The Flock

In the good one, it said that now we are quit, it made but me to swear that this would be the first and last time. You said that I was? Not thus Expensive, it forced me to it! You, but now it comes behind me. He does not come not! The Z goes to be outside of the city the day all. The heart of Sidney was a thousand. The loving one left in airport and with it a good bye kiss. To the front a passenger waved, in its thought the brown skin and soft of the Araceli.Parou, put the head for is, who called it? In that instant of devaneio and, still feeling the lassido to have been in company of it, it was left to involve for the uncertainty, therefore it did not perceive that, it has some meters the man trado observed it e, in its distraction was plus a victim of the fury of a husband who came to wash its honor.

Disaccorded, Sidney did not prove of cuspe that the man launched its mouth and, much less could hear the violations that the unfortunate person said, taken for a senile demon. The gentes had come all in its direction, the author of the detonation tried to run, but, were involved for a multitude of curious e, after that, captured for the policy. Sidney received the first socorros. Old fatty, the probably most salient one of the flock inquired to one of the ones for doctors: It goes to be well? The man turned itself, without much interest, it and answered: He is early pra to know! Later he closed the door of the ambulance. It was made comfortable: Detesto interfered people? it commented. Guilt of the collective cio? it said the other. I can bind pra Maria?

Telecommunications Development

In her charge are technologies to learn the language and communicate directly with native speakers, but not with our teachers, transmitting "nevladenie" language to his students, and even a "nevladenie" is obtained with a strong accent, when a person comes to a country whose language he was trying to learn in school! Moreover, he can not understand anything, but it, general, a properly constructed supply can not understand. He says it's all wrong! Need physics? Please! Means of communication to help connect with people who not only know the physics, but are very fond of her. Then you are guaranteed to ignite the study of this interesting science. And so with any object with any information. Already, this possibility is realized with the help of Internet networks (people even get a higher education through a network). and it would be nice if these same technologies will help our development and extricating "the civilization of the impasse.

At this stage of development of telecommunications companies providing such services and create with them consumer community that will consume primarily the products that these same companies and they will deliver. This is a huge redistribution of the market! I can see a situation in which the present mankind gradually stratified into several groups. One group will own spiritual and psychic powers at a very high level. They will be at the top of peoples to govern them, and gradually develop the context in which able evolve other people. Another group, using the technical capabilities already developed on Earth, will be as if, in the intermediate state That is it will raise the level of their spirituality and develop their hidden force in parallel using technical means to communicate with that group of people who, due to different conditions, yet can not develop their full mental apparatus (or can not do this because they do not come to awareness of ourselves as creatures with hidden talents). For this reason they can not and use their mind as an instrument of knowledge. Thus, the technical means of telecommunications will be one of the piers for the new humanity, which, by means of communication will be increasingly combined into a single team capable to cooperate in the overall development and forcefully pierce the granite walls of delusion and denial, accumulated over long centuries of neglect of its spiritual essence. The inevitable development of communication must be sent to the mainstream of human strength and abilities, otherwise it will be another factor contributing to the destruction of our civilization as such

Advertising – How To Promote Your Business Tool

Advertising – as a tool to promote your business. “Advertising – the engine of trade ‘- I do not know who said, but the phrase has taken root … Well the engine is not sure, but a good assistant. Advertising of any business begins with the symbols (trademark, logo Bookplate – as his do not call – the essence is not changed) – sooner or later come to this (if their business had not die). Logo used on business cards (for e-business – the banners), Web sites, posters, commercial offers … so wherever possible – and if it is done well and remember – this is ‘+’ for a company or an emergency. Requirements for him will be discussed in a separate article …

and while most of advertising: 1. Order advertising makes sense only if your goods or a very high quality and very cheap, of course, ideally both, but most importantly he – competitively! In the other case – not only do you spend money, but also create yourself as anti-advertising tell us a lot of people through advertising that you are worse than those of competitors. 2. Order business cards – a completely different conversation … although the cards – also advertising, but in this case you do not advertise goods and of itself – well, you do so well and wonderful 😉 – business cards you need to do to turn 1yu … After the logo, of course. If money for the logo and business cards do not – try to make them yourself, if it does not – do without the logo, just the text – also useful for the first time …

When ordering Advertising should be aware that the task of advertising: a) draw attention to themselves. b) To hold the attention. c) To bring to a potential buyer as much information as possible in the short form. Advertising is only responsible for informative and is not responsible for the sale of a product – if the product is good and normal prices – advertising is effective, but you do not advertise wet matches and costs $ 1,000 per piece … even at a discount of 99.9% – no one to buy them will not.

