Carlos Saul Menem

Later, the document is divided into three parts which I quote partially: first: during more than seven years United States is occupying the lands of Islam in the most sacred of its territories, Arabia, plundering its riches, overthrowing its rulers, humiliating its people, threatening its neighbors and using its bases in the peninsula as spearhead to fight against the Islamic nearby peoples. Second: Despite the enormous destruction inflicted on the Iraqi people at the hands of the Crusader Jews, and despite the appalling number of dead, exceeding one million, the Americans try to once more repeating this terrible massacre. () So returning now to finish with what is left of this town and humiliate their Muslim neighbors. Third: Although the purposes of Americans in these wars are religious and economic, they also serve to the State significant Jews, to divert attention from their occupation of Jerusalem and the killing of Muslims who perpetrated there. Best proof of all this there than their eagerness to destroy Iraq, the more Fort of the neighbouring Arab States, and his attempt to dismember all the States of the region, such as Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Sudan, whose division and weakness would ensure the survival of Israel and the perpetuation of the disastrous cross occupation of the lands of Arabia in insignificant States. The statement goes on to say that these crimes are equivalent to a clear declaration of war by the Americans against God, his Prophet and the Muslims.

Given this situation, the unanimous opinion of the ulema over the centuries is that when enemies attack the Muslim lands, Jihad becomes a personal duty of every Muslim. The last part of his statement is the most important and contains the fatwa that says: kill Americans and their allies, both civil and military, is an individual duty of every Muslim who is able, in any country where this is possible, until the al – Aqsa (in Jerusalem) mosque and the mosque of Haram (in Mecca) are released for your domain, and until their armies, defeated and unarticulated, out of all the lands of islam, incapable of threatening any Muslim. After quoting some verses from the Koran, the document continues: with the permission of God, call on every Muslim who believes in God and wait for reward to obey the command of God to kill the Americans and plunder their possessions there where you find them, and when you can. We also call the ulemas and Muslim leaders, youth and soldiers to launch attacks against the armies of the American Devils and those who are allied with them between the collaborators of Satan. Synthesizing, Jihad, or holy war, is against absolutely all those who do not practice the Muslim religion. In addition, Muslims consider any place that at some point in history was part of the Kingdom of islam belongs to them, and so something belonging to them enough that a Muslim has ruled on that site.

Under this perspective are considered owners of all the Middle East, much of Europe, especially Spain. Africa fell under his rule. America, Asia and Oceania is them. In Latin America they have control of Venezuela, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, and continue penetrating into Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and Chile where their presence is becoming more noticeable.

Trade Union

The conception of the country is another critical factor, since the current leadership was formed within the conception of State traditional tanker, being his political training scarce or nonexistent, highlighting the inconsistency and improvisation. The vertical system of political organization is imposed from top to bottom and there is a problem of credibility of political, Trade Union, business, military, cultural, University leaders, etc., because trust and appreciation towards them which used to be long ago time, today has dropped substantially or, in some cases, is simply non-existent. On the other hand, other cause attributable to the absence of leadership in Venezuela, is that managers or representatives of bodies are geared to power and not the achievement. This occurs because there is a confusion of the authority with arrogance and hubris. Using the hierarchical position to meet personal needs, based on power and prestige, without considering the responsibility social inherent to any charge or activity of social participation. To evaluate the current Venezuelan society may demonstrate that a leadership profile with more political than economic, social or technical sense, has been formed that is, most of those participating in the dissemination of ideas towards the stability and growth of the country Act guided by a conventional leadership, i.e. politicians, entrepreneurs and academic traditionalists that prevailwith speeches and pronouncements bit understandable or hardly executables, try to fix everything at the same time. In general, the real lack of Venezuela is therefore conductive and visionary leaders of national development, i.e. leaders able to maintain States of personal excellence, (themselves and others), which have and instill confidence, self-control, commitment and honesty; people with skills of relationship, with compression, motivation and communication capabilities; strategic thinking, i.e., ability skills of define and achieve specific goals and objectives based on a desired future; and skills of systems thinking to identify and address problems, ensuring the effective resolution of them, as well as also having the ability to create functional teams to help deal with and work for reasons that go beyond making money or achieving prestige.

Technical Features Introduction

Mineral Impact crusher is suitable for crushing the hard materials, such as limestone crusher in the cement plant, having the advantages of large production capacity, small particle size. This series of products can handle the materials whose side length is 100-500 mm, having the advantages of high compressive strength which ups to 350 MPa, large crushing ratio, the pipes are broken cube tablets, and so on. Working Principle of the mineral Stone crusher directamente fall into the high speed rotating table from the upper part of the machine; under the effect of high speed centrifugal force, turntable with the flying stone which appears as the umbrella type, after the collision force against each other, the frequently hit, friction and crushing are produced by the eddy motion between the rotating plate and casing, and the products are discharged by the lower part, the closed multi-cycle are formed, the screening equipment control the particle size. Performance characteristics of the mineral impact crusher High chrome hammer, counterattack lining wear; a unique gear counterattack liner; It is particularly suitable for hard Rock crushing, energy efficient; the entire board structure nesting appeared as small particle size and the cube-shaped, without internal pattern; product shape shapes cubic, the nesting particle size is adjustable to simplify the crushing process. Technical Features of the mineral impact crusher 1, multi-cavity evenly crushing, it is suitable for crushing hard rock. 2, low port for easy feed produces the line layout and increase the size of the feed.

3, open the full hydraulic, for the convenient of maintenance and wearing parts replacement. 4, new wear-resistant material makes the life of plate hammer, counterattack lining forrada trial are much longer. Type of the mineral impact crusher According to their structural characteristics, The mineral impact Crusher can be divided into the single-rotor impact crusher (back-breaking) and dual-rotor impact crusher (back-breaking). As to the rotor turning, rotation crusher can be divided into the reversible and irreversible rotating these two types, single-rotor impact crusher points. The dual-rotor impact crusher can be divided into the same direction as the rotation, reverse rotation and opposite rotation these three types. According to the internal structure, single-rotor impact crusher is divided into two forms, that is, with Leveling the grid plate and with a neat and well-spaced grid plate. The double rotor impact crusher can be divided into the following two types: the rotor at the same level and the rotor are not on the same level.