Normative Deliberation

Therefore in the last few decades the customer is freer, that is, its freedom of choice is bigger and with this the time of permanence in a place is more limited, then the transladao of a place for the other increases. In short, the guest of the future will demand a personalized way of lodging and of slow and well slow and gradual form the hoteleiras companies are adaptando it these marketing trends. Arriving at Brazil in the year of 1996 all the ways of lodging already were classified obligatorily by the EMBRATUR, according to sources of the proper site of the Embratur. According to same the 5 constructive stars with regard to equipment, aspects, services and physical characteristics had been established categories of 1. This system served as referencial of quality alone per some decades, therefore some enterprises did not fulfill of adequate form its objective. The entrepreneurs already were mining this system for the purchase of stars, so that the status climate quo of the customer is bigger.

Therefore the customers still were worried very not only with the question of diversion or leisure, but also with the question of the status, therefore to travel age luxury and alone people of rich classroom could. With this, the EMBRATUR well clearly leaves through the Normative Deliberation n 360 of 16 of April of 1996, the cancellation of the Brazilian System of Classification of Ways of Lodging of Tourism, with the objective to impose a form more consensual of classification for the ways of lodging. Agreeing to the EMBRATUR the public it is each specified time more and its requirements also the levels of price, localization and conditions of the installations and services had started to be referenciais much more valid. Still with the EMBRATUR, the new matrix that was created in 2002, it considers the classification of the hotels in six distinct categories. The matrix of hoteleira classification second a Brazilian Association of the Industry of Hotels would be: SUPER LUXURY – LUXURY – SUPERIOR – TOURIST – ECONOMIC – SIMPLE? Delimiting our subject more we arrive in Manaus, can to observe that many enterprises in the lodging area are being raised in Manaus, many with the objective to supply optimum to the national tourist and to the International. with this grows the competitiveness, in which it does not confuse the tourist, but the aid because of the fight of prices between the hoteleiros enterprises.

Mortgages Republic

Obtaining a mortgage for the purchase of residential property in the Czech Republic for foreigners (citizens of Russia and CIS) consists of a series of steps and requirements. Necessary conditions for registration of mortgage lending in the Czech Republic for foreign nationals are: 1. There is a legal entity in the Czech Republic, where the foreigner is the founder. This requirement is a basic and necessary condition. Desirable to have reopened entity without the presence of his history of the Czech Republic. 2. The presence of the selected option to purchase real estate, its value and the prior consent of 'firm-seller' sell the property in mortgage.

Since early 2008, for our customers "Prague Lion" requirement of becoming a residence permit at the time of registration of a mortgage loan is not required, and loan processing is available for citizens entering under the Schengen tourist visa! The process of obtaining a mortgage after the registration of a foreign national entity, consists of the following steps: 1. The search for the desired property by self-search or search using the services of a real estate agency. 2. Determining the choice of real estate: is the signing of a treaty reservation with the owner of the property and payment of deposit amount $ 5 – 10% of project cost. Be aware that this pledge (5-10% of the value of the property) – the amount of non-returnable. In case you run out of time data on Mortgages and specified in the contract reservation, security deposit is not refundable and the property owner is compensated for lost time and profits.

Delegate Efficiently

Who better to make a decision about a task that the person who should carry it out? This is the premise that drove the empowerment, a change of mentality in labour relations more than one decade ago began to change the balance of responsibilities in enterprises. The goal: increase the effectiveness of the Organization through the transfer of power to make decisions at the first level where there is qualified to do so, that is, empower (empower, in English). Thus, workers have influence and power of decision on his work without requiring constant permission to act. That, however, does not imply a loss of superior authority. The traditional management model that controls every step of the workers is deprecated both from the point of view of productivity (generates slowness in the process of enabling powers) from the aspect of motivation of employees (who do not have the opportunity to feel competent, effective, or integrated).