Financial Management Company

Financial management is directly related to the management of the financial condition of the company. The financial condition of the company, the most important characteristic of its activities. It reflects the potential in the business, competitiveness, assess the degree of assurance of the economic interests of the company and its counterparties. At the company's financial influence all components of management, which can be divided into HR, finance, production, marketing, research papers, logistics and research and design robots. The main purpose of financial management is to maximize company's market value, to realize that in the management of the company should take a decision on three key areas: management of sources of resources, investment policy, dividend policy. The above directions are mutually conditioned, decisions on specific areas of investment are multivariate because they all have certain risks. Financial management of the company can considered as a single administrative package that includes: management of credit operations, risk management, management of securities transactions, management of real estate transactions, investments, foreign exchange management operations.

Financial Management Company serves as the organ of management and as a form of economic activity. Managerial staff of the financial sector in joint-stock company headed by a financial rule director, which is subordinate to the financial department, accounting, planning and economics department, a laboratory of economic analysis. The main directions in financial management are: the definition of goals and objectives of financial development, the definition of financial policies and programs of financial development of the company and its structures, development trends of the investment policy framework opredlenie credit policy; Budgeting estimates of funds to business units, creating cash flow plan, business plan development, implementation of payments to suppliers and contractors, ensuring financial activities; mortgage insurance, leasing, trust and other financial operations, business risks, management accounting and financial analysis. In large companies it is expedient select group of financial managers assigned to each particular course. The chief financial manager at the same time be put at the head of the group. In a market economy, one of the key positions in the company is financial manager. Its tasks can be grouped as follows. 1.

Credit and financial planning. Interaction with the banks on the cash execution of business plans and loans. 2. Direct opertsionnaya activity that is associated with ongoing costs, sales, distribution of profits. 3. Interaction with financial markets (securities, foreign exchange market, forex, credit, etc.) 4. Capital investment and acquisition intangible assets. 5. The analysis, ratings, internal audit, information. 6. Control of the movement and the financing of working capital and fixed assets. 7. Interaction with the state on taxes and mandatory deductions. As you can see, the financial manager is responsible for the financial problems, an analysis of the effectiveness of one or another of their decisions, and sometimes for making the final choices.

Noel Papa Christmas

PATROL The preparativeses for the commemoration of the Christmas already were advanced the adults, in ours small city, was pledged with tenacity in the decoration. As always, they argued: The Christmas if commemorates, if it celebrates, or if festeja? But it was not arrived at the conclusion and the quarrel was for the following Christmas. For we, children, these days cost to pass; they transcorriam slowly, because we were waiting something, that would only arrive in the night of Christmas. All the year we made exaggerated lists of order, but we waited that Noel Papa in them brought one three gifts, or, if not of this, at least two. But in that year vov passes us a discomposure, remembering to us of our traquinagens. That present we would have to earn, for terms moored sineta of silver to the tail of the cat? The coitado one, frightening, jump for half hour, until obtaining to free the knot.

We see for the first time, with our proper eyes, what it is the terror. that prize> Vou I, to speak with Noel Papa, when it to appear in the esquina, the night of Christmas. I go, to decide this case! threatens pointing us the lean pointer. Mother had been more comedida. She said that only well held children had right to the gifts; many others they more than deserved them what in. Papa was fixed.

This year Noel Papa is very poor. He did not obtain money. Thus, nothing of toys. Vov gave to us to a letter, written in trembling letter – (it pulls, Noel Papa is exactly very old) confirming that ours toys would be given three boys: one, sick one; other, very poor, third, optimum pupil of the school. The frustration was great. my cousin, alrgico to the injustices, was rebelled Decides that we would go to face the Velhinho face the face, in one talks serious.


‘ The true leader if becomes known for exploring the possibilities and becomes them reais.’ ‘ To lead is not to occupy a position in a department or in way the people, to lead are more than this, is a way of being natural. When the leader it is par excellence in the distance does not import that it is of led its, it is the leader. Not because he wants and yes for to be leader of soul and essence, he possesss called Elohim (God).Landmarks 6:7 the 13 ‘ ‘ It called Jesus the twelve and it started to send them of two the two, giving authority to them on the dirty espritos. It commanded to them that nothing they led for the way, except a pilgrim’s staff; nor bread, nor saddlebag, nor money; that they were paved of sandals and they did not use two tnicas. recommended to them: When to enter in some house, you remain there until leaving of the place. If in some place not to receive you to hear nor you, to sairdes from there, I shook the dust of the feet, in witness thereof against them.

Then, leaving they, nailed to the people who if repented; they expelled many demons and they cured numerous patients, ungindo them with leo.’ ‘The commissioners for Jesus had accurately fulfilled what Jesus determined, Jesus exactly not having IDO with them.Apostolo Pablo is a great example to lead in the distance, decided the conflicts through letters that today we assist when we pass for the same problems in the local churches. Who recognizes the authority of who leads does not have difficulty to obey, but when the led one does not understand the leader or its ranks it is because in the reality its heart is ambitious and it does not have kingdom vision or evangelho.