Undertake Transmitter

These diverse decisions must be made with regard to the ever more extensive growing media landscape: what topic should be considered? Undertake Transmitter or also what authors are with included in an analysis? E.g. would it be Goal of a research project to examine the myth of Cinderella Angela Merkel postulated by many magazines and broadcasters and to demonstrate empirically a correspondingly larger research budget available should be the human and financial costs involved also only approximately extensively to determine how the person Merkel medially directed. Moreover, it would be to trace the entirety of such a development, as essential extend the research subject also to print and online media. Since this is usually hardly feasible, it is imperative to meet constraints; E.g. only reporting to the person of Angela Merkel’s within the framework of the week mirror of the ARD in the period from x to y to restrict themselves to. Without further on this point, a theoretical sampling as a selection process recommends as regards the detail requirement of qualitative analysis process and the time involved. This will be to analyze the Films not according to statistical representativeness selected, but after that, whether they are suitable to extend the knowledge about the subject of the investigation or not (cf. FLICK 1999, S.

81f.). So the analysis process is begun with an exemplary contribution and after to determine how the first gained heuristic analysis results can be further refined. In this form of circular approach, therefore in advance determines a pre-selection of to analyzed films, but adequately sought the research processual to expand the sample of the material. Therefore if necessary repeatedly traversed the displayed flow chart (Figure 1). Figure 1: flow chart of film analysis applies 3.3. category scheme on the basis of the question, as well as of the entire research framework to determine whether can be recourse to a theoretically conceived category set, so deductive approach is still, or an inductive approach is preferred.