State Institute

The social pressure clama for the improvement of the quality of the services given for the State, therefore is not enough incentives inspectors and abundant credit to guarantee the permanence of the productive sector in one determined region. She is necessary to improve the environment business-oriented and to add efforts in the direction to propitiate energy, transport, technology, force of qualified and logistic work for the draining of the production. In this context, the activities of metrologia and evaluation of conformity are essential tools to the competitiveness of the economy and the protection of the citizens, of form to promote partner-economic the development regional. The State has responsibilities in relation to the citizens who do not possess ways to confer the quality of a product or the exactness of a measurement, consisting in the main attribution of the Institute of Weights and Measures. The verification of the norms emanated for the INMETRO are activities delegated to the state agencies, in the case of Rio De Janeiro, to the IPEM/RJ, that shares of the decisions with the first one, of form to be always reorienting its actions, in the same compass of necessities presented for the society.

The valuation of mark INMETRO must keep accord with the agencies that execute the delegated activities, not being able to have a hiato between the nucleus and its tips. Both are compromised to the development of the society, cingidos for the principles of the efficiency effectiveness and effectiveness. The present work intends to present the Institute, to show aspects of the management undertaken in the last quinquennium, to consider routes that will allow the autarchy, its transformation in island of excellency in the State and the obstacles to be surpassed. The study it was divided in three chapters. Initially, we will make the historical rescue, with the beginning of the metrolgicas activities and pointing out the Institute in the context of the Public Administration, perpassando for the reforms in the bureaucratic device until the current days.


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Italian Dolomites

Among the ski resorts of the Italian Dolomites on the right take the first place. Here a great many highly trained trails to suit every taste. There is always snow and always sunny. Here huge selection of hotels – from cheap to luxury residences hotel complexes. Dolomite Alps – the most extensive ski area – a single ticket "Dolomiti Super Ski- (Dolomiti Super Ski) covers 12 ski resorts with 1,260 km of routes where there are 460 lifts! The famous ski "Circumnavigation" Sella – Rhonda provides a unique opportunity, without taking a ride on the ski slopes of Val di Fassa, Val Gardena, Alta Badia and Arabba – four the most famous resorts in the Dolomites.

The next most popular ski resort in Italy – Cervinia – the "high" Italian resort. The town is situated at an altitude of 2050 m, while the upper point of the ride – 3,488 m. Rarely, where in Europe it will get on the lift above the clouds, then drive through them and ride just beneath them. And in Cervinia is easy. Winter here is very sunny. Snow from December to late May.

In the summer you can ski on the glaciers. Majestic the huge alpine chetyrehtysyachnikov – Monte Rosa (Monte Rosa, 4,663 m), Breithorn (Breithorn, 4165 m), Castore (Castor, 4228 m) and the Matterhorn (Matterhorn, 4,478 m) – stagger the imagination. Cervinia slopes are most suitable mid-level skiers. However, beginners and professionals also will find for themselves a lot of interesting runs. There are routes of any complexity.