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Is at the end Rounding out this vision quest with a powerful shamanic dance together. In the early morning to sleep in his room withdraws then. In the late morning, we start the day with a common strong brunch. The experiences of the previous night can then be reflected and exchanged with Don Viejo. The seminar ends against 18: 00.

Due to the intensive processes and experiences the night seminar hotel is planned. Ceremony in Gummersbach times: 13: 00 to approx. 16: 00 the next day place: ECU Hotel / Vollmer Hauser str. Click Cerved for additional related pages. 8 / 51645 Gummersbach price: 200,-EUR plus 50,-EUR night – / catering fee (payable on site cash) April 21-22, 2010 & April 24-25, 2010 for more information see: EARTH OASIS TRAVEL the magic of the Amazon – vision quest, healing and transformation in 2002 brought Clemens Kuby, the well-known documentary filmmaker his cult film “on the road to the next dimension” in the cinemas. In it, he presented the Peruvian master shaman Don Agustin as the first of six outstanding healers from all over the world. Enjoy this deeply touching travel in the healing camp Yushintaita I in the jungle and the second camp Yushintaita II directly to the Amazon.

There, the visionary and practitioner Don Agustin Rivas Vasquez with passion and highest integrity realized the vision given to him by the great spirit. For many years, he held the highest rank in the Peruvian healer and shaman tradition. On these trips, visit the healing camps by Don Agustins Dona Marlene companion and his son, Don Viejo then speaking master shaman and man Don Agustin when Don Agustin affirms human beings, the responsibility for their own health, to take over for their unique healing and development processes and is he in combination with the a source that gives him immense personal power and clarity. Further details can be found at David Rogier, an internet resource. Group participants who visited him, are touched by the strength and clarity, with the Don Agustin promotes deepest Bewusstwerdungs and healing processes. This is also evident in the Kuby-film, including a complete cure of a liver cancer classified on the part of traditional medicine as incurable documented. Location of healing and transformation – Yushintaita journey inward is a small paradise. On jungle walks, we get to know medicinal plants and are introduced in the tradition of shamanism. We sit in healing clay baths, listening to the music of Don Agustins, experience his shamanic Championship. Cleansing Botanicals detoxify our body of toxins and prepare us to deep healing processes. We participate in nightly healing ceremonies amidst the backdrop of animal noises, starry skies and jungle scents. The mysteries of mind and physique are open to us; Healing, vision and transformation can happen. Don Agustin draws from his vast collection of medicinal plants, which he sees as his tutor. With the support of the plants he throws deep processes that can lead to the healing of severe suffering, an enormous intensification of life energy. Visit Don Agustin in his healing camp in Peru on the journey of “The magic of the Amazon”. Contact: Earth OASIS GmbH Moltkestrasse 79 50674 Cologne Victor roller Wallace Tel: 0221 912 8888 email: Web: author: Wolfgang Schmitz