Washing Machine Repair Business

When buying a new washing machine, we tend to not think about servicing and repairs. So: what is the cause of failure of the washing machine? Is it important to carry out preventive maintenance work? How much is the repair of a washing machine? Unfortunately, these questions we are asking only after we need to repair the washing machine. The main criteria for correct operation of the washing machine are: 1. Qualified installation of washing machine. 2. Service washing machine.

The main enemy of the washing machine during its operation, are dirt and foreign objects falling into the washing machine units. Statistics show that the main failure of the washing machine is a residue of water and stop the machine during drain and spin. Washing machine repair in this case is either clogged drain system, or a malfunction of the drainage pump, which requires disassembly of the washing machine, which, respectively, affects the cost of repairing a washing machine. Modern washing machines are sophisticated technical devices, since most have electronic controls, a variety of wash program, various drum rotational speed and a lot more, which improves the quality of washing. In some cases, only the diagnosis of a washing machine takes up to 1 hour, complex repairs washing machine up to 3 hours. Repair of washing machines of various brands is often different technology for work that requires special skill masters, the presence of his original accessories and spare parts. When selecting a specialist to repair washing machines, the customer is often a problem of choice: go to a private master, or to a service center? Choose in this situation must, of course, the customer, but as practice shows, the main advantage of private masters, according to the customer, is the price of repairs. On average, the amount of savings repair washing machine will be about 50%, according to consumers.

The main cost of repairs is the cost of spare parts and work on its replacement. Because the service centers bought parts wholesale, the price of spare parts is lower than that of private masters, and the cost of work on its replacement, is calculated from the cost of spare parts. By calculating complex arithmetic is not, we can see that the prices of washing machines repair service centers, are much more attractive to customers. The service centers offer free counseling to repair washing machines, provide visit the wizard, in the shortest possible time, which, in turn, issue a warranty card repair. According to statistics, 84% of washing machines, first undergoing repair after the event, operate for a minimum of 3-5 years, from which we can conclude that a qualified repair the washing machine completely justified.