Nossasleis, our governing, magistrates, Public prosecution service, foramcriados stops in giving to the clarity and certainty to them of that nothing, abusolutamentenada nor nobody they would be tradados with inaquality, however what vemoshoje is not nothing of this, we have our Senators and Judges, what estohoje in the media, contracting familiar and similar, removing public money dascontas to satisfy its necessities, necessities estasque for right do not have them, at least not its satisfaction with erriopblico. Enquantomuitos passes for true and real necessities in stream beds precriosde hospitals, schools left to the moan of the society. The indifference with onosso Prenitencirio System is something that in the ones of the arrepios, only in thinking oque happens inside of a public chain, opa CENTER DERESSOCALIZAO, this is a modern name that mudatudo, only with this name ' ' reeducandos' ' not more ' ' presos' ' , they will leave, these, for the society really ressocializados and with one profissopara to guarantee its sustenance and of its family more not to come back to atransgredir the laws. It will be? Enquantoisso in Brasilia our bigger legislators, are to legislate in favorprprio, being voted laws and more laws that assure impunity to them everbas of this or that, greaters, good bigger and us seated here, looking at to everything and without making nothing. Precisamoscobrar what they had promised in them before being where today is, thus we will only have a worthy Country and with all the certainty and guarantee igualitrias decondies for the progress and satisfaction of all.