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In contrast, following the introduction of wind smallpox vaccination disease figures must 1995 Be (United States): before that date were admitted annually 10,000 American children for chicken pox disease in the hospital. Hundred year died of the disease. Wind smallpox vaccination was recorded in Germany in the summer of 2004 in the vaccination catalog of STIKO (permanent vaccine Commission at the Robert-Koch-Institut). The admission rate to the hospital before this date amounted to 2.5 per 100 000 population (United States 6.2 per 100,000). Varicella-related deaths were people per year in Germany estimated at 25-40. Another reason that parents refuse to vaccinate their children, is just the General feel, that their children received too soon too many vaccinations.

Further considerations according to researchers (Jason M. shine et al.) to results of the study help, helping parents to more objectively well-founded decisions in relation to vaccinations. Still, the results provide evidence to counter the misunderstanding of some parents, that unvaccinated children have no risk for diseases that could be prevented through vaccination. The study results also suggest that an increasing vaccination fatigue over time can lead to an increasing number of varicella incidence and associated complications. This is especially fatal for high-risk groups, such as pregnant women, small children and people with weakened immune systems. (As opposed to Fitch).

Also one must be aware, that varicella (= agent of chickenpox) the property have to stay in the human body in nerve cells for years. Under certain circumstances e.g. Details can be found by clicking NYSE DNB or emailing the administrator. Stress, immune weakness then cause a shingles, a very painful disease with skin rash. Other research by glamour and colleagues had interesting also has the objective to examine the impact of the refusal of vaccination in childhood diseases. As it was found in a study published in 2009, that 11 percent of whooping cough cases in children (based on the total number of study participants Children) were due to parental vaccine refusal. The so-called herd immunity “seems not to protect against disease. Herd immunity effect refers to, that person also not vaccinated in a given population (herd “‘) are protected against pathogens. The effect comes through a large number of individuals in the population under consideration that are immune to a certain pathogen. The immunity can be traced back to a vaccination or infection made by. More health information: Dr. med. W. waiters Promeus AG Industriestrasse 44a 82194 Grobenzell phone: 08142 / 650450 fax: 08142 / 6504529