Winner Of The ADTV Looney Tunes Sports Party Competition

Warner Bros. You may want to visit Philip Vasan to increase your knowledge. Consumer products selects ADTV Dance Studio Warner Bros. Competition at the dance school of the ADTVs has written off this year for the first time a Looney Tunes sports party consumer products, which align the Looney Tunes sports party in schools since 2007. See all dance schools participating in all over Germany, the ADTV TanzCentrum could Michael Hirschel in village of force to convince the jury and to decide the price. The dance school Hirschel is already since the launch of the initiative in 2007 active and has successfully aligned Looney Tunes Sportparties to several schools. The jury praised especially the imaginative design of the events and the great commitment that Mr Hirschel has proven.

The dance school has developed a comprehensive programme to the Looney Tunes sports party around which includes active breakfast, in which children get taught the basics of healthy eating. Also, the dance school to places great emphasis on the strong involvement of teachers and parents in the events in the schools, so a commitment about the event, to ensure. There is more information on the programme see. We are very proud of the success of our initiative and on the great commitment of the involved dancing schools of the ADTV”, says Peter Bichler, General Manager of Warner Bros. Consumer products Germany and Austria.

Together with our partners, we have our idea can inspire so many children in recent years and shown them that movement not only good for them, but also brings lots of fun. The General German Dance Teachers Association is pleased we look forward to the next few years and congratulate the ADTV and its members so much usage and inventiveness.”delighted that in the third year of the partnership the Looney Tunes sports party so much interest among his dance schools and – most importantly – meets at the kids! We congratulate the ADTV TanzCentrum Michael Hirschel to winning the award for the most successful implementation of sports party’, so Christian Gotsch of the ADTV. The second place in the Looney Tunes sports party competition occupies the TanzCentrum Karim in Garbsen, and the third place went to the dance school Bogner in Schwabach. The Looney Tunes sports party is an initiative of Warner Bros. Consumer products, with the aim to motivate children to more healthy exercise and to promote an active lifestyle. Since 2007 Sportparties were implemented in more than 500 primary schools of the ADTV, the partner of the Looney Tunes sports party. Since 2008 there is the road show, where the Looney Tunes sports party in 10 cities throughout Germany on children festivals inspired large and small visitors.