Yellow Edition Interesting

But this substitution is imperfect. This is evident if we compare consequences of both. Of good books , they expand horizons. And the tv only . If you do not believe me, watch tv for several days, and then try to write at least some, albeit very a simple letter. Remember your feelings, how hard you will be given to each new line.

For comparison, we can also dedicate a few days to read an interesting, intelligent book (for example, those for which there is a review of this site) and try to write a letter. Guarantee that the difference will be more than palpable. Another matter entirely. Let no one think that I am opposed to the tv. Just want to say that to replace the book, he never could. Good books enrich the inner world, television – impoverishes.

In many ways, "telly", punctually, teaches us to buy the correct seals, advanced to drink beer, use a condom just specific brands, invest in a particular bank. The book is often of such mercantile motives are free. .Ya especially not in vain all the time this article makes the reservation that it is extremely useful is a good book, but not everything. "Yellow Edition" are only good to beat the flies, but about making the bins. Read as their is no reason not. But what is a "good book"? In my opinion, to have the right to be called so, the product must meet a number of requirements. The book should be interesting, exciting, not to have to "force through" force yourself to read it.