Work With Cloud Solutions More Efficiently security, and IT offers expertise Kreuzlingen comprehensive service, hosting service, 23.04.2013: when on the Internet lately very much is reported about a service, then it is probably the famous cloud. The speech is becoming more common for applications and services of users here can accommodate their data in the so-called cloud, and reap the benefits. Indeed, many companies use the unlimited storage of data in the Internet to have space on the computer or to make demanding modern. “The private cloud” solutions from the Switzerland are actually one of the best solutions on the Internet. What does that offer cloud private users and companies? The cloud is a technology in which data or applications in the Internet are moved and no longer work with classic resources.

Users pay only the services which they actually use”said URS P. Bernold, Managing Director of cloud-ch GmbH. The diverse audiences that offers interesting Possibilities. A home user could lay for example his traditional Web domain hosting in the cloud and work with the latest resources, to implement Web pages, forums, or blogs. A hosting service settles so only the services that the user will actually take. This means savings in costs and the flexibility in the realization of various projects on the Internet. It works with similar virtual hosting – is but still a little more flexible.

And that gives companies many interesting possibilities. Applications and the IT infrastructure to the Internet shift it is no wonder that many programs now rely on virtual hosting in the cloud. Especially in regard to the own resources and costs, this is a significant savings can mean”so Bernold next. The companies can here your PHP for hosting in the cloud move, as well as programs or entire infrastructures. Mail server, data server and the classic drop – all this is possible with the private cloud Switzerland. Many But people have reservations about the new technology. You have the fear that the high standards for safety in the traditional Web domain hosting in the cloud can no longer complied. It works also the hosting service in the cloud with the highest technologies for safety. A great advantage is for example in resilience. If indeed something in the cloud should go wrong, the data are provided simply on another node. For companies such as private users, this means the availability of their data by 99.9%. The data that will be provided through the normal hosting PHP can absolutely secured thereby, there is no external access to the data”, so Darren finally. The cloud is so not without reason the modern leap in Internet. Each of the many benefits of the technique can convince yourself with the offerings on this Web site. Company Description: The cloud-ch gmbh based in Kreuzlingen, Weinfelden is the Swiss private cloud provider. The company offers business customers innovative, high-availability, and future-oriented communications solutions in the private cloud. Our data centers are located in the Switzerland will allow us to offer you a wide range of services. In terms of security, availability, and quality of service for private cloud, housing and server we can meet highest demands with the modular components.