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Due to many years of experience, WASI are known the various individual and technical requirements of connection elements, as well as the manufacturing capabilities. This saves time and money for the client and provides guarantees on quality, availability and price. The product range of WASI standard includes several ten thousand articles which are constantly in stock or quickly obtainable. After more than 50 years experience in the industry has the program of standard connections more than 200 DIN standards as well as other 200 standards that are defined in the WASI House standards. The in-house standards are the result of repeated requests from designers and developers. Make an extended standard as a result in terms of stainless steel connection technology. The advantage is that these items as stock items are available at WASI anytime soon. Includes special requirements to standards the product assortment special under other metric screw connections, direct connections and stampings, punching and bending parts, dimensional and turned parts.

The range of DIN-like parts and customized drawing from the most diverse materials and elements made from special materials. To WASI can either in coordination with designers work around existing DIN-parts or it completely new elements are produced in various techniques, where in addition to the stainless steels A1 to A5, for example, hochkorrosionsbestandige – and heat-resistant materials such as duplex steels, Hastelloy or titanium are processed. To get more information to the WASI product sparten, under product categories/produktsparten.html. About WASI: Wagener & Simon WASI GmbH & co. KG is a global partner of the system when it comes to stainless steel connections.

WASI is with the wide and deep range of a world market leader in the trade with stainless steel fasteners. 6,000 customers in 60 countries are indicated with fasteners of the stainless steels A1 to A5 in all Strength classes, various special materials and supplies with aluminium profiles. The 1961 founded company since 1978 to the Wurth Group and employs over 230 people at two sites in Wuppertal. WASI facilitates the complete supply chain management and supports the procurement process by connections with technical expertise and customer-specific delivery requirements.