Worldwide Economy

Now yes EE.UU can lead the recovery of the world-wide economy? Buenos Aires, Argentina 11 of February of 2009 Is essential that all American understands that the battle by the economic recovery must be fought in two fronts. We must make take the creation of use and the deprived investment, and must cause that the credit again flows to the companies and the families. Words of the Secretary of the Treasure of the EE.UU., Timothy Geithner, when announcing the new plan of salvataje for the banking sector. The two good news arose yesterday from the United States: the launching than has occurred in calling the Plan of Financial Stability, announced by Geithner and the Package of Economic Stimulus (call Plan of Recovery and Reinvestment for EE.UU.), but the markets did not react of the awaited way and closed in red, in one of the worse days of the year. In EE.UU Dow Jones lost a 4.6% of its value, S& P 500 closed 4.91% down, whereas it did it to the Nasdaq 4.2% in red.

The little information, mainly related to the Plan of Financial Stability, where for example, one did not need how much it was going to pay the American government by the toxic assets, generated a great disappointment in the stock markets, an evil beginning for a plan that it looks for to change the expectations to reestablish the economic growth. The package of economic stimulus, on the other hand, that contemplates to a total amount of US$ 838,000 million, did not have them easy and was approved by 61 votes to favor and 37 against (as soon as a vote more of the necessary one so that it is approved). Now subtraction that enters the Senate and the House of Representatives agrees the project of final law. .