Youre Free Montazeri

A man who once had to lead the Iran died Saturday Grand Ayatollah Hoseyn Ali Montazeri died at the age of 87. He was considered one of the fiercest critics of the system of rule in the Iran, although he had worked (velayat-e faghi) once with Ayatollah Khomeini in the drafting of the rule of the Supreme of religious leader. Most recently, he was the ideological leader of the reform movement, which loved him because of his clear and open words against the Government. Now, his death seems to weaken the reform movement. At the same time, the regime responded with massive increase of police forces in Qom, where Montazeri is laid out. The Government fears that the opposition could use his funeral for further protests against the regime.

The concern is not unfounded. For one, the opposition has taken different occasions, on which the regime itself wanted to celebrate as an occasion for protests. So in November, on the day of the occupation of the American Embassy and most recently in early December, the day of the students. Several reform-oriented websites have in the Iran called on to travel to Qom and to participate in the funeral. In addition, the month of Muharram has begun. The first ten days spent in the memory of the martyr Hussein.

On 27 December Ashura, which traditionally thousands complaining day through the streets and scourge himself is. On that day, it might be hard and bloody confrontations with the opposition. In summer, Montazeri said the regime, since the last election, is at the end. Many Iranians in the head have this when they go on the road. You want to make their contribution, the legal opinion of a dignitary to make true. The late great Ayatollah had a sense of the people and felt from his understanding of religion out responsible. He condemned the executions of opposition 30 years ago and was then promptly pushed from the successor of Khomeini, his school closed and its importance was downplayed. But he accused the regime to set up a dictatorship in the name of Islam. His vision He sees a State Organization betrayed. For him, the clergy should exert only an advisory role and State and religion should be separate. “Montazeri said: everything has its limit and everything that exceeds its limit destroys itself.” He moved into this statement on a regime that peaceful protesters brutally beaten. Now he will not live to see the end of a dictatorship in the name of religion on the Earth, he is free. Montazeri, now you are free!”students called on Sunday on the campus of universities in Tehran. On Monday, they intend a upright defender of human values in the face of an inhuman system. However, you want to experience their liberty in this world. Helmut N. fork,