavaria successfully with 13 years belong to the partners of the Forum to the one the Bavarian cluster energy technology. On the other hand is the geothermal Association e.V. was founded in 1991 in Bonn, which it has made to the tasks to improve the possibilities for the use of geothermal energy in Germany and Austria. Another partner is the company economic forum geothermal Association (WFG), which also has the promotion of geothermal energy to the target. The 1st Bavarian geothermal energy Forum is an event within the framework of the Augsburg trade fair RENEXPO. The fair is the international exhibition for renewable energy & energy efficient building and renovation with a total of 8 topics. The RENEXPO in the period from October 9-12, 2008 will take place already for the ninth time this year. In addition to exhibition and Congress is a wide free visitors Lecture programme. There is more information about the program at.