Electronic Government

As is well known within the program 'Electronic Russia' realized the concept of 'electronic government', or rather e-government (electronic control), the structure of the government introduction of modern information technologies that should make life easier, as officials and ordinary citizens. Already, there are echoes of this program, utilities (light, electricity, rent) is possible through electronic terminals and the Internet. Writing to a doctor and a reception at the famous self-governments also implemented, and where there is no – that will be implemented in the near future. Many questions can be given through the online application until management of entire departments. Indeed, we live in an age of information technology and can not benefit from it.

But not everyone is willing and ready to make that choice in favor of the latest technologies. This choice is done must now, not postponing it indefinitely. Technology is rapidly changing, simplified, becoming more friendly to humans. No need to fear the difficulties along the way – on the Internet today and five years preschoolers, and the septuagenarian patriarch, the same chance in his quest for new knowledge. We can not be late, because just around the corner is a new technological revolution. On its banners will be written not only letters I – Information and E – electronics.

I'm sure there will be and the letter M – mobility. This revolution has already begun for all who is the owner of a new type of PDA – the mobile phone. Such people in Russia today without Small and thirty million. And where there is now 'smart' phone, tomorrow – the mobile Internet, on-line games, mobile commerce, mobile banking, mobile guide jack of all trades, there is new knowledge and new opportunities. Practically all government services from local government ministries to have well-developed communication in terms of local and corporate networks. Virtually all agencies have a server to share information on secure communication channels (corporate network). Much has been done in order to obtain information to which you want to pass on the ten instances, can be realized with a few keystrokes. This fact can not please, because then we can focus more on family, leisure, instead of running the chain of command and gather information and statements. All of these are responses the concept of electronic government. State program 'Electronic Russia' must be implemented by 2010, it will become the threshold of the Information Society in electronic.


From the standpoint of the manufacturer Representatives of this group are most preferred as customers. At a meeting in the office or on the production of these customers are coming, usually well prepared. Valuing their time, not wasting time designers and designers. They do not dictate a "stupid" its own terms, and express wishes, listen to the arguments of experts of the enterprise and quickly make decisions that have "it" or not. In a word, discuss and approve the project is fast and efficient for both parties. In addition, when such relationships are perceived positively the proposal of a variety of additional options and use of materials and accessories a class higher than previously assumed. We need only present a convincing argument, and a qualified specialist will always find the necessary words at the right time. With all the positive aspects of the approach of this group of customers who want to celebrate and difficulties that may face furniture manufacturers in such relationships.

The high level of professionalism of the individual employees did not always correspond to that of the company in whole or in individual units involved in the production process. We mean complete lack of a uniform standard of quality or poor quality control throughout the production chain, to "exit" from Enterprise and installation. Therefore, an impression which will make for a client of the firm, can be reduced to "no" to a careless worker. Often this happens when installing on an address where a customer, before communicating with competent designer or a sales specialist, comes face to face with the unmotivated to the high level of service and quality work of the employee.