Web Agency Doorway

Start the new year with new company website and new projects since the beginning of this year presents: doorway under torweg.net its services on a completely redesigned corporate website. Through the clear, user-friendly interface design and well-thought-out content building, visitors easy access to the key elements of the service portfolio that is represented in the form of compact, well understood. Many points of view discusses also detail about internal links. The Web page aims not only to showcase the expertise of the agency interested customers, but to explain the sense and purpose of each performance and measure and to make comprehensible. Thus, the Agency would like to: doorway of the growing complexity of the subject take into account, their Managing Director involved since 1997 with the development of large Web pages. Belongs to the longstanding clientele of the company: doorway of the traditional writing instrument manufacturer Pelikan, in the first two months This year, two new projects have been implemented. Since beginning of January 2012, a new short film on the Pelican fine-writing-homepage (pelikan.de/exclusive) shows the complex manufacturing process of hand-crafted Maki-e Fullhalters.

The models of the Maki-e series are especially valuable, and so a presentation created in the preparation and optimization of the cinematic material using complex rendering techniques, a newly created cutting sequence and with the selection of a suitable musical motif, which does justice to the status of fine writing instruments. “Writing the Pelican is to high-quality Pelikan also the new timeline fountain pen”. Company: Gateway as JavScript-based touch application programmed and designed, offers a comprehensive, used tastefully in scene overview of the high-quality Pelikan fountain pen models, which have been published since 1982 this feature on the Pelican fine-writing-homepage. Just for collectors, this application is especially interesting because the chronologically sorted located models fast can be found on. In addition, all content via search engines can be determined. Martin Dietz