For this reason, the concept of empowerment is based on two keys: delegate responsibility and authority. This new way of managing the company allows the employee to take the commitment to fulfil the task entrusted to him with the ability to make decisions affecting the development of that intention. This change of habits requires a change in work culture, turning the centralist structure and Nazism to the creation of work teams. To trust in that group, the company must have a clear vision of its objectives, to convey them to their employees and that they would contribute to that end, in addition to some values that require the behavior that must be taken to choose one way or another. In addition, objectives to be met by the worker, which must be measurable to be able to be evaluated should be set. Introducing the empowerment requires an effort of all parties: confidence and tolerance before the failure on the part of superiors, and of greater responsibility by the employees. But it is a new organizational life which not only involves an effort but gives better room, efficiency and quality. Perde authority fear is one of the main factors that affect the development of the empowermwnt, but it is necessary to overcome it by analyzing all the positive aspects that this causes, to the extent that people commit themselves to the objectives organizations then everything will start to change favorably, to the incio everything requires effort and possibly the results are not immediate, but certainly to be submitted.

Freyre Society

Sergio Buarque if inhales in the workmanship of Max Weber, mainly, when he considers a liberal state to the Brazilian nation and displays a pair ideal of opposing concepts, symbolized for the figure of the adventurer and the worker. For it modernity is inserted in urban culture, scholar, based on the work and the capitalism. 4) You criticize: The book Roots of Brazil caused great impact in the Brazilian society, therefore with only three years before Gilbert Freyre published the book House Grande and Senzala. This workmanship of Buarque diverge very of the historiografia that had been implanted in the workmanship of Freyre. In this book it goes to present the contrast of the tradition and modernity Brazilian society.

For this, he tries to explain that the formation of Brazil contemporary is widely on the origins of on Brazilian society since the settling and to its legacy institucional politician and. This traditionalism comes since its Iberian past, that is, of its roots. In this situation it breaches with what the patriarcal Brazilian society believed thus causing great criticizes. 5) Conclusion: Roots of Brazil are an assay of great value scientific, but not only literary, that it goes to search the origins of Brazil in Portugal and the large state escravocrata or the agricultural patriarcal family. The USA of a dialtico method stops to state with wealth the contradictions of the object that it is analyzing.

In Roots of Brazil we have the suggestion of the three elites? the agricultural patriarcal, the urban patrimonialista that if constitutes Empire no longer and the bourgeois native of So Paulo of coffee base. The author suggests that Brazil is passing for ‘ ‘ great revoluo’ ‘ since middle of Century XIX, that he has in the coffee elite and ampler urban sectors of the society its base. Sergio salient Buarque the limitations of the agricultural leading elite and substitutes the harmony for ‘ ‘ man cordial’ ‘. The man cordial is that one that comes of the family, is the hospitable and generous man.

Setting Goals

Have you ever wondered that you want really? Each time that you start a year, people tend to think about what they want and set goals to achieve this. Setting goals is the more easy, fast and effective way to achieve what you want. You are a powerful being and can get what you want, if you do the right thing. There is nothing that this out of his reach, there is nothing that you can not get. While it is true that you can have anything they want, it is not true that you must give something in exchange for being able to enjoy it. If you want something you should pay for it. In his book I am happy, I am rich, Andrew Corentt says and explains that everything in the universe is paid with energy.

And the best of life, is that no matter what you want, you have all the power, all the energy to obtain it. If they do not at this time it is because you are using their energy on trivial things, things without importance. And the big problem the majority of systems of targets, is that they do not show you as accumulating the energy it needs so you can get what you want. When you decide to accomplish something, must follow specific paths to obtain it. If you follow those specific roads, everything opens for you.

If you don’t follow these paths, you want will take quite some time to get to you, could arrive only after many difficulties, could be incomplete, or could not reach you, in this life. So that at the time of deciding that things will get you, is extremely important to take into account the following: is imperative that you understand fully that you can have anything they want. And along with that, we need to understand that you must pay for anything they want. You must give something in return for what you want. It will also help you know that you have everything you need to get what you want. In the book I’m happy, I’m rich, Corentt exposes everything you need so that you discover your power to create the life you want. In this book you will find everything you need to know that you are a powerful being and also the techniques needed to handle that power. At the time of set your goals, establish goals, it is important that you not only learn how to set goals so that they comply with all the requirements that a goal should be that it made manifest in an easy way in his life. In the book the secret of the power of goals, Andrew Corentt presents powerful techniques, not only to set goals, but also to generate that energy that you will need to pay for what you want. If you want wealth in abundance, if you want to happiness, if you want success, if you want beauty, if you want health, then these books help you clarify what you want, to formulate goals and achieve all the energy you will need to pay, and then materialize, in your life what you want.