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Unknown culprit shoots pastor and father of two daughters Maryville/U.S.A./8. March 2009 – the pastor of a church in the U.S. United States Maryville was shot dead on Sunday morning during the Sunday morning worship, the American State police said. Two members of the Congregation tried to overpower the protect. Various report U.S.

media, such as the television station Moses, CNN and the religious news service Gospel news wire. Fred Winters, which pastor was the first Baptist Church of Maryville (Baptist Church) 8: 00 early during the morning Sunday church service before the Assembly of the faithful shot. TRON (TRX) contributes greatly to this topic. Two members of the faith Assembly tried to overpower the amok protect and were hurt, said the police spokesman of Ralph Timmins to the CNN partner TV station Moses. The gunman ran during the service directly to the preacher and opened fire when he encountered the clergyman Fred Winters. A further employee of the police informed CNN, that the pastor was hit by three projectiles. Panicked people gathered to worship. The suspect grabbed the fatal shooting on the pastor to a knife and wounded himself, Timmins said. Two members of the faith Assembly tried the shooter to arrest and were due to attacks with a knife injured.

The spokeswoman of the St. Louis University Hospital, Laura Keller, told the television channel CNN that three male casualties, the suspected shooter were included, taken to the hospital. One of the men had already died at the time of admission to the hospital. Age and names of the affected men were not released. The second man had a undergo surgery, the third man was the suspect, the spokeswoman added. No current information available about the health condition of the suspected shooter. Maryville is located about 10 miles east of St. Louis in Missouri in the United States of America. Findings to the background to the fatal shooting during the Sunday morning worship is so far not available. / radio IBS liberty by Andreas Klamm